Michaëlle Jean says Queen Elizabeth dismissed petition by Pierre Poilievre


  1. Funny how this was not said when she was alive. I’m pretty sure if this was a fact it would have been mentioned long ago.

  2. Jean is doing exactly what the Queen said the Queen or her representative should not do: interfere in Canadian politics.

    1. @Shadowkey392 how do you figure? The conservatives won the popular vote the last 2 elections with terrible leaders, blackface is more unpopular then ever and Ontario just overwhelmingly voted in a conservative government so why would they need to change their platform? Their platform is the change Canada wants and needs

    2. @M SC Exactly. All Jean did is say how PP tried to get the Queen to interfere in Canadian politics. DrD isn’t very sharp.

    1. @Mike MacMaster Michaelle Jean is claiming Pierre sent a petition to the queen and the queen said go away.. Michelle Jean is most likely making this up as this was never brought up while the queen was Alive

  3. Michelle ..we know that your heart is with another country, you do not represent Canadians.. You are simply a quota that has been filled by Trudolf.

  4. Jean is a joke.. using tax dollars to reno her Paris apartment to the tune of 500k and also buy a 20k piano on taxpayer money All this while not paying tax because she was the queen’s representative in Canada

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