Michigan Attorney General On Debunking Trump’s Election Lies

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on how state election officials have worked to debunk the former president’s election lies and how she thinks any lawyers who repeated those lies in court should lose their licenses.

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  1. These lawyers should see disbarment, large fine and some prison time for their stupidity of big lie!!

    1. @Johnnylee Goodman So by your logic everyone that cried Trump/Russia for 4 years should also be tossed, right?

    2. Threat ?? 🤣😂 you feel threatened because you got something to hide. These wi**tches.
      Audacity !!!

  2. The judicial system should not be a lawyers playground, whether to manipulate or delay the outcome!

    1. those ‘lawyers’ made so much money and continues to do so, while making a mockery of the courts.

    1. Except Trump’s let him try to bounce. I think Interpol still has a warrant out for the illegal assassination of a foreign government official. I know they quashed it once, but later they re-authorized it. Been a few months not sure of the current status.

  3. America’s justice system is coming off to the world as toothless. Unless it is applied to the poor of course.

    1. its a communist justice system that only protects the elites and people willing to spend A LOT of money .. fairness is gone forever

    2. @Gus 🎯 Our government is a Rapacious Oligarchy not a Democratic Republic. The two parties in power are right wing parties. There is zero opposition parties in power, unlike in most other wealthy nations. We are becoming Brazil in wage gap and government.

  4. AP FLASH: The Kansas City Chiefs have issued a statement claiming that they ACTUALLY WON the Super Bowl, in February!
    The Chiefs have employed Rudy Giulianni & Sydney Powell, to RELEASE THE KRAKEN on the issue!!!

    1. I can believe, you see I was actually born as a green Bay Packer but the deep state kept me from playing until I was too old to take the field. I’m still QB though, really!

  5. Donald when he looks in the mirror, he probably scare himself thinking it’s the devil! Martin the greatest!

  6. Yes!!!!!!
    Please get them to court.
    Theen both parties can finally show their “proof”.
    Would be the first time they look at it…

  7. And it’s the government that’s screwing everything up both parties. We should fire them all and start over.

  8. The “system” appears alarmingly easy to manipulate without any consequences. A deliberate refusal to prosecute criminal behaviour is an insult to the overwhelming majority.

    1. The powerful are becoming officially unaccountable. 5:18 – It’s time to scare the bejeezus out of them.
      As for the ones who are thinking about “sneaking one by,” make them think twice.
      Same goes for candidates at the highest rank: Make an example of -trump- and if the people bless this country with another 60 seat majority in the Senate, impeach Brett Cavanaugh.

  9. Throw the book at them📓 send them to the swamp. And have them to drink swamp water 💦 for life.

    1. @V for Wombat it’s on camera of them cheating. Kicking out the observers before pulling ballots out from under tables and counting for hours. Joe Biden was selected not elected

    2. @wun1gee ” “Shut up and censor the opposition”, and yeah, big tech did a mighty fine job of that. ”
      seriously? i heard a whole lot from the right thru the election.
      so i guess they didn’t do a good job at all.

      “to flooding the polling stations with people on “their side”. ”
      ppl in polling stations do not count the votes.
      that’s done by computer.

    3. @AThagoras go to the state web page, Georgia’s mail in ballots were 60% fraudulent only, Trump won

    4. @V for Wombat it just got announced and yes the people are taking back control with any means necessary, so go hide

    5. @AThagoras Right, some are. One of them calls him/herself AThagoras on Youtube. Quite ironic. I guess 2+2 equals 7 nowadays?

  10. Believing “The Big Lie” is a choice. We all know he lost. If you want to erase years and years of Social and Democratic progress, buy into the lie.

  11. It’s this simple, “if TRUMP actually won the election, why’d he pack up & move out of the white house?”

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