1. I’m in Maryland and one of our ice rinks, The Garden Icehouse in Laurel, was repurposed into a morgue. This brings back some difficult memories, as I was just at that rink yesterday. Dang!!

    1. @Impossibly Black you couldn’t be more wrong it’s the god I don’t follow that maybe responsible for human suffering but since that god is non-existent. Saying it is responsible is kinda silly I would end human suffering if I had the power to do so but it’s probably a good thing I don’t have that power.

    2. You should have seen what this lady did with all elderly nursing homes across Michigan! She literally wiped out hundreds of families due to her idiotic policies

    3. But was this makeshift morgue ever used, or was it just a headline grabber to make the situation sound worse than it actually was?

    4. @ProxyDoug that’s what they did here in Michigan. Claimed an entire event center for the sick or dying and had almost zero occupancy. Typical scare tactics for the gullible.

  2. Coastal states along the ocean, have prevailing winds, that carry airborne disease away. This is exceptionally different from inland cities with tall buildings that traps airflow. Australia cited this as one reason they “handled” Covid successfully. Florida has prevailing winds and is an entirely different geographical elevation than Detroit or Chicago and has a much different population density

  3. Wouldn’t a big part of the discrepancy between Florida and Michigan covid stats from September to June be a function of latitude? Fall, Winter, Spring in Michigan most people are indoors most of the time.
    Opposite for Florida, where people are indoors a lot more in the summer, outside in winter.

  4. Totally get how she feels regarding her mom, I am the same age my dad was when he had triple bypass surgery. Always in the back of my mind.

  5. I’d be careful with the threats, especially when one is facing an imminent amount of criminal charges pending

  6. and let’s be honest here, the person in charge of keeping the numbers in FL was fired and the books were cooked from that day on… just look at the joke of a doctor they had calling the shots (no pun intended) down there.. underplayed the scenario at all times, stuck with ol meatball ron and we may never know the true number of deaths.. but course it was probably mostly older folks, repugs that ron counted on…. and could care less about as long as he could “open the state” ….don’t let a little thing like dying seniors bother ya, ron

  7. You are the voice of reason, and you have more wisdom than is usually gleaned by someone twice your age. Keep using your gifts well.

  8. Let’s remember that the University of Michigan was one of the only five teaching hospitals in the US in 1918 that taught the germ theory……

  9. Regarding Covid Pandemic mortality numbers,
    I’d remind anyone that FL was one of the states that clearly manipulated numbers… by delaying data as long as the law allowed (typically up to 4 weeks), reporting data aggregated in odd ways or in the case of GA even went so far as to graphically display data out of order to to suggest trends that didn’t exist. It was an incredible breach of faith between the state governments that willfully falsified the way data was presented if not the data itself and the people in those states and in practically all cases those responsible were never punished likely because no one wrote a law prohibiting such things because the idea anyone would do those things was so outlandish.

  10. If you didn’t hear what he’s saying, you’d think he was demonstrating with his hands how to bake a cake and play the accordion.

    1. That’s what I attempt my philosophy is everybody is my friend until they prove they’re not. now dishonest draft dodging don the con Will never be my friend.

    2. “Don’t expose the crimes and lies of others, if you don’t want them to expose your crimes and lies”

  11. I remember walking by the CNN building in Washington DC almost daily. The DC community college is basically right next door.🕴️🗣️🙇💡

  12. I want to know why the men weren’t arrested showing up at a Federal building where she was armed for battle?

  13. she needs to talk about what life has been like having the fbi target her and her family. lmao, all the charges have failed due to the fbi talking these guys into it. cant believe they left that part out.

  14. I’m speaking for myself I lost my sister during the shut down and I didn’t even get to say goodbye then I was evicted 2 days after she died I couldn’t believe that I lost my sister and got evicted for no reason courts was closed down I had to do court on video and the Judge gave me 10 days to get out during covid I’m disable on disability and no one would would even show places to rent cuz they was feared of Covid so that put me homeless no car no money sleeping in the woods with 2dogs I called her office several times cuz she said nobody would be evicted and begged her to help me she never tried to reach out to me or anyone from her office so she’s a liar and I can prove it

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