Michigan AG To Probe 'Election Fraud' Grifters; Trump Lawyers May Face Reckoning 1

Michigan AG To Probe ‘Election Fraud’ Grifters; Trump Lawyers May Face Reckoning


Rachel Maddow reports that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel will follow up on a recommendation in a state Republican-led report that found that some false election fraud claims were so egregious and tied to fundraising schemes that they warranted investigation for fraud. Meanwhile, Donald Trump's lawyers who pushed false election fraud claims are facing possible disciplinary action in court on Monday. 
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    1. @Maria Powers
      So what? I learned long ago to never expect rationality where religion is concerned.

    2. I’m sorry Woodstock… but talk like that is going to get you reported to the TALIBANGELICAL enforcers!

    3. @Tigerlily55 Lily “in the name of the Lord” — Yes – the lord of peace and love, who you better worship or he’ll torture you with fire for all eternity.

    1. @Cropper Copper .. So you looked at all the voter fraud videos on Bitchute? .. no of course you didn’t .. it’s like talking to the bloody wall

    2. @Scahoni Seriously… Is that really how you convince yourself of things? 🤦 You do realize you just asked a question, answered it and then went on to argue the answer was wrong, right? Do you know what a paper tiger is? 🤔

    3. @Scahoni Either way, provide proof of your claim? All you have to do is link your source… That is… If you have any faith in your Source, whatsoever. Though, if that was true. you would have done that already…. Now wouldn’t you.

    4. @Scahoni 👈 Perfect example of the myriad of excuses the right-wing has come up with for not being able to prove there “was” voter fraud, but still wanting to claim it was there.
      1. Pretending that you speak for anyone and everyone but yourself in order to try and give you were claimed more weight.
      2. Sending out false dichotomies as to where you either have to agree with them or you’re wrong, bad, stupid or evil in some way.
      3. Blame the Youtube algorithm! Which only serves to point out the fact that you don’t know how algorithms work.
      4. Setting up paper tigers, in an attempt to, shift the onus to you as well as get the answer they want to be able to have an argument, at all.
      5. Using childish insults towards the opposition to make you feel better about your lack of argument…. because this is never really been about convincing you. It’s about trying to convince themselves.

    5. @Scahoni As for Bitchute…. sweetheart, I actually happened to design websites. Not political ones because… Why… At this point… I also create videos and right code. Which is how I know I could make a video, or create a website that would say basically anything I wanted was true. It’s still not going to make it manifest into reality. The site you named is a far right-wing video hosting propaganda site. Its accuracy rating is close to zero. If you want the actual truth of what is going on you need to expose yourself to more than just right-wing propaganda. You should only be deciding what is true of a full context of factual evidence. No more, no less.

      And algorithms are all about patterns. That is what they are coded too track. Specifically text. The majority of videos or links that get bounced have nothing to do with what’s actually in them, so much as the title…. Or the miniscrip

  1. About time to punish the people in the conspiracy and fraudulent fund raising for personal gain.

    1. Trump made $300 million off his gullible suckers to help him pay his 64 LOST lawsuits, which only cost the con man grifter $10 million.

    2. @Benjamin Levine – Procedural grounds? Yes, being dismissed for utter lack of credible evidence is procedural.

    3. @ScahoniOh yeah, you mean the Supreme Courts that tRump made sure he stacked thinking they would somehow be in his favor? Obviously NOT… Thankfully they followed the law and their oaths and did what was right…

    4. @Benjamin Levine
      I also noticed you may be in need of a new Mike Lindell goose down humping pillow.
      Your pillow seems abused and August isn’t even here yet.

    1. @Bernard L. Satterwhite Jr.
      2. X2. xxxxx. X. Xxxx. X. X xxx. xx. X2. X.
      X. X. X2. 2 x x. X. 2 Qx 2. Xxx .2 . X.

    2. @AwakeAmericanow. I was traveling a few months after Don the Con squeaked into office. People would snigger at America for electing such a grifter clown to our highest office.

    3. @AwakeAmericanow. Most sane Americans wondered “what went wrong”, as soon as he became the Republican candidate. Some of his voters wised up during his 4 years, but the majority of them are still with him – cult style. They are the lost ones, who will NEVER believe he did anything wrong, and had the election stolen from him. It’s a very sobering and depressing acknowledgement that such a large segment of the American electorate are so frighteningly gullible.

    4. @dublinjazz1 Unfortunately it’s the racist militia groups as well as the White evangelicals that make up the majority of the 70 million Trump supporters. Your typical normal conservative Republicans, left the party or voted outside of their party to avoid supporting Donald Trump.


    2. Lol Hilary still to this day blames Russia yet has zero evidence. You guys are completely brainwashed by bs. Indoctrinated by theories that serve nothing but the top

  2. Americans have spoken and Trump supporters are trying to force dumpster 🔥 fires in the state.????

    1. @Eric Rowley … Because it is not truth. Just because you say something is true, does not make it so. I know in fairy tale Chump land you poorly educated cult losers believe whatever your master tells you, but in reality, evidence backs up truth, and you got none of it.

    2. @Eric Rowley … Eric, why don’t you give us your most solid single piece of evidence you have, then we can show you how poorly educated you really are… deal?

    3. @James Ram Proof – 45 😂 😂 you losers are so much fun for America to play with. More please!

    1. @michael Kelly,
      You got it wrong. Trump didn’t teach the Republican party how to be grifters. They taught him. Just go back and watch Ronald Reagan’s campaign and some of his shenanigans in office…

    2. @Benjamin Levine Pretty sad to be living your life in Fantasy Land. I’m betting you’re a Flat Earther too.

    3. @Scahoni Ronald Reagan/Bush recession! Clinton, no recession! George W, recession, almost depression! Obama, no recession! Trump, clusterfuck!

  3. Be careful of those who tell you what to be afraid of, especially if they can profit off of that fear.

    1. Stripping them of their $300 (and more) an hour incomes will hurt these evil people more than we can imagine. Going from super rich to Skid Row within a few months will be fantastic reckoning. Soup Kitchen Sidney will learn a few lessons in reality.

    2. Thank you! I’m happy to see I’m not alone in this opinion! ACCOUNTABILITY will make me ecstatic.

  4. Michigan Judge is not messing around! Sounds like they’ve had it with these frivolous lawsuits.

    1. @Benjamin Levine As many popular votes as Trump got………Biden got more. People are blind to that for some reason.

    2. @Benjamin Levine If he won why is he a huge loser that lost and threw a tantrum over being such a loser?

    3. @Benjamin Levine The only thing Trump won was his indictments for tax fraud, money laundering, and election intimidation. The only votes Trump needs now is 12 (jurors voting guilty). Now on your comment “if you remove California”. What the heck is that???? What if we removed Texas in 2016? Then Hillary would have won the election!!!!

    4. @Benjamin Levine Your such a TROLL!! We should Never respond to the Trolls. That’s what they want you to do! Don’t give them any attention. Trolling for trump..ick, it’s how they get paid, from any of us Who respond to them. This guy is a Troll… Shoo Troll

  5. There is no more shaming. The gop doesn’t care about anything but money and power no matter what it takes

  6. “That’s pretty much the definition of fraud” 🤣 perfect quote for everything about Trump

    1. Yes! 100% agree! And I hope all news sites including so called right wing entertainment news sites such as OANN, Breitbart, and others get into serious legal and financial problems!
      I hope they all lose advertising companies support and their licenses for regurgitating lies and conspiracy theories as truths due to deliberate omission their claims were untrue and purely for laughs and entertainment where by lead people to believe their lies and commit insurrectionists crimes against their own nation!

    2. the karen leopard sweater is being treated with kid gloves.
      The melanated dark woman in GA who was convicted in voter fraud received 5 yrs.

  7. The Court doesn’t like to be used for political purposes, especially when that involves being used to spread propaganda.

    1. All Republicans must be Removed from public office. Vote blue🧢🧢🧢 in 22 than once more in 🧢🧢🧢24🗽🇺🇸🦅. Don’t let the Fascists take AMERICA down the wrong path

  8. All I am saying is: Do we really care if Trump people go broke or get themselves arrested? Darwinism in motion, I say.

    1. Yep, this Civil War will be easy. Just get out of the way as Republicans will be super spreading disinformation and the plague amongst their own. No masks, no vaccines, no money and the rest of us will be at the beach. Evil eventually does turn on itself.

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