Michael Wolff: In Trump’s White House Everybody Got Covid 1

Michael Wolff: In Trump’s White House Everybody Got Covid

Trump’s final days in office are depicted in the new book ‘Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,’ by author Michael Wolff. Wolff joins Joy Reid to discuss, saying of this period, ‘I think Trump felt himself losing power.’
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  1. I’m sure Barr would have tried to lick the floor but had he been able to get down there, I don’t think he would have been able to get up!

    1. Lol. Barr was about to lick it but then saw how shiny it was and quickly realized it was already clean as so many went before him.

    1. I would NOT be surprised if he had it during the second debate, remember he arrives late, too late to get tested, Hope Hicks has it next day. A couple days later he’s hospitalized, coincidence?
      I think not!

  2. There was a period of time where there were countries that had less covid cased than the white house

  3. The Qrump White House was like the set of the Oprah Winfrey show, You get COVID and you get COVID and you get COVID, EVERYBODY GETS COVID!

    1. I always thought they had sharpshooters up on the roofs of the white house. So mabey we might get lucky.

  4. Then they were given the vaccine while hundreds of thousands of Americans died from they’re lies .

    1. They got the vaccine, and continue to tell their followers they don’t have to get the vaccine.

    2. @peremptory expression Please explain why you think “covid was released.” So China decided to release the virus into their own population rather than releasing it into another country? You need to put a little more thought into you conspiracy theories. Now, that does not mean they were not bioenginerring the virus, but even that is questionable. And let’s not forget that the US also has a long history of developing bio-chemical weapons along with the Soviets. That was a period of insanity as we are now seeing what happens during a pandemic – an out of control situation that swiftly becomes a problem for all nations, not just your enemies.

    3. The people who were stupid enough to not do their own homework on the coronavirus are the ones who got sick and died,you people who depend on the government to hold your hand are the foolish ones!!! Critical thinking isn’t a trait many Americans have anymore because you are too dependent on the media or government for information!!!!

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all gave each other gonorrhea, towards the end of that term everyone had lost their mind!

  6. Getting covid is a display of devotion to their orange cult leader. I totally believe Christie spits when he talks….and so does trump for sure.

  7. One of these days they will discover the Stupidity virus and find out that patient zero was Donald Trump.

  8. Hold on a moment: “If I had won, Barr would have licked the floor.” … ?

    “If I had won …” – isn’t this Trump admitting that he lost?

    Showing that even he knows that all his claims of electoral fraud are false?

    1. He never says “President Biden” but he refers to Biden’s “administration” so he’s basically admitted defeat a few times in various ways.

    2. xetalq, DeadlyDonald will convince his braindead automatons that ,the comment that he made is “ fake news”…Go figure!

  9. No surprise there, many in his administration were pre advised to not wear a mask ordered by Tr…p & then when he got infected, he thought he was superman, go figure

  10. It was funny watching them get it.
    Genuinely proved scientifically how a pandemic goes down. Bunch of greedy liars.

  11. That is the ONLY true thing out of Trump’s mouth.
    “He would of LICKED THE FLOOR if I asked him to IF I WON. ”

  12. What do you mean when Trump was president the White House was pretty much a nursing home taking care of one resident

  13. You can’t help people who don’t want to be helped. Lets let them go.

    Darwin awards all around. Sadly.

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