Mika Brzezinski: Dr. Biden Never Gave Up On Her Career And Dreams | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Mika Brzezinski: Dr. Biden Never Gave Up On Her Career And Dreams | Morning Joe | MSNBC


A new WSJ opinion column called on incoming first lady Dr. Jill Biden to drop the 'Dr.' from her name and also referred to her as 'kiddo.' The Morning Joe panel discusses the column, and Mika Brzezinski says the paper owes Dr. Biden an apology. Aired on 12/14/2020.
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Mika Brzezinski: Dr. Biden Never Gave Up On Her Career And Dreams | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Most medical ‘docotrs’ hold a degree at a the bachelor’s level. In the academic sense they do not hold doctorates.

      The title doctor is really only applicable to those who hold a Medicinae Doctor. A post graduate qualification in the medical field.

      Dr Biden has a Docotr Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Ph.D., or DPhil; which is the highest university degree that is conferred after a course of study, she is more entitled to use Dr more than a general medical practitioner.

      As for chiropractors, let’s not go there. Alan T Harper may get upset.

      Most general practitioners have not çompleted the highest level of study in medicine.

    1. @Lene Danielsen Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Trump family is banned from running charities in NY because they were found to have trousered large wads of cash from their charitable foundation. As a result of that, and in retaliation, Trump supporters have been making accusations against Democrat politicians in the belief that if Trump has been caught stealing Democrats must be doing it too.

    2. My first thought too! Anyone can call themself a model. The title shouldn’t qualify a person to jump to the head of the line. Mrs. Trump also claims to have a degree in architecture even though she dropped out after her first semester. False titles verse real achievements.

    3. @ollie allard perhaps she did as model she had to show horizontal enthusiasm to gain respect among rich and famous man who adores occasionally flings . But no doctorate requiered .other means yes .

    4. @Harris Biden 2020 WON !!! great dig, noticed her parents didn’t have to wait in line like the ones at the border. Human life matters no mater where they’re from, fairness and decency needs restored in America!

  1. The only comical issue is that the writer doesn’t realize that a doctorate not necessarily a physician makes. What a complete nutjob.

    1. @John Jay … seeing as how my mother has been dead for 16 years that’s a pretty good trick… and I figured one of your daddies took you to “school” on his way to “work”…

    2. @John Jay …no problem… dude I spent 12 years in the US Army, 2 combat tours in Iraq, 8 years working construction… I don’t have “feelings”, but thanks… and tell both of your daddies “nothing personal” as I have nothing against the homosexual community…

    1. Epstein the columnist should be put on time out for writing such BS about a highly educated doctorate awarded who will so raise the bar as first lady. WHAT A LITTLE BRAT THIS GUY IS. THROW THE BUM OUT~

    2. He’s not, he’s actually a ‘Emeritus lecturer’ who hasn’t taught a class in 20 years and in response to the article the university pulled his credentials from their webpage

    3. ​@Dementia Joe​”Jill is a doctor of teaching kindergarten! Lol”
      Shame she didn’t get round to you.

    4. I think they are just pointing out how she just wants to feel more important. She sounds a little pretentious if you ask me. I can only imagine if Melania trump got a doctorate and wanted to be called dr. Quit being a hypocrite. Melania is much smarter than dr Jill will ever be

    5. @Richard Batchelder “THANK YOU President Trump for getting out the Covid vaccine quickly. KUDOS.!!”
      Yes, he golfed…. I mean…. he worked so hard!

    1. Republicans are scared The current The First Lady is a unemployed uneducated immigrant, republicans want their First Lady to be dumb and uneducated and a mail order bride immigrant from another country

    2. She’s everything Mika has stated, not to mention that her very presence assisted in healing a young family that was devastated by that rta … No, she is highly accomplished, and no nude modelling anywhere!!!

    1. @Timothy Letwin that’s probably why she ran the cancer charity. I read in the New York Post that taxes revealed they paid millions and salaries and zero in research.

    2. @Lene Danielsen Oh, the New York Post hey. The national Enquirer is more reputable. Stop quoting this trash. Ya, your referring to the debunked Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot or the Biden Cancer Initiative stories which the Post and other trash sources got confused with each other.
      Do more research.,


    2. @M H aaah Thx- Obama wears tan suit – faux pas; Pres. Reagan wears tan suit – crickets.
      Bar owner runs over cop – released w/ NO BAIL. Any black man/woman run over police, gets attempted murder charge or shot to death (warranted) by the 2nd officer standing right there. THen, people wonder why some say Black Lives Matter – clearly racism is real.

  2. You earn the honorific title, you use the title proudly. End of story. A PhD is a PhD whether it is medical or not.

    1. Republicans are scared The current The First Lady is a unemployed uneducated immigrant, republicans want their First Lady to be dumb and uneducated and a mail order bride immigrant from another country

    2. @Harris Biden 2020 WON !!! Were did you get your education from? What do you do for a living? just from you text, you come accross as dumb. what you should have said was dumb, educated and a mail order bride.

    1. @Dementia Joe. A PhD in early education with 2 masters degrees as well. You don’t need to play your comments down to a kindergarten level of comprehension.

  3. “DR.” Jill Biden, is a well educated and intelligent woman she is “no doubt” going to bring so much as a first lady especially compared to the last one. Jill has a bachelor’s degree and a “doctoral degree” from the University of Delaware as well as a master’s from Westchester University and Villanova University, not to mention she has year’s of experience in education.

    1. @Lene DanielsenPlease, the woman can barely speak English and she’s been in the US for how long? Her her thick accent or the need for translators when traveling abroad doesn’t give you clue to figure out that her language or lack of is totally exaggerated. I can order food in many many many languages, does that make me fluent?

  4. Dr. Biden has earned the right to be called doctor due to her educational achievements. Sadly something can’t be said for Mrs Melania Trump.

  5. It’s a American pride to have a well educated woman as a First Lady! She and President-Elect Biden should be proud of their achievements!

  6. It sounds as though he is jealous of her and wanted to make rude comments so he can feel superior. A doctorate is a great achievement.

  7. Not only did “Doctor” Kissinger not deliver any babies, he was responsible for the death of so many of them!

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