Michael Wolff: ‘Trump Is Even Crazier Than I Thought.’ 1

Michael Wolff: ‘Trump Is Even Crazier Than I Thought.’


In his third book about Donald Trump, author Michael Wolff reports that Donald Trump made calls to U.S. attorneys in swing states to try to get them to investigate election fraud – Wolff wouldn’t be surprised if there are tapes: “I think that anyone who speaks to Donald Trump should be switching on their iPhone to tape what’s going on. Donald Trump is only half aware of what he’s saying, it just spews out.”
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    1. @Randy Bryant that was hilarious to find out trump’s “dead people are voting” were 2 ballots that were dead people voting for trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. That’s gonna ge his defence . That he is crazy and should go to a mental institution instead of jail.

    2. You take my words out of my mouth. I was going to say that to you and this network, bro !
      But , Lin wood won 300 millions settlements against CNN
      Sydney powell used to be federal judge and won case for general Fynn.
      These are reputable lawyers and better than you people ‘s

    3. @PORRIDGE GUN what’s the disappointing news? The Tour-de-Trump won’t be in the Trump network this year? Oh well I guess I’ll play Trump the game instead.

    1. @Suren Moodley the towers, boston, ok, and more…. were trial runs to see how gullible we were so they could inflict the covid bs on us. Remember at the onset of covid, all the big box stores had barricades around the storefronts? They didn’t know how it was going to play out so they took precautions, it’s also why they released inmates,,, to make room for the “examples” in case riots broke out. They didn’t of course, b/c we are too foolish and accept whatever MSM tells us to accept. We FAILED the test miserably, the majority fell for the covid BS and now there are close to ONE MILLION deaths from the ‘cure’… and countless life long serious injuries! The side effects may not be immediate, but this fall flu season we will see unprecedented deaths, and it won’t be from the FAKE DELTA variant or covid. it will be from the immune system attacking itself. Too bad people were brainwashed. NO vaccine is EVER needed! We’ve been killing and maiming our children for decades… trusting healthcare workers who told us.. side effects are evidence of the vaccine “working”. The truth is .. side effects are the body’s NORMAL response to POISON! This was Never about covid, it has been about genocide and getting us all schipped!

    2. You take my words out of my mouth. I was going to say that to you and this network, bro !
      But , Lin wood won 300 millions settlements against CNN
      Sydney powell used to be federal judge and won case for general Fynn.
      These are reputable lawyers and better than you people ‘s

  1. Trump, Putin, Manafort, Flynn walk into a bar…the bartender immediately shouts White Russians for Everyone!

    1. @Harold Moore you people? Sounds like you have a little racist in you like those trump supporters you hate so much.

      I’d like to say you people believe in the craziest thing. Remember how Trump was a Russian agent lol…

  2. “Trump is even crazier than I thought”
    People keep saying that. It should be clear by now there is no bottom.

    1. @brett Barnes
      Be specific; what lies? This clip just shows Michael Wolff telling us what we all know about Trump, that he can’t keep his trap shut and what comes out is verbal garbage! There is no msnbc spin here! It’s Wolff not MSNBC! So what are you going on about?

    2. @Harold Moore the mindless people slurping up the CNN vomit amazes me. I guess I’m the only one that sees democrats purchase of fake evidence to destroy a president, exploiting racism for power by the democrats, fake global warming news, democrats pushing for more government will solve everything for the ignorant peasants, peasants can’t be trusted with guns…. Only politicians should have firearm protection, fetuses are not human, police are all racists, protecting China biological warfare laboratory, it’s okay for dead people to vote, it’s okay to shoot unarmed female veterans, affinity to Marxists government…..if me being opposed to all that offends you….. that’s okay, I usually don’t associate with idiots anyway. Have fun, go spit at a cop or burn a flag if that makes you happy

    3. @druu jenkins The irony of course being that turmp told 30,000 lies and you cultists ate every single one of them up.

  3. Mr. garland. Please get things done soon. The people want him to answer for his crimes. That he he’s committed on the united states. And the rest of the world

    1. @scrotastic You’re just used to a Toilet RANTER that makes no sense. Garland is stead and thoughtful

    2. @Bay Area Consult 😂😂😀 Trunts not EVER GONNA BE PRESIDENT AGAIN..Only one BIG HOUSE HE’LL EVER SEE HAS BARS

    3. @Mark Giuliano Trunts best policy? Oh let’s see…must have been that Better than ever seen HEALTHCARE 🤣😁😃

  4. Rudy G. is marginal ???? BULLFEATHERS !!!!! Rudy is soooooooo far out, he doesn’t know what is in!

    1. You take my words out of my mouth. I was going to say that to you and this network, bro !
      But , Lin wood won 300 millions settlements against CNN
      Sydney powell used to be federal judge and won case for general Fynn.
      These are reputable lawyers and better than you people ‘s

    2. In programming, there is functional term called a loop. That if there are no exits to a loop, the program gets lost in an infinite loop and the only thing you can do is reset by powering down.
      This is what I imagine Trump is trying to do to America to avoid prosecution, bring the system down to a reset and hope no one is watching to set the narrative to his madness.
      That madness is actually insanity and is hoping that his Enabled supporters, followers, and ignorant people will remember him, as the Confederacy tried with statues to be able to reset the narrative for a dictatorship. In that world he is king of the ant hill.

    1. I pretty much saw what was coming… I think most people underestimate how terrible a person can really be. I also think this country try their best to give rich people licenses to be absolutely despicable. The trickle down effective theory is so ingrained in people’s minds, they think these sociopathic rich people will give a crap about the rest of America. It’s cult mentality.

    2. @KPepper L I like how the current president is taking money from big corporations who your supposed to want to take money from to pay for your utopia dream.

    1. It’s probably from the syphilis eating away at his Bigly brain. After all, he did say STDs were his Vietnam, he did dodge the draft with his Fake bone spurs.

    1. @Harold Moore I’m glad you’re aware of that , so when you get the results it won’t be as much of a shock to you. Who’s going break the news to the former vice president ?

    2. @Harold Moore Biden only won the election because the election was cheated. The elites couldn’t afford to have Trump in for another for years. It’s funny how trump won, and all of a sudden in the middle of the night they kicked out the poll watchers and found all the votes they needed to put Biden over the top. We all know Trump won that election, and so do you. How’s it feel that even after 4 years in office, and as much as people hated Trump, he got even 14m more votes. People love Trump, and now the haters are all kinds of worried about 2024, so here we go with witch-hunt 2.0

    1. @druu jenkins we Democrats can think that’s why we didn’t vote for The Lying King/Lone Whiner. Biden wasn’t my first choice but I would have voted for Satan over Trump.

    2. @druu jenkins Only a Trump supporter who can’t think would donate their hard earned money to a so called billionaire.

    3. @Margia Begum But what they don’t understand hit like took a banish of people who didn’t have any weapons There are so many people that have on their self with all console weapons I guess you can say it’s a good people on both sides and it won’t be cute

    4. @Jin Lee Sydney powell was never a federal.judge and Flynn lost his case, pleaded guilty but was then pardoned

    1. @scrotastic Listen to 90 seconds of anything he says. For example that he’s still president. For starters.

    2. The world saw his depravity the whole time he was the president with his pathetic obsession with himself. Guess some Americans can’t see the forest for the trees. The world is grateful for those Americans who saw through the hype and voted him and the republicans out of control of the White House and the Senate. I hope you can get rid of more of these craven republicans in all your future elections. Their ranting and hate sounds so much like nazi Germany in the 30s. History is repeating itself. Have the human race learnt nothing?

    3. The world always has. It’s his supporters that are blind and/or just don’t care as long as they get their gross and petty ideals and whims satisfied.

    1. Nope. I wouldn’t say: God Help Them. I’d say: You should have read the New Testament more carefully. What would Jesus have done? Recalling that Jesus rejected any deals with the devil.

    2. @lam dao Your religious fundamentalism is a mental disorder. You are supporting fascism too. Fascism has come to America, wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible.

    3. @PORRIDGE GUN; Most excellent, poignant comment I’ve had the pleasure to read on the internet! How do you make these insecure fools realize this.

  5. “Meaningless deranged things”, “just the rantings of a crazy man” … Yep that sounds like Trump

    1. Gop is turning into a radical party of liars, cheats, etc…make sure to vote in every election

    2. DJT brought the cockroaches out of the woodwork. He makes it attractive and OK for them to be violently insane. He is their “role model” .

  6. When Trump states exactly how many votes he’s looking for, that’s not the rantings of a crazy man

    1. @SeanPat1001 They Take Land From People Millions Of Acres at a Time If They Want It, What’s a Few Votes??

    2. May be so! Whole Texas is in his pocket! Laws are passed in some 24 states to accommodate his whim. Repos have figured out to take ride with him and rule!

    3. @Kanez Williams they “took” land they means of war or countries selling it to
      us. go back and read all the history books. quit sounding like a moron.

  7. trump is dangerous. When he calls on his “patriots” to reinstate the traitor, the FBI needs to arrest trump.

    1. I agree. They just need a good case before arresting an ex-president. There is a good chance he’ll be charged for a state crime rather than an FBI-led case.

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