Michigan Sec. Of State: GOP Works ‘In Contrary To The Will Of The Majority’ 1

Michigan Sec. Of State: GOP Works ‘In Contrary To The Will Of The Majority’


Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson speaks of a “demoralizing week” where Republican state representatives across the country retracted civil liberties by enacting Draconian voting rights and abortion laws.

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    1. @Burnt Match This is a TROLL! It joined yesterday, Sept. 1, 2021, just to TROLL. Look at its site and hit ‘ABOUT’. IGNORE THE TROLL!

    2. @Burnt Match This is a TROLL! It joined yesterday, Sept. 1, 2021, just to TROLL. Look at its site and hit ‘ABOUT’. IGNORE THE TROLL!

    3. @Non Sibi There are at least 50 more just like Burnt Match I found who all started their YouTube accounts just this week to post lies about Biden and Democrats … this is Putin’s and the GOP’s new tactic were seeing here… flood YouTube and social networks with an army of paid trolls

    4. @TheMobileHomestead Yes! Looks like it got tired of us. One can tell easily because the text of the troll’s messages do not have a direct focus on the subject at hand but, coming randomly from previously prepared phrases & text, are intended to insult, anger, or upset a reader who might think it is somehow from a REAL PERSON. It isn’t.

    1. @Bruce Gardner I’m telling facts. You’re the one that is detached from reality. KKK/BLM. Same group same party. Big0ts

    1. Not quite — they haven’t set up torture chambers or death camps, but they don’t need to. Besides, they don’t have the guts. You can hate a fascist but a Republican merits only contempt.

    2. @Sun Dial “The Taliban are the only ones building back better.” Lauren Boebert, Republican representative.
      And let’s not forget the heaps of praise that Trump and his family have given to the Taliban. He called them “great fighters.” His kids have said pretty much the same.
      Not to mention the fact that y’all continue to defend the 1/6 terrorists.
      It’s pretty clear to anyone with 2 eyes, 2 ears, and more than 2 functional brain cells that Republicans are the party of terrorists.

    3. @Bruce Gardner more name calling really? You can’t read my previous comment? You have to hide and talk like that now just like the kkk

  1. Unless the dishonest GOP are held accountable nothing will change! The country of “Laws” is just another hypocrisy America is known for!

  2. Five conservative SC justices were appointed by 2 Republicans who LOST the popular vote. Let the ramifications of that sink in.

    1. @harrison wintergreen That may be true, but the only thing worse than the minority being held 100% captive by the majority is what is happening now and that is the majority being held captive by a shrinking minority. The majority won’t stand for out of step judges making rulings for only a shrinking minority forever.

    2. Sounds like a lot of sour grapes because your abortion loving justices aren’t on the court. We got a clown in the White House and a VP who’s MIA.

    3. @jdw3848 fenton So I take it you are the type of conservative that dreams of living in a massive welfare state where even more of their tax dollars are taken up by needed increases in welfare, food stamps, mental health, criminal justice….? Or maybe you are the type that is just too simple minded to understand this decision has more consequences than just stopping people from having SAFE abortions. Which are you?

  3. Republicans couldn’t care less about what the majority of their constituents want. They rule over their constituents like the Taliban rules over Afghans.
    The majority of the people in Texas believe that a woman should have a choice.

    1. @Shiek Yo Booty True. But I see a lot female evangelical MAGA morons out there too. And I find them even more depressing than the males. Which says a lot.

    2. That’s a very smart comment. The Talibans are indeed a minority that forces its rules on the majority using violence. That’s exactly what’s the GOP is doing, for now without violence but they have no issue threating with Civil War and “bloodshed”

    3. @Amel L.
      We don’t stop these fools now its only going to get worse. Dem leadership needs to show some balls here..

    4. @Guy Rose The science is there to prevent before it ever starts. If not, it should be. Any funding would be denied by pharmaceutical
      industrial complex. And by private – plane preachers. And the Catholic Church, barefoot and pregnant be thy name.

      It’s not abortion, it’s preventing unwanted pregnancy. They know how.

    1. Yes they do… and the women of Texas constitute half of the voters in that state. As always, the Republicans didn’t think this through. They’re gonna get slaughtered in all future elections. No self-respecting modern woman will vote for nasty men who seek to control their bodies and their lives. Bye bye, GOP.

    2. When do we get to sue men for irresponsible use of their reproductive organs? Seems like that would be a fair solution. I mean, those abortions don’t happen without sperm.

    1. @Billy Pardew
      They did get the machines you liar – that’s why they all have to be replaced now. See, the law requires that any examination of voting machines by anyone must be overseen by state and local election officials and experts to ensure they are not tampered with – that was not done here. The Cyber Twats were given unsupervised access and now the machines are compromised.

      As for the rest of that:
      “Ken Bennett, Arizona Senate liaison and former Arizona secretary of state, told USA TODAY claims that the audit found 250,000 fraudulent votes were “absolutely not” true.”

      That from a REPUBLICAN, hired by the Senate REPUBLICANS to work with the Cyber Scum on the audit.

      There IS no gag order – though someone should put a muzzle on that racist POS – there are simply no numbers to report.

    2. @Trey Sharpe
      No safeguards have been dropped and methods are NOT loose. It is turnout they are after. Especially turnout for certain groups.

    3. @Mitchell Kovacs
      It’s not that easy for everyone, but that was not what she was talking about. She was talking about recently passed laws allowing partisan politicians in the legislatures to overturn election results they don’t like, and the idea of replacing the generally bi-partisan/non-partisan election officials with partisans.

    4. For a very long time. What WW2 was about. FASCISM! And this is going to be the last election in 2022 to stop it by voting BLUE or go to another World War! WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

  4. Nobody’s constitutional rights should be put on sale for purchase by anyone who can find an informant to turn in whoever might be trying to exercise those rights.

  5. I always feel a little better about the issues when I listen to Nicole. She is incredibly informed and intelligent.

  6. It should be pointed out that the ballot referendums that the secretary spoke of were approved overwhelmingly. Republican voters want a fair system, but their representatives sure don’t.

    1. No, you want to suppress the votes of people who typically vote Democrat. Like minorities. You don’t want a fair system. You want a system that is skewed in favor of white voters because you believe that any person of color who votes against you is an “illegal” or is voting for dead people.

    2. @jb888888888 I’ve never seen a republican complain when gerrymandering gets their representatives elected. Never heard one republican complain when voter suppression against democratic voters was proven. Never has one republican wanted to get rid of the electoral college after a Democrat won the popular vote but wasn’t allowed in the white house. Republicans lost the popular vote in 8 out of the last 10 presidential elections, No republican wants a fair and honest election. If you did, you’d never vote for the people who are desperate to ensure we don’t have them.

    3. @Dawn W Have democrats complained when gerrymandering has helped them win seats? I doubt it, please do prove me wrong. If “no republican wants a fair and honest election” then why is the republican Stephen Richer, Maricopa County recorder, pushing back so hard against the Arizona audit? Why is republican Bill Gates (not the tech billionaire, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors member) getting death threats over his pushing back against the same audit?

      I do not claim a full equivalency. “Both sides do it,” but not equally. As I said it’s a wide brush to say “all” republicans are like that. The sane republicans are being drowned out by the insane ones.

    4. @Dawn W Correction: Republicans have won the popular vote in 3 of the last 10 elections, not 2. Or to put it in the wording you used Republicans lost 7 out of the last 10 not 8. Small difference? Perhaps but accuracy is important. (1984, 1988, 2004)

  7. While they are distracting everyone with these headlines we need to figure out what the gop is doing that we do not see.

    1. @Dianna Hill I know they are using smoke and mirrors I wonder what DeJoy is doing at this moment.WHo has he hired in to the post office.

  8. So what about the fact that the GOP is supporting and pushing un Democratic positions do the GOP Voters not understand?

    1. I remember times when it snowed and people in NJ and Winnipeg Canada would come over to help, regardless of what policy they followed.

    1. @jdw3848 fenton People who need to use mail-in ballots, possibly. Depends on what other changes take place. The biggest danger is a legislature getting direct control of the election workers in each county (like Georgia) where they could actually do what Donald Trump wanted from Georgia and replace those officials and “find” 11,780 votes or whatever is needed for their party’s candidate.

    2. The (R)s are circulating a Petition to counter what the strong, Women of Michigan, across the entire State & UP/ “The Voters Not Politicians” Campaign; -> accomplished, in 2017, “to S.L.A.Y the frK’n GERRYMANDER”!!!
      WE Won; those (D) women *”performed a Miracle;”* Got it on the Ballot & it Passed! Yes! Hallelujah. 🙂
      Against ALL Odds – as Big Red, Donor Dollars flooded in, daily, to fight US legally, and every* step of the way!!!
      Please, Get the Word Out.* Do not be “deceived”. ~ DO NOT SIGN THEIR PETITION!!!
      I only know of it. Not the Title, or the BS and manipulative tactics of how it’ll be ‘spun’.
      We know they’re Masters of FRAMING!
      And “hypnotized + NLP”+++ CULTISTS, and other WhacK – jobs, don’t like to take, No, for an answer. ~ BE SAFE!
      That was a volunteer gig, of course, that Summer, but, I would bet money they’re getting .75 to $1.00 per Signature ! It’s highly motivating.

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