Michael Steele Slams GOP Who Won’t Vote For Jan 6 Commission 1

Michael Steele Slams GOP Who Won’t Vote For Jan 6 Commission


Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele calls it “unsightly” for Republican senators to meet with Gladys Sicknick, mother of fallen Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, but then still vote against the commission that would investigate the events of January 6th 

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  1. With insurrectionists working in Congress, it’s a dangerous workplace, they need to be flushed out.

    1. @Bill Rodriguez
      As a Chinese-American and US Navy veteran whose family fled to the United States to escape religious persecution and the threat of LaoGai in China; I’ve been comparing the CCP/PLA to Nazi Germany for decades now. They rapaciously violate the territorial sovereignty of 31 Nation-States, engage in slave labor, ethnic cleansing and hold no regard for International Law or Human Rights. Xi Jinping, and the entire CCP, should be tried in the International Criminal Court at the Hague; for the crimes of Genocide, and Violating the Geneva Accords.

      The international community should also sanction China until they repay stolen intellectual property, cease violating the Law of the Sea, and cease violating the territorial sovereignty of other Nations.
      ….the CCP needs something akin to Nuremberg Trials.

      I’m sure you don’t confuse the Chinese people with their Government; thats what i worry about. But know that the CCP is a Chinese staffed Russian entity, who has been the route cause of Chinese suffering and stagnation since the Cultural Revolution. The greatest threat to the Chinese people is their own government.

      What can people around the world do?

      •If you would like; feel free to screenshot and share, backup in article form, and show this comment to those you know, and others online.

      • Weaponize 6 Degrees of Separation, and refuse to be silenced and censored by the CCP.

      • ⁠Write to your local Officials, regardless of your country of origin/residence. As a constituent, you have a political voice that should heard, and there is no better way of expressing your dissatisfaction with the Chinese government’s human rights violations than voicing these issues to your representatives and diplomats.

      • ⁠Amnesty International template email

      • ⁠Share the HRW reports about the CCP

      • ⁠If you are an academic you can sign the Statement by Concerned Scholars

      • ⁠As always question all sources. China stating leaked docs are Fake news, and have actively engaged state-media in propaganda and influence operations.

      • ⁠Don’t buy Chinese products or companies that use Chinese labor.

      • Demand an embargo on China until the CCP is no longer in power; barring all trade, mail/parcels, food, and an academic moratorium

      • Be mindful of the presence of Wangluo Shuijun a.k.a PLA Unit-61398, while online or using social media

    2. @Peter Dallas I don’t lie. Even if they weren’t arrested on Capitol Hill grounds, many were picked up leaving with illegal weapons on January 6th later in the day and on January 7th in D.C. Anyone can read the arrest reports on the D.C. metropolitan PD website. Muting you now, traitor.

    3. @Tacit Tern Bejing Bai Denh Mao + Wuhan Democrats, = Covid Chinese virus biowarfare attack.

  2. Republicans are afraid of the mob coming after them. They are lower than the snakes on their don’t tread on me flags.

    1. I suspect they’re afraid of the boys in blue coming after them. I have no doubt many of them were directly involved in the insurrection and don’t fancy a stretch in federal prison.

    2. Well the FBI is hunting down the mob. At some point the Republicans have gotta ask themselves “who’s side are you on?”.

  3. Is there anyone connected to Trump, including family members, who isn’t a criminal, liar, in jail, or under investigation?

    1. Wonder if they got a hold of Mike Pence that day. Would we still be hearing these twisted lies. Got a congressman call it like a regular tour of the capital. Have him saying that next to the picture of him helping to barrack the doors to the chamber. That’s what they do when tours of the capital is going on. Please

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra I have seen and heard Trump since the 80s. Didnt like him then dont like him now or his kids. Money isnt everything. Money can’t buy you love. Trump org isnt that big. They have broke tax laws since his dad was alive. Will agree with him tax loops especially on rental and commercial property needs to be changed. Tax codes need to close all those loop holes have them pay their fair share of taxes. Capital gains, there’s a good one for the day traders in congress and senate.

  4. What souls am I supposed to weigh? I don’t see any Republican senators with souls, sorry Michael Steele.

    1. So true but so hard to laugh at something so serious . I have to keep laughing or I’ll ball my eyes out like i just did .
      It is a serious matter so don’t get me wrong

    2. Like any democrats have souls? Does Nancy pelosi? AOC? Ilhan Omar? You consider these good people??

    3. @Sally F I’m sorry, for someone like ilhan Omar who came here as a refugee because Somalia is such a stain on the world, she was fostered and became a political figure in America all the while hating it, and cares nothing for the American constitution. And do you really condone her saying ” what happened on 9/11 was just a thing some people did ” after she said that we really knew how she felt about America.

    4. It’s really disturbing to think that they continue to get re-elected by these republicans in states like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, North, and South Carolina, and yet these are amongst the poorest states in the country. I’ll never understand such a large group of people continuously and consistently voting against their own best interests and that of their families time and time again.
      Absolutely makes no sense!!

  5. Can’t see a way the GOP is going to lead the country when they keep serving on their knees.

    1. @John Trent Strange. I don’t have a political ideology. I like the game, but I’m not into teams.

  6. GQP = self interest not public service. Never Forget 01/6/2021! What a spineless bunch.

  7. McTurtle leads his party to surrender, just like the surrender in chief, Donald Joker Trump

    1. *This Bill is the Gulag Bill.*
      *If it passes … it will push America deeper into Stalin territory.*

      You on the Left don’t see this because they’ve gotten you consumed by HATE … hate for Trump, hate for your country’s history, hate for everything that stands for anything less than the promised “EQUALITY AND JUSTICE pie in the sky utopia” from the Marxists.
      It works every time because it shows you ONLY THE WORST of a necessarily imperfect Status Quo system, and promises a much better system.


  8. The Republicans are afraid of the seventy-five million people that voted for the Big Lie !

    1. Because they’re too stupid to know the difference between towing the party line and support for Donald Trump

    2. @Margo Alexander START WITH TEXAS. They have the authority to throw out votes almost unchallenged

  9. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Capitol police should walk out if the Republican senators vote against the commission.

    1. Exactly! I’m sick of these criminals voting on this topic. In any other scenario…. would we let these criminals have a seat at the table?

  10. Play this 24/7 in every Red district..She is as Michael said, not asking for a particular outcome, but she is asking them to put away their whitewash buckets and do the basic human decent thing…

  11. Why don’t the 5 retiring GOP senators speak out against the big lie, and vote for the commission?

    1. We are all paying for Pelosi & Reid taking impeachment off the table in 06 , It’s a hammer over their heads held by Trump .

    2. The normalizing of abnormalities is placing the U.S. on a bad trajectory. Presidents are supposed to decide upon which policies we move forward with…. not design them. That is for the house of Congress, isn’t it?
      ….at least Congress gives our Representatives a chance to voice concerns and consult academia, and debate.

      But each president seems to be taking more and more executive actions, and that is just plain unAmerican; because it denies the American people their representation via the house and Senate.

      I know my take on it doesn’t matter; but i feel like I have a vested interest, having put some skin in the game while serving in the military. What happened at the Capitol Building was just plain unAmerican; those rioters weren’t patriots, and their behavior was definitely that of misguided individuals…. who are clearly of touch with reality.

      The same mentality that led to those who stormed the Capitol Building and those who tore apart our country for 4 years, comes from the same place; the childish mentality of justifying one’s own behavior by pointing at the behavior of another….
      And a genuine sense of passion, paired with ignorance.

      Impropriety is impropriety, regardless of who does it. Rational adults have to be objective and refuse to allow nepotism to be used as an excuse of wrongdoing.

      No groups which uses violence to achieve political goals could be considered patriotic; If they truly were, they’d be trying to build our country up….. not tear it down. Democracy is a very vulnerable thing; and i highly recommend the books “On Tyranny” by Timothy Snyder; its a nice pocket guide to defending democratic institutions. And “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer covers how they can collapse if great care isn’t taken.

      These two books paired together are quite poignant and empowering to even the most average person. And we need to get back to having conversations with people whom we disagree or feel we have nothing in common with.

      I highly recommend people taking the time to watch the livestream of our own government on C-SPAN; to see and hear for one’s self, what’s said and done, without the spin or biases of MSM.
      ….Not to mention the daily transcripts are made available on the Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court websites.

      America isn’t some static state, fixed product; but a dynamic and ever evolving democracy…. because that’s what our constitution outlines for our republic.

      But we need better candidates in general. And an intentional renaissance of some sort to modernize and preserve the constitution with some contemporary scaffolding.

      That’s why I voted for Admiral Bill McRaven for POTUS, and Nobel Laureate & professor of American Development Economics, Dr. Michael Kremer for VP.
      …..And as long as bad practices such as Citizens United exists, untraceable funds will continue to flood our politics; allowing politicians to be knowingly or unwittingly party to foreign influence operations.

      Ps. Why aren’t candidates required to go through a preliminary TS security clearance screening/background check, prior to being allowed to campaign? I know my opinion doesn’t matter but Trump/Biden, and the ridiculous degree of celebrities suggested for the presidency isn’t the direction our country needs to go…. that’s just plain idiocracy? And anyone who identifies as a “party member” or anything else as opposed to being an American first and foremost; is a severely broken individual, and part of the problem.

    3. Because it’s easy for them to get on Fox News and say they supported the commission even though they voted against it, because it’s better for them to appease both sets of crazy people on the right to remove the possibility of death threats.

    1. You are making it a left n right thing Americans should want this to protect our constitution not rip it apart! The american people have to uphold the law then the people in them seats should be upholding it more so it was an still ate trying to overturn our government.. should be shot!! I love my country I don’t see no love coming from any of them just greed!!

    2. @Gherie G. Have you seen what happened to Belarus? Pay attention because America will mirror Belarus should the Trump family return to the White House. Liz Cheney is 100% correct about the evil man.

    3. @Gherie G. Some buzz words don’t make you right. Social media sits are not sources for education.

  12. Being a Republican representative is the only job
    where someone’s mother has to show up to beg you
    to actually DO your job.

  13. Brian Sicknick’s mother is a brave and strong woman! On another note, I always find Michael Steele to be refreshingly honest and on point!

  14. I don’t think there should be an investigation of this matter…. said every guilty person ever….

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