Michael Steele: Liz Cheney Will Be The Tip Of The Spear That Will Be The GOP's Undoing | Morning Joe 1

Michael Steele: Liz Cheney Will Be The Tip Of The Spear That Will Be The GOP’s Undoing | Morning Joe


The Morning Joe panel discusses the growing rift between Rep. Liz Cheney and House GOP leadership.
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  1. The message is “Frump dsnt just sit in his poopy diapers…he does everything in them”

    1. @Randy Couch lmao right because only Legal American citizens have a negative impression of Trump.

    2. @Randy Couch Rafael “Ted” Cruz, Marco Rubio, Geraldo Rivera, Mike Lee… plenty of foreign names in your party too. Should you also question their citizenship? Don’t be such a bigot and a cliche of a Trumplican.

  2. Ah yes, Fled “Fat Wolverine” Cruz, sitting next to the guy who called his wife ugly and his father a killer – and smiles. Its just beautiful…

    1. @Gary Williams yes, it ain’t Ted, he is lying right there. His legal first name is Rafael but that too Hispanic for the Dump cult.

  3. I have followed the cheney family from the begining, never liked anything about them. today I am very proud to see liz doing what is necessary at the right time to protect our country from fascism

    1. @rooten tooten The Tea Party was a racist reaction to Obama becoming president. There’s a 4 minute timeline video that outlines their rise very well (it’s pretty alarming).

    2. Let the Republicans do it. They’re fools. This is their demise. They’re getting rid of all competent people.

    3. McCarthy Trampy the Dictator, Gangreene, the Pervert, and HIS AMBITION more than anything else. He’s the devil’s advocate that must be OUSTED. We don’t need a politician like that!

    4. You can not like Cheney’s policies, or her party’s, but support the existence of a reality-based GOP alternative that provides at least the semblance of a choice for voters. thing is, it might actually win….

  4. “Telling the truth about the 2020 election” is anathema to the Republican party. They can’t handle the truth; they even — dare I say it — hate the truth. They’re really leaving the American people with very little other choice than to support the Democrats.

    1. If the GOP move further right, the question becomes how many moderates become democrats. Will it be enough to keep Congress.

    2. @Randy Couch take that tin foil hat off rumpbat its destroying wats left of your intelligence.

  5. They don’t want her because she’s “Woke” and can see what they are up to

    1. “Woke”?!? Liz Cheney represents Republican values and principles in ways T***p, his family or his followers could never dream! Liz wants to play no part in the “Big Lie”, plain and simple. She’s about as ‘woke’ as a turnip. Although voting irregularities occur in every election, 2020 was, in most ways, the most secure election our nation has ever seen. Cheney acknowledges that, as should every member of Congress.

    2. @James Gambrell Yep. At this point, it’s not “woke”. For some reason, it’s more about “this blatant lie will follow me”.

    3. @humbugs100
      Gee so many people here act like kids in elementary school with the name calling. Can we all give our opinions without calling others infantile names? Thank you

    1. @CorvusTX No, until the left stops calling Americans “terrorists” for protesting the corrupt people who deserve it instead of the left who just burns down community businesses and assaults innocent people. If they’re terrorists, what does that make BLM and antifa who have a rap sheet of damage to people’s houses, businesses, vehicles, trapping people and not letting them travel on roads, oh and how many people died at those “mostly peaceful protests”? If you think the Capitol protest was terrorism because they scared some dirty politicians, what do you call the left’s behavior? Is what’s different to you that while the left targets innocent people, the right protests the government?..
      Until you give up the ridiculous conspiracy theory that the Capitol protest was an insurrection, then you’re the problem, pal. So when you say “we can do better and we should do better”, what do you mean by that? And see if you can explain without bringing up democrat talking points because I have a good feeling when you say that, what you actually mean is “The country should be more like how the democrats want it”. Oblivious to your own bubble. To give you an idea how ridiculous and biased your statement is, I’ll rephrase to right talking points instead of left talking points;
      There’s the problem right there. We can’t disagree without terrorists taking over city streets and burning down businesses. We CAN do better and we SHOULD do better. If you can’t get behind that, you’re part of the problem

      Especially when BLM has been so discredited considering it’s over a racial injustice in the system that is relatively non existent when compared to gender injustice. Find one BLM statistic that when you replace “black vs white” with “ male vs female” it doesn’t become at the very least twice as bad. For example, while on average white people only get 94-96% of the punishment black people get for the same exact crime, women only get 60% of the punishment for the same crime. It’s funny how a group that at least tries to pretend they’re about justice and doing what’s right will over look massive injustice that doesn’t fit their agenda just to focus on a relatively non existent injustice that works for them politically. Poor kids don’t know they’re being played.
      I’m for uniting as Americans under the Constitution and the Flag. But you guys are going to have to stop attacking the Constitution and burning the Flag before the country can heal.

    2. @Truth Matters This isn’t about politics, Cheney went against Trump because he keeps lying about the election and tried to overthrow democracy. Once again, you Trump worshippers love living in denial.

    3. @Andy Hutchinson Thanks so much for not paying attention missy, but I’ve already said I have no political party affiliation. You Trump worshippers ain’t too bright, are ya?

    4. @Simgor2 No they are not. I’m the same, I don’t care for either party but if I had to pick, democrats would get my vote. Neither party is doing what they should, but, the Republican party is no longer the party I’ve read and learn in history. I mean, they are putting a guy who could careless what happens to them before the party itself. That’s not something that would have taken placed 30 years ago. The problem with today’s politics, too many people are blinded staying in one party instead of looking at it from the middle.

  6. Truth really stings so they have to purge anyone who refuses to uphold their blatant lies.

    1. @Noreb In the politics of the United States, Republican In Name Only is a pejorative term applied to officials elected as members of the Republican Party, but govern and legislate like Democrats.

    2. Trump lost. Tons of American Presidential candidates have lost, historically. Why people choose to believe in a pathological liar like Trump is actually not hard to figure out, despite it being illogical: they have made Trump into something Trump and his whole campaign have absolutely convinced them he’s actually not. Even Trump believes it. You heard what he said when he ran against Clinton — that he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and people would still love him. Mr right wing populist demagogue. He’s a snake. So then truth teller Liz Cheney, who in the past supported Trump, gets punished. What does she care? Her party is now unrecognizable. Matter of fact, the WHOLE political scene has been undergoing big changes. Hold on tight, the crazy ride has just started.

    3. @Patrick Binford what is funny is..
      You sit here and pretend to know a person based on a few short blurbs of opinions, thoughts and ideas…
      What does anyone on the outside of politics really know about what goes on, in the inside?
      Please tell me you actually know that you are being spoon fed info to corrupt your brain into believing things you cannot verify..
      These are professional politicians..Listen one more time..
      Professional…they know how to play a game and present to you what you want to see and want to hear and make you feel better .you think that all is right in the world…
      You’re living in fantasy land..
      Wake up

  7. Wow, this man is so sick. As long as she plays his dirty lying game she would remain. That man has to go. Period

    1. It’s more serious than it looks. If you look close at what republicans are doing it’s scary. Republican citizens, if you think you will ever vote in another election after 2024 you are wrong. Republicans are planning to finish what was started on Jan 6th. First by changing what they said about Trump being responsible for the insurrection, then by trying to whitewash what actually happened. The voting laws that are being passed in about 47 states.The legislation that will allow states to overturn their own elections. Voters in Missouri voted to expand Medicare and it passed. The state overturned the outcome. They said voters would have voted differently if they had all the facts. Meaning the voters are stupid so we decided for them. The transgender law that one governor veto’d but was then overturned. The recount in Arizona will be lied about. This and other things they’re doing is so they can claim fraud in the 2024 election. If they lose, the states will overturn the outcome. That will be the last election we have. We need to do what we can so that no republican wins an election. If an election is close, it will be easier to claim fraud and have the outcome overturned.
      Take a close look please, everything fits.

    2. We’ve lost confidence in YOU McCarthy. He’s always been a flat out liar speaking out of both sides of his big mouth.

    3. Agree! McCarthy is a thick-faced, corrupted, dishonest, liar traitor that prioritize his personal ambition. This grime MUST GO!

  8. If they get rid of Cheney, they need to pack up and go home. If they keep following the orange gut they are despicable and desperate.

    1. @Joseph Gerarde No, she is an old school Republican, she actually cares about the values that built this country and not joining the trump cult

    2. @Joseph Gerarde for each person you weed out, that is lots of poeple who will no longer vote for you. This is why the suburban revolt is a thing

    3. @Joseph Gerarde you obviously have zero understanding of the political spectrum. Congratulations, you are the perfect trump supporter.

  9. The only light in their party is what they are trying to squash…for everyone else’s good.

    1. Cheney is no “light.” She is simply not a Trump-ette. She’s vying for leadership of the party should the voters reject Trump. But, sweet Lord, I wish it was somebody else because the Cheney family is as corrupt and self-serving as the Trump’s. Liz just knows DC way better.

  10. McCarthy seems to have polished the ability to speak from both sides of his mouth. Doing that to the detriment of any other ability was maybe not his smartest choice.

  11. That was not a hot mic moment? It was his kiss the ring moment so the chump thinks he is still on that tip, privately he will vote to keep her in her role

  12. I love Michael Steele! He always seems to tell it like it is with some seriousness and a smidge of humor.

  13. I’m not even American, but very proud of her stamina! Someone has to be the first to tell the truth as it is.

    1. @J W … Meh, whatev. The fewer honest repugs you have, the fewer votes you’ll get — fine by me!

    2. @Sooner Boomer Lol ! Yes because dems are good, fair and honest people..they aren’t slimy professional politicians, right?

    3. @Joyce Taylor lmfao!!! Don’t play on the woman thing as if this matters..
      Remember without her daddy, she had nothing..
      She is only playing this game to build a base to run for President..She does not have the backing, the popularity or the ability to run…
      She has, however, dug a huge grave for herself..

    4. @Elizabeth Stanford – We also remember her for helping her Dad sell his lies about the WMDs in Iraq and pushing us into a war that gave way to the rise of ISIS and further global terrorism. She has done a lot to destabilize the planet and hurt the USA.

  14. McCarthy also said on a hot mic just 5 years ago: “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump.”

    1. Find the soundbite and post it..The only way to combat lies is to continually post examples of these hypocrites words against them.
      Lindsey Graham said it best on
       May 3, 2016, when he  wrote, “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it.”

    1. Maybe Liz Cheney’s sanity switch was flipped on for a minute. We’ll see how long she will hold her ground on this one.

    2. I agree, but it’s really weird that we’re praising someone for sticking to the obvious truth and standing by their morals. That’s pretty much the bare minimum of being a decent, regular human being, but in the current political climate, it’s an anomaly.

  15. Not a Cheney fan be sure, but admire her strength against the MORON SQUAD!

    1. @M Kind Afraid the stars say different and indeed the chuckleheads are outnumbered

    2. @J M M But they’re effective. Unfortunately, that’s all you need. For now, we shall see.

    3. McCarthy is a thick-faced, corrupted, dishonest, liar traitor that prioritize his personal ambition. This grime MUST GO!

    4. @M Kind Having been on the business end of a malignant narcissist in recent pass, it can tell you its mostly shock, and trying to wrap your normal brain around a a despicable not normal brain. Eventually, shock wears off and fight mode takes over. I believe it will fall once they are nuetered and intelligent heads take over. All you can do is shut them down, out and keep spreading truth

    1. Not really. She’s being truthful for a reason. She’s hoping that when Trump finally goes down, she’ll be the rising star. But the Cheney family lies as much as the Trump’s and they are more proficient in their conniving and cunning because they are DC insiders.

    2. @tori2dles maybe, I do remember old man cheney shooting someone who wouldn’t press charges. As bad as that is,they never tried to overthrow the country.

  16. It will be a sad day if Liz Cheney loses her position all because she was brave enough to say what everyone else was thinking.

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