Middle East Violence A Foreign Policy Challenge For Biden

The growing violence between Israeli and Hamas shows no sign of slowing leaving many world leaders concerned the clashes could turn ti war. What could this mean for the Biden administration? MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Eugene Daniels of POLITICO and veteran Middle East journalist Janine Zacharia.
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  1. Hmm, now what would Jared do? 🤔🙄
    Oh yeah….make sure Daddy isn’t trying to steal Ivanka’s underwear. Again. 😅😂

    1. Maybe Jared would be a duplicate of his father. Maybe he also would rub his hands when little Palestine kids die or suffer without legs or arms, maybe Jared would also rub his hands and grin, after all, Israel has the right to defend itself against concentration camp people.

    2. He wouldn’t give aid to buy missles from Russia to use on Isreal. Veggie Boi has failed on everything and you voted for him! You must feel soooooooo stupid.

    3. @Susan Smith stock market is just fine, my 401k looks great, though it did have a pretty big dip under Trump, but I won’t hold that against him as Krystal Ball said, the stock market is just a graph of rich people’s feelings at this point.

      being oil independent, no we are not more or less oil independent now and in fact, the oil industry crashed last year under Trump and is now recovering.

      Great economy, simply not true, and that’s not even counting covid, unless you think the stock market equals the economy, in which case Biden still wins.

      lowest unemployment in 50 years LOL and the highest unemployment in 50 years too. I would almost not give Trump credit or demerit for either, except that the unemployment was a choice, and could have been almost completely avoided if Trump and the GOP had had the balls to do what was needed to be done to come out of the pandemic intact except for a wounded ideological pride.

      border under control, the border *wasn’t* under control under Trump, if it were, we would be able to efficiently process refugees within our borders as is set by our own LAW AND ORDER, the cages, intimidation, and even the fence wouldn’t be necessary. you know there was a time we had none of this and we still had a country, right?

      There is a reason why Diden and even flipping congress has 2X popularity than Trump usually did right now.

  2. The United States, just like the United Nations, is probably gonna be useless in this conflict. There’s never really been any conviction behind attempts at halting violence in the middle east once it starts. I don’t see that changing now.

    1. By being the victim of Arab attacks and violence? You’re either woefully ignorant, horribly racist, or both.

    1. @Thyalwaysseek All high and mighty till it’s time to play victim in front of cameras, foh 👏🏽

    1. @Charlie Maine And a stuttering weak senile geriatric is an embarrassment to your country.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek why do you care? 🤣 to my country? you not even american but you hate the man that much? care to explain why? 🤔

  3. 1:30 – In order to be Just, you can’t always side with Israel; you have to tell them that they aren’t always right and the Palestinians are not always wrong. And maybe we should be stepping back and being gentle with both sides. We can’t stop violence with violence, and they have to know we’re not coming over to stomp on their fights. We could, but why? It’s never been about the US. I’d love to be the arbitrator.

  4. I hate to be cold about this, but Middle East Policy has implications for what the right wants to do for Israel from America. Policy is a tradable commodity. Maybe there are things that could be tacked on to important bills? Maybe Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and the other disaffected GOP members would be willing to trade? Maybe they would vote for an infrastructure bill, and see it through the Senate, if they got something in return? . . . Something that was tacked onto a bill?

  5. “And this nationality he guards as never before. While he seems to overflow with ‘enlightenment’ , ‘progress’, ‘freedom’, ‘humanity’, etc, he himself practices the severest segregation of his race. “ A. Hitler, 1924, Mein Kampf, pp. 315.

  6. The similarities of the Presidencies of Biden and Wilson are becoming more pronounced each day. It is only with the clarity of hindsight that the detriments of Wilson’s policies globally are realized. It would be wise for America to revisit US history of WW I and WW II.

  7. Biden, “If israhell didn’t exist we’d have to invent one.”
    It’s just a US military OUTpost base so we have a footprint in the Middle East. They may be using the US for support but THEY are the ones being used. They are so stupid they don’t know that the US will throw them under the bus in a heartbeat. Frienamies.
    Jared an Bibi shared the same bed…

    1. Who gave Israel 38billion in military aid, sided w Israel, and told them that they could do no wrong? Hint: it wasnt your lawfully elected president, Joe Biden

  8. The bombing of an international press centre makes supporting Israel untenable. How is this self defense?

  9. Mr Biden, you’re looking weak and tired. How are the radicals behind the curtain treating you? Remember, you will never “get in trouble” when you tell the truth.

  10. if you took the vaccine shot you should continue to wear your mask or 2 until we can figure out what the vaccine is

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