1. I can’t wait until we can easily vote with our phones. The GQP will lose whatever is left of their minds.

    1. @Richard Lee And, it needs repeating. The only people that were murdered on Jan 6 were Trump supporters. The deep state has your mind, and its amazing the lack of self awareness you possess.

    2. @Richard Lee stop wasting your time man.. if Trump shot their mom on live t.v they would say it’s an impersonator.

    3. @TheAnonapersons Look this white knight to the rescue. This is exactly why leftism is evil. They tell their own to shut up when is clear their ideas dont hold any weight. Thanks for the save, Karen.

    1. @Vehement Who are the ones carrying around confederate flags again? Republikkkans, now get off the internet and take your meds

    2. Maybe that is why they call themselves conservatives. To regresss back in time, not foward.

    3. @Dennis Vance your kinda like a one trick pony aren’t you?

      You fail to overcome your opponent, with true and logical facts. So you start insulting them!

  2. (“In my 11 years in the legislature, I never saw a bill approved at such speed,” Stacey Abrams tweeted. “This wasn’t efficiency. Republicans want to hide their shameful actions from public scrutiny.”)

    1. You can always tell when a comment is on the mark, by the number of triggered trolls who will try anything to deflect the conversation from the actual subject. The fear is strong with the MAGATrolls here

    2. People need to hold umbrella around Stacy Abrams. That gap if hers is like the Niagra Falls! Hahaha! Got em!

    1. @Megadog it’s not the ID as much as the BS that goes with the laws. There should be sufficient stations and drop boxes to make it easy

      Ok your afraid of fraud with drop boxes. Put them in police Stations. Lots of them around. Your afraid of mail in ballots make them secure and require a text code sent to a smart phone or email to be written on the ballot. Of someone can’t do that a photo copy of their ID with the ballot

    2. @Andrew Warther exactly, put enough stations and boxes to accommodate everyone, in a timely manner!

    3. Make two lists – 1)- Ways to improve election security, and 2)- Ways to suppress votes. Then compare them to what Republicans are doing.

      It’s crystal clear what they’re doing. It’s a vicious cycle. The less popular support they have, the more they try to suppress. There’s always an election around the corner, so they never want to risk losing by trying “radical” ideas like actually reaching out to voters when they can use the tried-and-true method of suppressing liberal votes – which means specifically targeting minorities who live in urban areas, which tend to vote Democrat. They might win that way, but they’re still outnumbered, so they keep suppressing votes.

    4. Facts First – There was no cheating and there are virtually no communists in the US. “Facts first”? You’re a joke.

  3. Remember people: vote against repeat leaders who do not protect or address your/our rights and concerns as citizens. We voted them in for a reason. Do you think the founding fathers intended them to serve a LIFETIME in Congress? If they had regular jobs or a 4-8 year tenure as presidents, maybe stale ideas would not perpetuate. To teach people through their actions that we can NEVER get along or can never do their own thinking is not where we should be in 2021! No work for us, vote them out!

    1. @Kunta Kinte 141 So you think America is being destroyed, and you’re happy about it. Doesn’t that really say it all racist? Again, Biden is in the Whitehouse… you lose. Cry some more snowflake.

    2. @BIDEN 2020 Not really but I like it when someone reaps what they sow and not really destroyed like that but when America needs help…………….. they’ll call batman which is us 😎. I can’t even be racist, I’m a black right wing conservative 😂😂😂 along with me and others. go see people like hodgetwins,Brandon tatum, and candice owens to see how some black people realy feel about the democratic party, not all black people pop their WAP, rap about crime, commit crime then scream oppression, think that ” THE WHITE MAN IS HOLDING ME DOWN😭” or are slaves to the mentality of “oh woooh it’s me” that BLM and other arms of the dems try to brainwash blacks with.

    3. @Kunta Kinte 141 What you are is a white racist trying to spread lies and make yourself feel relevant. You’re also boring. Who’s in the Whitehouse ? Now F off.

    4. @BIDEN 2020 you are right. This man doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is a fox news ,newsmax person. You might as well forget talking to them cause they are brainwashed from trump. Biden makes more sense then trump ever did. Trump cant even pronounce some of the words he had to say when he was in office.

    5. @Rose Faulkingham I’ve been seeing a lot of these fake black republican accounts. They’re so obvious. Sure a black American is going to call himself Kunta. If I was stupid enough to believe that I probably would have voted for trump. I agree, they are literally a cult. The next election is going to be important. We have to remove as many Republicans as possible.

    1. like you are an authority on voting ..
      do you still drive around to find a record store or do you listen to music on your phone …..republican = the party of old, white and racist

    2. @Adrienne Anderson-Smith if you can open a bank account, trade stocks, pay bills, pay at a cash register, take a photo and deposit a cheque. All with your phone. Why not vote?

      Register with your phone number and or e mail. Set up a password and there you have it.
      In fact have an app which takes your fingerprint scan to vote like easy access on other apps.

      You do use online banking, don’t you? Or do you still take a wad of money, to the bank at months end and pay all your bills, that way?

    3. The fact that someone actually thought this, let alone took the time to write it on the internet, makes me fear for America.

    4. @Anonymous Anonymous why you do so much with phones. If you can move thousands of dollars with a fingerprint scan why not vote.

      Actually this would be more secure one scan one vote. No more allegations of dead people voting. Since the human flesh rots away dead people can’t rise from the grave and scan a fingerprint!

      You Republicans should embrace this idea. Unless you really don’t want people to vote!

    1. More like: continue doing what is right and reasonable!

      And yes, she’s doing a great job, under horrendous conditions! Think of how great Michigan would be (the whole country!) if the GQP would only listen to and care for the American people as a whole, instead of being obstructionists to progress, and focusing only on their special interests!

    2. @HunterBiden’sGun What 9000 nursing home deaths? And why would fall to the Secretary of State to have prevented it. Turn off Fox news and grow a brain.

    1. @Move on Over
      60 judges in 60 courts said you’re wrong, even Bill Barr said no cheating happened on the Democrat side, so why do you keep repeating this same old lie, is it really because you love the obese orange blob fish that is Trump so much you just cannot accept that he has lied to you from day 1? Because he has, so if you want to be angry at someone how about looking to the source of all the lying?

    2. @Facts First you look for people’s to converses with on YouTube eh? In real life nobody’s wanna deal with your dirty breath

    3. @Kate Jacobs It doesn’t matter to magats what the facts are, when Donald Trump lies, they’re clearly not smart enough to see he’s lying, and I’ve never seen a bigger liar in my lifetime.

    4. @Facts First hey did you hear about that Texan woman who worked in a nursing home. She got all the Alzheimer’s patients to register and she (bless her little heart) helped them vote.

      I’ll give you three guesses who she and her patients voted for.

      Oh here’s a hint. It wasn’t Democrats!

  4. I Hope She Does. I’M From IOWA.

    1. I’m so sorry Iowa. I saw that woman Joni make a fool of herself on camera. I hope we can help somehow.

    2. I think the rest of the country did help your state of Iowa by giving Democrats the majorities in both houses of Congress and elected Biden. But I feel your pain, keep the faith and VOTE.

    1. @Aingell A large swath? I have to be honest, I live in a largely conservative area, I speak with conservative people every day, and I have never heard any of them mention QAnon one time. I myself thought it was related to the pizza gate thing but never really looked into it beyond that. The only people I’ve ever heard mention Q stuff are leftists, not liberals, but leftists. It is definitely being used by the media in an incredibly disingenuous and overblown way. Most conservative voters have never even heard of it, just like most conservatives do not own a MAGA hat. The media is the problem, not your fellow Americans.

    2. @Aingell The truth damages you to your core something fierce. Let that seething hate and anger flow. Hiss Hiss Venom Venom 🙂

  5. Georgia Gov. Kemp cheated by removing 250,000 people of color from voting roles, and closed most of the locations to vote! Lines flooded the streets of Georgia as its primaries entered a state of mayhem! Georgia’s statewide primary sees voting machine malfunctions, absentee ballot delays, and long lines, especially in largely minority areas. The Supreme Court under Roberts gutted the Voting Rights Act! The Supreme Court needs term limits! Also, Georgia Gov. Kemp needs to be RECALLED ASAP!

  6. As long as big corporations in Georgia do not stand with the voters, make it a point to not give them business. My state is at least 2000 miles from Georgia, and I will not give my business to Home Depot, Coca Cola and Delta Airlines until they come around and stand with the people.

    1. “corporations in Georgia do not stand with the voters”; There are voters on BOTH SIDES. So, you are you saying they must “stand” with ONE SIDE of voters.

    2. What you are proposing is fascism. “Agree with me or pay the price” is what you’re saying. It’s fascism in the name of “social justice”. It’s disgusting.

    3. @Rod You should have learned in high school. Fascism is corporate dictatorship of the ultra-right. Which will fly over your head.

    4. @Megadog actually nothing. That’s why it’s the Republicans that are suppressing the vote. Democrats want more voters!

  7. The GQP has been rigging elections for decades (Bush Sr. was the last legitimately elected GQP potus and the GQP has only won the popular vote once in the last eight presidential elections just to start); it’s far past time the US stopped letting a minority party gain majority power too much of the time!

    1. Bonehard facts. The present GOP has been worse than any former corrupt cheaters me course, but is it a NEW strategy? Nope.

  8. GOP voter suppression bill is a real threat to this democracy and I hope that each state will fight to undo these nasty bills!!! Is there time to do this???

    1. Voter suppression or Democrat cheating? Only to a communist Democrat does requiring a voter ID be considered suppression. It’s suppressing your cheating is what you meant to say and that’s exactly what you were talking about.
      Imagine 2021, where simple things like voter identification and signature verification on file are now considered racist.

      Honest, fair and transparent elections are the biggest fear of today’s communist Democrat party.

      Only those that CHEAT would oppose those things!

      FACTS – In America you must have an identification to buy a gun, get a job, Buy alcohol, buy a house, Open a bank account, Buy cigarettes, etc.

      remind me again why voter identification laws are racist?

      We are One step closer to communism.

      The communist Democrat party knows for a fact they cannot win a legitimate and fair election without millions of fraudulent mail in voter ballots, dead voters, illegal migrants, and copying fraudulent ballots.

      Along with the illegal practices ‘ballot harvesting’ which is going into a nursing home for example, having old people fill out their voter forms, & the communist Democrat collecting all of those hundreds of voter forms, throwing out the ones they don’t like who they voted for.

      That’s called cheating.

      The entire communist party today cannot win an election without cheating.

      Fight them to the folks, they are all cheaters , communists, wicked and evil.

      Remember their leader 🇨🇳 China Joe Biden said with his own mouth on January 8, 2021, “no more America first”

  9. The GOP has only one card left to play: procedural fascism. Time to stop treating it as a party and crush it to dust and sweet the remains into the dustbin of history.

    1. @Scarlet begonias What we don’t want is a choice between a party that promotes democracy and the authoritarian republican party.

  10. The filibuster issue is fundamental to Biden achieving his goals, so, yes, it’s very important. I don’t want to live in a country where the Repubanon minority controls the game.

  11. The fascists are not even trying to hide their contempt for the founding document of this nation; lock em up I say.

  12. Wow we actually have a women standing up to fight for our rights that were supposed to be a given. Way to go lady we as AMericans appreciate your effort we can’t understand what’s wrong with rest of the people except they are still working for Trump and trying to cause problems instead of being interested in the good of America. Thank you Lady.

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