1. Several people on this state do not believe that the virus is real. Thank you, Mrs. Donald Trump for everything!

    1. @Jay Muzquiz actually,the Covid-19 virus is approximately 0.1 micron in size. I had to l
      go look that up and it is so small that it doesn’t fall out of the air it just floats around until it dies or someone inhales it.

    2. @Albert Buxton if one state gets more cases the rest get more cases. The country will lock down regardless.

    1. @Sinister Minister what a shocker another white hating racist msnbc viewer. What do white people have to do with his/her comment?

    2. @Censorship Is real it’s still mask mandated but businesses are open to a 50% capacity and only open certain hours.

    1. @Dorian Shades of gray
      No you’re not.
      It takes more than three brain cells to be a physicist.
      Tell us, oh great one, what branch do you pretend to study

    2. @Đeath Vader iditoboy, steel research and I don’t wear a lab coat as I bet you think all physicists wear .. now Dumbo you didn’t answer me , what claim do you have to any level of intelligence?

    3. @Dorian Shades of gray
      Steel research??
      What’s there to “research” ?

    4. I’m a simulations programmer.
      Everything is made up of elementary particles. All particles and their interactions can be predicted.
      Therefore all future outcomes can be predicted and free will is an illusion.
      I can prove this through particle simulations.

  2. It’s worst because these people are not wearing their MASK like everything is okay and now they are learning the HARD way. Wear your MASK and social DISTANCES. 😷 😷 😷 😷

    1. @biden laptop Oh, ok. Thanks for clearing that up. So, I won’t be following the medical advice he’s dispensing.

    2. White Diamond Hmmm CDC lowered the distance to 3 feet. They also said Mask will NOT stop a virus. it takes 1 virus particle to get infected. The smallest hole on a mask s 1,000 times bigger than a virus particle. It’s smaller than smoke is and maybe watch the video’s on vaping with a mask. yeah, Like screwing with a condemn with 50 pin holes.

    3. @Liberal Dumbfuck vapor is different than larger water droplets that the virus hangs in, the mask catches those bigger particles.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas how is encouraging you to read a label medical advice? Sounds more like reading advice.

    1. My brother lives in MI – months ago he made fun of me wearing a mask- now he just got vaccined

    2. @Elizabeth Eng you’re not too bright then. A dangerous vaccine for a virus with a 99 percent survival rate. Yeah I’d risk my health and life too because of this fear mongering by the media

    3. Well, according to the pillow guy he is still president and will be back in office in August. The qanon stupid never ends. These are the same idiots that help encourage people to not take care of covid.

      once a bunch of stupid infects a country it’s really hard to get rid of it.

  3. Thanks to all those who don’t wear little masks just for the time almost everyone gets vaccinated and protected. Very sad for all who will end up in hospitals

    1. @Jen Vicinity none of them work. If they did, they wouldn’t be recommending wearing 2 now.

  4. I’m from Michigan and was diagnosed with COVID this past Tuesday and I do have to say that the amount of new cases I have witnessed this week is alarming. COVID is DEFINITELY real. I have never felt so sick in my life but I am certain the worst is over and taking a turn for the better for me.

    1. @Wisconsin Man Wow! Well, with that kind of thorough, in depth, scientific evidence, you’ve convinced me Covid was a hoax. I see a Noble prize in your future….

    2. @G P You are being incredibly irresponsible. Immunity from the infection itself is frequently lower than the one obtained by the vaccine, and people who have mild infections get even lower immunity to it,because the viral load was so low to start with. Based on current data I’m pretty certain we will eventually end up having to vaccinate every 2-3 years until the disease disappears, so not getting the shot now, unless you are allergic is, respectfully, pretty dumb. Specially if you have any of the comorbidities (being overweight is a very dangerous and common one). Unless you have had an anaphylactic reaction or a medical condition, just not having the shot is making life worse Frau r everyone.

    3. @John Gray Better than a single thing you said. nothing refutable in my comment. Until you watch your late night clown show on one of these networks you won’t know what to say. Keep wearing a mask, like a good seal.

    4. Watch the video from NHK.
      Coronavirus: New Facts about Infection Mechanisms – NHK Documentary.
      You can see how tiny droplets spreading when people are talking in close range.

  5. Some Americans cannot be told (even if its basic human survival) to save their lives, or the lives of others.

    1. @Annapurna im from Maine we all wear masks and our cases aren’t going down and we have everyone over 50 vaccinated and last week we had the highest infection in months

    2. @Joel Rivard The republicans have fought the democratic governor every step of the way and undermined her efforts frequently. It started with trump, as if the gop supported militias weren’t enough!

    3. Correct. even with states with mandates…. if people are being really stupid in private…. they still spread it around…. that’s why the Christmas holidays were so bad.

    4. Florida under investigation for under reporting covid.

      Texas has statistics similar to other states and they are a large state that is Republican run.

      if what you say is true then all the Republican states would have super awesome statistics. That’s not really the case.

      Got to stop drinking that right wing Kool-Aid or whatever else is in the water in Florida.

  6. It’s simple we have a large amount of people who don’t think it real and we have another large amount who just don’t care.

    1. @Christopher Papa  @Christopher Papa  Yup you’re absolutely right. That was the reason for Trump’s mass appeal…he talked like a kid. 😂

    2. @Christopher Papa a jab here a jab there
      jabs will never end
      every year
      every month there will be a need for you to comply

  7. Gee I wonder why. It’s sad we could see all of this coming. Even the third surge weeks ago in other countries who were locking down. And our leaders did nothing

    1. @Matthew Bennett I think you answered your own question but let me put it another way. Trump-Republican president with kids in cages that Joe and Barrack built=bad, evil, satanic, hitler, concentration camp crisis. Biden-Democrat president, kids being thrown over a 14 foot wall to plummet to the ground, stacked in cages side by side in filthy conditions = most humanitarian administration ever.

    2. @Chuck Stockford23 Chuck I don’t agree with one thing you said but I am sorry that you are home bound.

    3. We don’t have leaders here in this country, we have people looking for power and the general electorate goes along with it so I guess we have weak leaders and a weak citizenry.

  8. You wouldn’t believe how many people I see without masks in the Michigan town I live in. It’s absolutely crazy. It’s 50-50 here with masks.

    1. @Wisconsin Man It’s not an all or nothing situation. It’s a long series of probabilistic events. Just wearing an ordinary mask lowers your odds of getting sick at 1 meter for 15 minutes by 83%. And lowers your chance of getting others sick by 95%. Royal Academy of Medicine study, June 11/12 2020.

      Your advice on sanitizing is sound. However, throwing away the gloves instead of sanitizing them is obsessive. Within 24 hours they will be safe for reuse.

    2. @Deborrah Trueman Well, Our Great Supreme Court said that POS Evers mask mandate was unconstitutional. So it’s no more. Like in the Dells today, big Jujitsu tournament , NO MASK MANDATE. And NO Milwaukee don’t ALL wear mask.

    3. That’s good. You should be concerned.

      It’s good that your age group has a chance of living….but a lot of people that get it have some long-term health problems…. and they don’t really put that in the stats!

      The truth is, if you get it- it’s a roll of the dice as to whether or not you’re going to be suffering later.

      Stay safe.

    4. @Mac Mcleod New England Journal of Medicine May 2020, 6 ft apart will have zero affect. In fact standing mask less within 1 foot for up to 30 minutes chances of getting the Wuhan are slim. Mask will NOT prevent the virus. A condom with 10 pinholes has how much a chance of stopping someone getting pregnant? Millions of sperm and it only takes 1 sperm, not 2 or 100 or a 1,000….1 just like 1 Virus particle which no mask you wear or your scared friends wear, will stop. How smart is it to stand 6 ft apart in line at the airport for “safety” and then get on a plane and sit 1 foot apart. No mask up to the restaurant door, put one on, to sit down, then take it off to eat and drink. Guess the virus says …TIME OUT, their eating right? Do you people ask common sense questions?

  9. Selfish people are so sad. “I’m the only person that counts, so I do whatever I want” attitudes.

    1. @Joel Rivard You don’t even make sense. “Aditude”? Have you ever heard of punctuation marks? WTH is your point?

    2. @Joel Rivard why do you want to work so badly? Do you have a burning desire to make your bosses and owners rich? Because there aren’t making you rich in return. Do you really feel the need to work your life away so you can give away 1/3 of your income to the govt? Is that your value? Is that how your life and value will be remembered? “He was a good worker.”? Work for money is the most ridiculous concept ever invented and no work is critical. No other animal in the world has a job for pay and they outnumber us by the millions. Yes, lots of animals do work together in packs and have their roles in their societies but none trade the lives and welfare of other members of their pack for a green piece of paper.

  10. 9,000 cases today. The B117 is 50-100% more transmissible and can cause a 40-60% higher fatality for younger people. Please be safe this isn’t over.

    1. @Scott Michaels Everything a virus does is random.

      Each cell that is infected with viral particles produces hundreds to thousands of imperfectly copied viral particles. Some are randomly less fit for the current environment and some are randomly more fit. The ones which are more fit are more likely (but not certain) to reproduce.

      I suggest you look into the “E. coli long-term evolution experiment” . It will give you a much better idea how these things work even tho it’s a bacteria and not a viral particle.

      But as an example- every human being has an average of 57-59 random mutations compared to their parents. It’s not perfect sexual selection (mixing of genes). Most the time, the mutations have no effect.

      The more people infected, the more potential (random) mutations occur.

    2. How do you know it’s the B117 variant. And if so, are the tests modified for this strain? Or are they gonna call every positive pcr test a “case”?

    3. @John Grasso I don’t know what the data is for Michigan, but variants are determined by making an RNA analysis of samples taken for a patient. This is not a simple swab or test that tells you that you have the virus. I would imagine only scientists or the CDC do this to understand how the different strains are spreading. There is a pretty interesting website that shows how the strains mutated and moved from country to country (China to Italy, Italy to Germany and Spain…). Of course the information is not complete because as I said it depends on this kind of special testing being performed.

  11. Can’t fix stupid….if you think wearing a mask impinges on your freedom wait til you see how free you feel when you can no longer breath and you’re in an ICU on a ventilator!

    1. Shut down your business and keep paying your bills or face fines. Meanwhile we’re going to bailout the rich and their corporations while you lose everything. Let freedom ring

    2. I’ve never seen Americans that were so isolated from facts before. It is really a lost cause – there’s no getting them back into normalcy.

    3. Australia did well with the pandemic, it’s very impressive. In many ways your country really has it together.

      You use taxes for the common good… like a universal Health Care program.

      But our conservative party actually says it’s a ridiculous use of taxes and people should just go out there and struggle with medical bills until they die.

      And not just medical care, but other things that are important for people’s survival.

      When it comes to basic operation for taking care of the public, most western countries use taxes to pump up the basic good of the public, more so than here.

    4. @Toma Sande It was funny, but now they have become pathetic. MASK..MASK..it’ll save you, says No scientist anywhere or doctor.

  12. Covid isnt real to some people until hits close to them. If someone else DIES they don’t care.

    1. @Guerrilla Gaming No … Not Joking .. Infections and deaths are increasing daily especially for people who have not been vaccinated all because people don’t want to follow Covid protocol

    2. @Starr 98% survival rating amongst the elderly and most susceptible. “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE YOU WON’T HAVE CUSTOMERS!!”

    3. Thats always the case.
      Each one for themselves and god for us all( dutch sentence in english)
      Ieder voor zich en god voor ons allen.

    4. @Guerrilla Gaming you’re a very ignorant person to try and compare Coronavirus to heart disease.
      A very poor analogy

  13. I live in Michigan, the people here are definitely getting more relaxed with not wearing a mask when entering a store or gas station. Even though there are signs posted to wear a mask. It’s total arrogance, thanks to Trump cult followers. I watched my dad die from COVID-19 at home recently, sometimes I wish these people would go through what my family has gone through.

    1. I’m sorry for your loss.
      If after a year and 550,000 lives lost people don’t get it, they never will. Despite the misinformation from the previous administration the facts are out there. Blindly following fools never ends well.

    2. @Katie S That’s what FL wanted, your money then go back home for your health care. We did the same in Virginia Beach.

  14. Watching from afar in Australia.
    I just can’t believe how masks are a political thing in the US.
    We just had a 3 day lockdown as a precautionary action here in my state of Queensland

    We must wear masks where we can’t socially distance for the next few days only.
    Then its back to normal.

    1. @Wisconsin Man Which ones? Im in Australia and I’d actually have to look up msmbc or cnn to see the docrors they put on and somehow figure out the ones they didn’t. Can you name a few and I’ll look em up. Im sure theyre all highly respected and preeminent in the field.

    2. @Cranky Baboon Well you seem to have an opinion on people in America who don’t wear mask and alex jones. So look it assie.. i mean Aussie.

    1. 💯 your freedoms won’t be worth jack when you’re dead from Covid 😷 use your common sense & humanity put a dam mask on

    2. @Toma Sande Obviously an Education has failed you miserably because you think that island countries can’t have viruses because virus can’t fly or swim huh?. What an idiotic thing to say, but I expected nothing less from the less educated and don’t blame you lots at all.

    3. @Jon Q. Public You are a trained f’ing seal. CDC is why we are where we are Einstein. They set the guidelines. MASK bad ..No..Mask Good.. Double mask is senseless, No @ mask are twice as good. And ANY AIRPORT and AIRLINE Einstein says 6ft..You can board and sit with in a foot. You think I’m wrong about eating out? Dear god, Eat Seal. You don’t wear gloves and sanitize every 2 seconds. If you touch a can, with gloves who, lets say I touched without F’ing gloves do you then sanitize your hands with gloves on? replace gloves? Sanitize cart again? Flip on your Man, Madcow and stroke it. Then flip over to Lemon, and imagine that chocolate. Then sanitize everything in front of you as you walk to into your bubble bed. It is absolutely astonishing how gullible people are and easily swayed to doing and believing whatever they are told to. Same people believed Russia. Same people believe White supremist are in the 10’s of millions in America. Just do us a favor and take shots of Drano.. STRIKE..You’re out.

  15. I just lost my uncle in Detroit to Covid-19. 3 weeks in the hospital fighting to breathe before his organs shut down and losing his fight. Lord have mercy on the families dealing with this.

    1. I’m sorry for your loss ❤️🕯 Kia kaha & nui te aroha from Aotearoa (means stay strong with love from NZ)

  16. It’s not gonna be just Michigan, it will be everywhere now that the weather is getting warmer teat means more people out. The real reason numbers went down in the fall is because it was cold and people stayed home 😳😳😳

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