1. Daaaaaaaammmmnnnnnnn ryan kelley! he played himself and got arrested by the FBI for his role in the January 6th capitol riot! #🤡

    1. @Red Rick he had every right to be on the Capitol steps. Thats the peoples house. Ever hear of free speech? Police were opening the doors for people to enter. This is all political

  2. Well I got a funny feeling there’s a lot of people involved in this situation even some we probably haven’t even seen yet🤔

  3. Keep it up! I am so pleased with the FBI! And it’s not just them, it’s also Department of Homeland Security, and Secret Service, and it makes me so proud to be an American!

  4. These are misdemeanor charges. A misdemeanor is punishable by less than a year in a county jail and a dollar fine. This is a misdemeanor.

  5. Michigan was my home state. It leaves me SPEECHLESS that it seems so many have lost their minds. My Dad and his brothers lived and hunted in Michigan, I was raised in Michigan. NONE of them would have CONDONED any of this environment that has been happening in the state. Some of them were prominent people, they would associate it with what they saw from America’s shores as Hitler’s rise in Germany. Whatever the economics, they NEVER would have imagined it could happen in the state they loved and prospered in. If the economics aren’t working find a way forward, don’t stew uselessly over the past. My family lost their business after the race riots of the 60’s yet there was no hate or self pity in them. The hate will bring the state down, period. History teaches that lesson over and over again-is anyone cognizant of that fact?

  6. “Kelley rose to prominence in conservative circles in 2020 for protesting removal of a Confederate statue in his hometown(of Allendale, Michigan)and organizing a Michigan Capitol protest against COVID-19 policies”

    1. Sneer all you want, he calculated his involvement for just this reason..a minor charge. While cheerleading TREASON

  7. If Nixon was live today, he would be saying “I’m Not A Cook” then point his finger at Trump and say “But He Is.”

  8. I wonder how the justice department lives with themselves when they charge and sentence the subordinates who went to the capital under the instruction and guidance of these politicians in one fashion, but are not as harsh on the politicians who gave those subordinates the influence instruction and orders to do what they did when people like Charles Manson where held fully accountable for what his subordinates had done under his influence even though Charles Manson technically did not go into Sharon Tate’s house and commit those murders. Funny how this country deals with politicians differently than how they deal with its citizens when a politician is not held as accountable as it does its civilians. Double standard much?

    1. I agree.the peons rot in jail and the con man who directed them to go and do it…crickets

  9. lock them up you know since he was arrested for his part in the January 6th Insurrection and attempted coup d’etat he’s really not supposed to be able to run it for any kind of office

  10. Unfortunately, these charges will only make him more popular with Michigan fascists. It could likely bolster his campaign efforts.

  11. “I can confirm FBI agents from Grand Rapids office executed an arrest and search warrant at Mr. Kelley’s residence in Allendale, MI. At this time, I cannot provide any information on the nature of the charges against Mr. Kelley, although I expect additional information to be forthcoming,” Mara Schneider, a public affairs officer with the FBI’s Detroit’s office, said in a written statement.
    more charges coming ……that is all

  12. The double standard here is amazing these insurrectionist commited these crimes as a group but since this would give these defendants more serious penalties it’s all broken down as though they were at Disneyland where you can be part of an insurrection but be charged amusement park type violations

  13. Isn’t it funny, but it’s off topic that when a Justice is threatened action is quick. Children are not identifiable due to a shooter and they do nothing….

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