1. sure let in 2 weeks isolation …Numbers out of Singapore show double vax asymptomatic ( walking bug farms )

    1. No, it’s time to open the border and go back to normal. You scared of a common cold? Are you immunocompromised by aidz or something?

    1. One reason to let them in is because they’re spending their American dollars in tourist areas that have been shut down for more than a year. Their wallets are more than welcome in this economy.

    1. did you see numbers last month in America …pushing 250,000 in a month …many are being flown to northern states for processing …wtf

  1. Don’t be surprised if Trudeau and his buddy Biden make a sudden announcement that the boarder is opening if Trudeau needs to be bolstered during the election.

  2. now they want me to get boosters forever? so now those with three will be shaming and restricting the life of those with only 2… WTF IS GOING ON HERE

    1. Clients for life is all big pharma wants, there never was a cure that made money like treatments do!!!

  3. American government can’t afford or doesn’t know how to do an arrival app, even a crappy one like ours.

  4. ‘Government is in tare-caking mode’ Translation: taking care of themselves, as they always do

  5. Stoking the fires of patriotism one day at a time……hope I’m gone before they get to war with the Chicoms stage

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