Mike Flynn Play For Trump Sympathy Not Well Suited To Fact-Based Court | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Mike Flynn Play For Trump Sympathy Not Well Suited To Fact-Based Court | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on disgraced former Trump NSA Mike Flynn's embrace of right-wing conspiracy theories about his case and Fox News-style lawyers, likely as a means of setting himself up for a pardon from Donald Trump, but not helping his legal situation in court. Aired on 11/01/19.
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Mike Flynn Play For Trump Sympathy Not Well Suited To Fact-Based Court | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. NOTHINGS GOING WELL TO Donald Trump Administration in so many levels and that is why they all needed lawyers.

    1. @Saltponds239 a “great” economy doesn’t drop interest rates or inject billions into the short term market. Killing people around the world in pursuit of oil creates terrorists. Saying all is well doesn’t make it so.

    2. @Katie Kane You wrote, “Killing people around the world in pursuit of oil creates terrorists”. So, you feel sorry for Baghdadi but not for the hundreds of thousands who were killed by ISIS? I guess you miss the weekly televised beheadings? Or the kidnapping of innocent school children?

      What is a great economy? Another record in the stock market? or, more jobs than people to fill the jobs? Or, record lows in unemployment for all Americans? Or, the median household middle-class wages up 5k?

      I get it – you are an advocate for Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare proposal = 51 Trillion dollars.

      You really are a dope.

    3. @Saltponds239 ignoring the history beyond the last few years doesn’t make you informed. Who makes most of the weapons of war? Who props up & installs dictators? Who was in bed with terrorist regimes decades ago? Who arranged for the Bin Laden families to be flown out days after 9/11? Who profited? When you can answer THESE questions, you may have an informed opinion.

    1. @Randy Sanders Open your eyes wide because you’re going to be looking into the tRump abyss. Extortion, bribery, creating a deep state, it’s all there and more.

    2. @BartJ583 Election fraud? I guess Obama didn’t do such a great job? He was the Prez right? My memory is a tad fuzzy but wasn’t that what Mueller was supposed to figure out? How’d that work out?

      So now the DemoRATS/Russians are now trying to influence the 2020 election with an impeachment query? So far, its working. Trump’s numbers are up in swing States and money is pouring in. Good job Nazi Pelosi

      Wait until Adam Stiff and Nazi Pelosi testify in the Senate if there is a Impeachment trial – I can’t wait to see that.

    3. @Randy Sanders
      It is almost 2020. The idea that three years after the Obama Administration ended, there would still be ongoing investigations, is just beyond ridiculous.

    4. @Joy Phillips
      Seriously Joy? Grasping at straws? You KNOW they did everything by the book. They wouldn’t let the chance of derailing tRumps fascist agenda fall apart over a neglect of the basic rules. Your ‘procedural’ argument fell apart the day the Federal judge said there was nothing to it.
      Why don’t you argue the substance of the case if you can. Oh, you like the Off-White House can’t because you have no argument. tRump did it and it made him a known international criminal, you have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do Lucy. Better get started before it’s all over.

    5. Ha ha ” now” it said.

      What else is more against reality, than guns-hugging mass murdering eligious Nazi oligarchs proclaiming themselves as “PRO-LIFE” and as ” Stable Genuises CHOSEN” by an imaginary pedophile dude in the sky?

      PRECISE! “Now”, the commenter said? Well right Now is amusing.

      Godless Best,
      Projectheureka LLC

    1. Saltponds239 keep trying Salty. As usual no proof of what you post. Just the delusional garbage spinning in that little brain of yours. Laughable as always little salty. Btw salty they have done nothing wrong. They were depositions. Now they have set the rules and it is all coming out in public and of courseit will be FAKE news to you. Laughable

    2. @Ash Roskell removing trump is just the beginning. The Republican party has to be removed for allowing this all to happen and they defend him still do you know what bills they have written and piled up waiting to pass after the election? Not to mention the states they changed forever in the capitals that are giving the Republican party a hold of control after they are gone. Not to mention the judges they have appointed.

  2. They have to hope to be saved by Trump. The Judge in the case has already warned Flynn that he needs more cooperation to get leniency regarding his sentencing.
    He did not cooperate more but went to this tactic. So, they gotta know they are increasing his sentence in hopes of getting a pardon.

  3. After the last judge ripped him a new one and strongly inferred that he was lucky his behavior wasn’t considered treason?

    1. Any trumpturd who believes the lie that the repugs are under attack remember:
      Eating fetid breadcrumbs will rot your brain but you shouldn’t worry too much since you didn’t have one to start

    2. @Saltponds239 Wrong all around!!! Just open your ears and eyes, unlike what your president is saying dont believe what you see or hear! Think about that. I’ve never insulted anyone on there opinion.

    3. @Norman Price My eyes and ears are open – so the stock market is booming? people aren’t working? median middle-class income isn’t up 5k? and we are aren’t killing terrorists?

      On the flip Democratic/Russian side, the Country was told Trump colluded with Russia, how’d that work out? So now, its another hoax with closed door hearings, leaked testimony and backroom meetings.

      The night Trump was elected, the dems were predicting economic Armageddon and a nuclear war – good calls right?

      Open your eyes and ears Norman.

  4. I’m so weary of this alternate reality show… no shame, honor, or decency. Lying is their native language & self-interest is their default position. Everything for sale, and nothing is off the table, not even treason. America will need to disinfect the political process if we ever succeed in getting it out of the sewer, and some major-soul searching to decide who we really are after this is over. If it ever is.

    1. There is no batman, no superman..just jokers and putin.

      Putin is Lex Luthor in the flesh.

      Trumps trying to get us in the Legion of Doom.


      This sucks.

    2. @Joy Phillips If you think the Democrats are ignoring the Constitution, why aren’t you upset at what your sitting President is doing. Be an American, recognize what’s wrong have a conscience! If you have anyone who looks up to you ,I hope you are honest with them. God bless the United States of America

    3. Joy Phillips nothing was rolled over you useless brain dead tool. You will be eating those words coming out of your brain dead mouth you will see

    4. @Joy Phillips wow how sad for you. Trump breaks the law. Brags about it and still gets you to blame others. Nobody made him a criminal but him. You can’t blame anyone else for it.

  5. Rachel thanks again for filling in the blanks about Ukraine, Mike Flynn non investigation in Ukraine and why he wasn’t going to cooperate

    1. Don’t believe the crap she says… Remember democrats are communists and you are listening to propaganda.

  6. Flynn got his chance to come out clean, but this, he has thrown himself into lions mouth. . He has proven to be a liar and a cheat no matter how much you want to help him out

    1. Who wants to help him out but the nuts on the right who need help themselves.

      Their privilege, like the grasp on the alternate reality knows no bounds.

    2. Saltponds239 keep trying Salty. You got nothing as usual. Just desperation and grasping at straws. Laughable as always little Salty

    1. @D Mack
      My thoughts exactly..Pelosi said it best to trump ” Why does all roads lead to putin with you?”

    1. I believe he got caught and he’s going to jail. I don’t know what he believes at the time that he was committing the crime but at the same time he truly believes and I do to that he’s going to believe in prison. Strip his stripes.

  7. Trump:
    (Goes to his caddie, selects a club, changes his mind, selects a different one)
    (Trots over to the ball which someone has placed onto a tee)
    (Sets his feet, lines up his shot, wiggles his hips twice)
    (Pulls the club back and takes a swing)
    (Watches the distant flag as the ball plops into a pond in his periphery)
    “I never hit that golf ball and even if I did, it was a perfect shot, the most perfect shot.”
    (Trots to his golf cart and proceeds to the next hole)

    1. You’ll never have enough money in your pathetic life to play one round of golf on Trump’s courses. LOL
      Don’t hate, just because you’re a loser in life.

    2. @Mine Finder Typical Trumpist projection. You have no money, no life and no mind. I hope you find your mine and go tunnelling in it.

    3. Mine Finder Have you noticed how often Trump’s Cult uses the word Loser to describe someone they find threatening? They deserve each other and know the often used slur fits them very well. That’s why they try to ascribe it to those they envy. As he would say, SAD.

    1. @Joy Phillips. Perhaps you haven’t read the Constitution in a while, or know our history… but, while I am dubious about Democrats (OR Republicans) in general, in this case, they’re the ones DEFENDING our Constitution by attempting to enforce its provisions against the most corrupt administration in our history (and we’ve had some doozies: Johnson, Harding, Nixon….).

    1. Joy Phillips how so little Joy. Got any proof of how it is going to be bad. Besides those incoherent delusions in your little brain

  8. So glad you drop the whole quid pro quo thing & are calling it what it is extortion.

  9. Flynn needs to be locked up for the rest of his miserable little life. In Roy Cohn’s era, (Trump’s first lawyer) Flynn would have been shot for treason.

    1. ss … I have some sympathy for him.
      He was trapped in Trump’s web, managed to extricate himself and then walked back into it.
      I don’t think Flynn is very bright.

    2. @Denyze he was put in place by spanky because he was already working for the Russians, Putin’s pick. No sympathy. He’s a traitor, start to finish.

    1. The suicide blonde spouted as the stock market roared to record heights yesterday. That’s a pretty successful “mental illness.”

    2. That’s what Flynn is banking on because he probably has tuned his 6 months in jail to 12 months by leaving no doubt he has zero remorse. And thinking Trump will pardon him relies on Trump’s mental illness and lack of long term memory, Flynn did give the FBI much other than being the first and supplying leverage for others that were question and indicted. Looking at potential pardon targets Flynn ranks near the bottom and he will probably have to serve at least 6 months waiting for that pardon as he leaves office, Giulliani and his kids might be the only ones he pardons before that.

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