Michigan voter: Trump opened the door for every racist 1

Michigan voter: Trump opened the door for every racist


CNN's Alisyn Camerota sat down with undecided Michigan voters – 5 democrats and one independent – to discuss the field of Democratic presidential candidates and President Trump's chances of winning a second term in 2020. #CNN #News


    1. @Aces A domestic terrorist shot up Wal-Mart in Mississippi. Most folk in Mississippi live below the poverty line. It came to light about an hour ago your potus will say nothing.

  1. The lady in the middle is right 45s voters will not leave him so people need to get the hell out and go VOTE!

    1. @Wolfe 123 Fine… Point out something “racist” that I’ve said. Regardless, it’s a tactic that people are getting tired of. Be principled for crying out loud and stand behind a policy platform. You people are boring and you’re repelling members of your own party…

    2. yeah get out and vote for American values of individual freedom of life without government controlling your speech, Democrats want to call all conservative speech hate speech. Defend with your vote freedom of self defense, from government outlawing what car you can buy, gas vs electric. Or with socialism you have NO basic freedom of liberty at all, that is the basic way Socialism works.

  2. Sure, being good at your job is really important, but in acting, so much of the decision’s already made the minute you walk in the room because they’re like, ‘His hair’s good or she’s got the right skin color’ or whatever. It’s so random, but it’s so physically oriented.

    Rashida Jones

  3. We need to hear from a Marianne supporter. And I’m glad CNN finally interviewed a group of NON Trump Supporters.

    1. but isn’t it clear that republicans or at least Trumps base will not change their vote? and also this was about who they would chose for the democratic candidate – why would they have any republicans on this?

  4. It would have been a better panel if the reporter was not there interrupting ansd let the discussions continue

  5. By the preponderance of the evidence presented in the Mueller Report (Vol 2), President Trump does appear to be guilty of the “high crime” of obstruction of justice. What is next is for an independent prosecutor to present this publicly in Congress to convince American voters to conclude that, in fact, DJT is **proven** guilty (i.e. no longer presumed innocent) to help them vote correctly. Therefore, let the impeachment trial begin.

  6. I live in Delaware. No one I know thinks Joe is a good idea. Someone a bit younger and with a personality would help a lot.

    1. @big pop No. They just like other Democratic candidates more. Joe is real aloof to us regular people.

  7. I have watched Biden my self for years and I am convinced that he has always been a third way POS.

  8. ” Love bernie but we need something other than a old white guy “.. love this line, I think he’s a perfectly great candidate and I would have picked him last time, but he’s a old white guy, and thats out of season this year. He’s one of the best candidates, provided his mind isnt addled like trumps obviously is, he’s going to do great.

  9. E. Warren
    P. Buttigied
    Bernie S.
    Joe B.

    Those are the five real candidates with a real shot and program for the presidency.

  10. So sad for Fox’s leftover Alisyn Camerota..CNN is sure to put her their worst stories….NOW THATS BAD!

  11. Democrats don’t want to fix their own mess. They’re comfortable with a certain degree of poverty and dysfunction – it’s the only thing that motivates them. Sad.

  12. I don’t care who the Democratic candidate is.
    Just vote this thing out. We all have to get on board
    no matter what. How much more can this country take.

  13. If the Democratic Party goes hard to the left they will likely loss, or will win and there will be a civil war in 2021.

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