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  1. I’m sure that Trump’s supporters are already screaming that the Republican who didn’t back Trump is a “Deep State Liberal Commie”, or some other nonsense. The one and only thing Trump succeeded in doing is showing us foreigners just how many frighteningly ignorant Americans there are – we’d always presumed they were a small minority, when its now clear to us that No, they represent half the country. A Frightening thought, frankly.

    • @GreenIdLady 1 well no, you can’t wake up tomorrow and be trained. But you can wake up tomorrow and start on getting trained so you can become one eventually. Lol I mean if you’re disabled I dunno what to tell you. Draw disability. If you live in the desert move! If you have a criminal record or made bad decisions when you were young that’s your fault. People can find jobs. You might have to move, you might have to do something you DONT want to do but that’s life. Women are getting hired on police departments, fire departments, women can be plumbers but I doubt women want to get sh*t splattered on their face. You just have to do something you don’t want to. I see chicks working on construction crews, roofing. Go find something because it’s out there or you can just complain and nothing will get done. You’re right, I sound stupid because I’m saying if you’re capable and didn’t make bad decisions growing up you can find a job. Such bad information I’m putting out there.

    • Carol Cleveland | November 22, 2020 at 9:29 PM | Reply

      What the heck is the matter with them. They don’t know how to lose either. It was a fair election and they have to go off the deep end he’s not that good and he’s not that good for you he’s just an a****** he’s a he’s a carny if you knew about him you wouldn’t like him either he’s just a piece of crap. Houstoneverybody known

    • Ver Coda, I’m an American and I agree with you. Watch a video of a frump rally. It’s scary how many of these idiots there are. Just remember that they all live in rural areas where education is lacking and money is scarce. Most of us with an education know better.

    • @B Ce I wasn’t referring to myself you dim bulb. I’m a senior citizen, and don’t need to be looking for work. The fact is that we’re in a recession, with tens of millions of people out of work. Millions more are going to lose their jobs as the pandemic worsens this winter. There just aren’t enough jobs out there for everyone who wants one. Even before the pandemic, a huge percentage of Americans weren’t able to find decent full time jobs, and had to work multiple low-paying gigs to try to earn enough to survive on. Families with no cash and children to take care of can’t just move to somewhere else in the dead of winter. There’s a tremendous extinction crisis about to happen at the end of December, and there won’t be an empty shelter bed available anywhere. I gave you a lot of factual reasons why things aren’t as simple as you’re making them out to be, but you’re too stuck on your opinion to even consider the actual facts. 👋

    • @Ms Peanut money in rural areas is lacking? Yeah because most poverty is in democrat cities, most crime is in democrat cities, most welfare is in democrat cities, obviously kids are getting great education in inner cities lol You all are killing it.

  2. And this is coming from a Republican. Not a Democrat. The message is critically clear. There’s no other explanation or excuse to come up with!!!

    • @djxdo wow the amount of delusion and fear trump has instilled in u is baffling. hope u get better soon

    • The amount of people that can’t accept reality is astonishing. We don’t have enough psych wards to get these ppl the help they need. The good news is, these ppl have become so unhinged and fighting against their own party, they will implode at some point. The Republican Party as it was known is DOA.

    • @EarRegardless wow u must’ve not lost somebody in your family to covid… must be nice being this delusional… i’ve had friends and family who’ve caught it or lost someone to it so i can tell u the only hoax here is trump wake tf up dude people are dying

    • @Questionableman yeah im pretty sure they wont take your calls 😂😂😂🖕🏼

    • @Kirt James – What is the truth? If the truth is that Biden won, why didn’t the mainly democratic controlled counties (in MI and PA) where the election offices are allow Trump’s campaign people or other republicans to watch or view the counting? If there is nothing to hide, why do they have to be so secretive and have a bunch of ballots delivered to the election offices at 4AM in the early morning when everyone is still sleeping? Even when there is a court order for those republican to watch the counting, they weren’t allow in. And why did the CEO of Dominion voting machine (Antonio Mugica) skip out on the conference hearing about the voter fraud? Smartmatic offices in US and Canada are also recently closed and they had move their office elsewhere. If you didn’t know about these information, then your eyes have been blinded by the democrats and communists. You are no different than a scoundrel like the democrats are.

  3. The only documented case of fraud in this election is a republican trying to vote for his dead mother.

      100% “PROOF” OF ELECTION FRAUD…20,000 VOTES STOLEN FROM TRUMP AND GIVEN TO BIDEN…19,958 TO BE EXACT…WAKE THE HELL UP AND PASS IT ON!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1lfXfXTGmc

    • 🤣🤣🤣

      Ok, just by your writing style, I can tell that you are a biased trump sheep.
      You may want to broaden your mind and fact-check your sources.

    • @THE LORD REY you do not know how the election process works,,see one does not have to scream to make a point

    • United Federation of KFC | November 22, 2020 at 9:52 PM | Reply

      @THE LORD REY Someone put this man on suicide watch.

  4. The only stone cold evidence of fraud is Trump’s scheme to subvert the election which he began months before the actual election by trying to destroy the USPS.

    • @nadt I agree with you, but it’s not laws protecting the President. There is just a memo from the Nixon era Department of Justice saying that sitting Presidents can’t be prosecuted.

    • @Adrianne Winston 😆 🤣 God is Not on the side of Biden what the hell are you talkin about? Democrats go against the Bible ,the word of GOD , same-sex marriage abortions, transgender movement , the list goes on lol you obviously don’t know God, you’re on the wrong side.

    • Exactly!

    • reagan davidson | November 22, 2020 at 10:10 PM | Reply

      @my two cents Your right only got 5 more yrs!

    • @Roger Diamond I call bullshit. Where did you come by these “facts”? Please share any links to evidence

  5. Trump doesn’t care about any of that. He’s only interested in self preservation. Now that Trump has lost, his legal troubles begin. He’s desperate. That’s it.

  6. If Trump thinks he can take Michigan he’s got another thing coming.

  7. “The GOP are “coddling Trump like a 5-year- old whose pet turtle died.”

  8. Hallie Robbins | November 22, 2020 at 2:22 PM | Reply

    “Let the voters, not the politicians, decide.”

  9. The current GOP is an embarrassment to the Lincoln’s and Reagan’s that probably didn’t envision their future party as sore losers and nation dividers.

    • Rowan Spiritwalker | November 22, 2020 at 9:47 PM | Reply

      @Paula Lewis Actually, the Founding Fathers put in place in the Constitution that Church and State be forever separated, Church shall have NO influence on the matters of State, and all men are created equal, regardless of race, religion, creed or origin. I’ve read the Constitution. We are free to believe in and/or worship the Deity or Deities of our choice in this country. We are NOT required to be Christian – again, as evidenced in the Constitution of the United States. Don’t believe me? Go and READ IT.

    • I just watch an interview with somebody who would be affected if this is true about voter machine fraud, so yea I do not trust a word he just said. CNN why not interview somebody who ran one of the machines? lol, not for Trump, we all will know the truth in about one to three weeks.

    • Aleisa Etheridge | November 22, 2020 at 10:02 PM | Reply

      It could not have been put any more clearly than that Sweetie. How is all this even legal? At the least it should not be allowed. Trump is throwing a tantrum and doesn’t give a crap if the whole Country falls apart as long as He gets his way. BULLSHIT UGH

    • @JD Slagill you misspelled racism. It’s racism he is exposing

    • @Jfsfrnd Go to hell.. what are you ranting about? I believe in GOD and I don’t care if you do or not. BUH BYE ✌️

  10. Trump is too scared of being locked when he leaves …

    IVANKA is screwed too

  11. SuperAtlantis1 | November 22, 2020 at 2:48 PM | Reply

    This is all about not wanting to be prosecuted. It has nothing to do with caring about the country.

  12. “I don’t like Losers” – Donald J. Trump

  13. Kathleena Elston | November 22, 2020 at 3:05 PM | Reply

    Finally a Republican who has the courage to speak out about the Trumps effort to steal this election! Thank you sir

  14. Aryan Zijlstra | November 22, 2020 at 3:07 PM | Reply

    STOP THE STEAL: Yes, president Trump, why don’t you stop stealing votes?

  15. First he was impeached and the GOP said “ let the voters settle it “ and now Trump looses and they are silent or spouting fantasy. Shamefully disgusting behavior, they have all failed America.

  16. Trump has done things like this ALL HIS LIFE.

    • @Tyler Stewart – LOL. I probably watched it before you did! Perhaps your ‘Dominion’ theory was at play? After all, Dominion is designed to calibrate the numbers.

      Go give your evidence to Sidney. Her ‘Kraken’ needs re inflating. This ‘Biblical Fraud’ is looking more and more like the bible……. man made bullshit to fool the gullible.

    • @Steve Krist Steve, I don’t hate you. I don’t WANT to hate you. I just don’t understand how you can deny something happening right before your eyes. I honestly DO NOT CARE who wins. If this was happening in favor of Trump I’d be just as concerned!
      What is it about what I’ve shown you that isn’t sufficient to at least cast a reasonable doubt that something sketchy is happening?
      One last time…for those just joining the discussion.

    • @Steve Krist btw you still didn’t answer how the votes got switched.


      Any day now son.

    • @Tyler Stewart – Again. it’s called ‘CONFIRMATION BIAS’. You don’t understand what it is you are seeing so it must be fraud, right?

      You are looking for evidence of fraud on YouTube and up pops a video that supposedly supports your bias, right?

      Yet you don’t even understand what it is you are looking at or how such a thing happens. It’s just ‘fraud’, right?

      It’s like asking a Christian how the earth was formed. They will tell you that ‘god’ did it! They explain something that they don’t understand by using ‘magic’. They fill in their ignorance and incredulity will ‘magic’. You do the same but your call it ‘election fraud’.


    • Roger Stone (who he pardoned) has a nixon tattoo lol I mean come on now

  17. “It’s over”. It’s as simple as that. It’s democracy in action.

  18. Rep.Fred Upton thank you for being a American and a believer in the rule of law.

  19. Trump’s people are saying things that would have had any other administration in the past 100 years immediately removed.

    • @Steve Krist It will help. We need this but out ASP. He can do a lot of damage by then! Look at what he’s already done.

    • @Glenda Cooley – I agree. He’s a dangerous man and ideally someone needs to step in ASAP but it’s unlikely because they support and enable him.

      The 25th Amendment lists multiple options that can be taken but they are ambiguous.

      The closest that could work is if Trump is deemed to be unfit to continue to hold office and then Mike Pence steps in.

      Not sure if ‘Mental Incapacity’ could be used for this purpose but it certainly fits the bill and would probably need a medical evaluation first.

      Joe Biden knows that he could take legal steps but the time it takes for the legal process would probably equate to 60 days anyway.

      The Republican party are your best hope of getting this idiot out sooner but they seem to be cowards.

    • @Jim Marsch na bud it’s not a farce it’s reality for me…

    • @Joe Nally I won’t need to my guy… I’m a fairly successful business owner.. I run a millwright/welding business..

    • @Jordan Willett I know you’re right and the sad thing is it’s usually in democratic run states and cities at least in my experience that’s where most of the problems are. Where I’m from those who are successful help pick up those in need.. I run give sways and charity events in my local community! I donate and seek to help those in need! My own mother had dedicated 47 years of her life to care for the handicapped and mental ill people in our community!
      Just think of those major corporations in this large democratic cities not doing a damn thing for the homeless as they pass them on and under the freeways each and everyday headed to work! Those are the people that need held accountable! These media corporations that spend each day figuring a story to gaslight those less fortunate in the hopes no one will ever look their way.. It’s absolutely despicable.

  20. Good for Rep. Upton! He is a good American.

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