Mike Lee Slams Trump Administration Over Iran Briefing | Hardball | MSNBC

Shortly after the President's remarks Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and others headed to Capitol Hill to provide members of both the House and Senate the justification for last week's strikes. Senator Mike Lee and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky excoriated the administration. Aired on 01/08/20.
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Mike Lee Slams Trump Administration Over Iran Briefing | Hardball | MSNBC


  1. They gave Benedict Donald a list of options with killing Solemani the last resort & THAT was what he chose!

    1. Give a rabid dog the choice between a pork chop or a loaf of wonderbread you can be sure he’ll choose the pork!

    1. no. this is just a s…t show. so tiresome! he will be voting against impeaching the one in the white house. he is afterall part of the R team on the Hill.

  2. Mr.Mike Lee, why are you surprised ? Did you expect something intelligent coming out of this White House!!!

  3. Well, there you have it folks. It really is possible to live without a soul, and can walk upright without having a spine!!!!

    1. Hi Cupcake! i think we took the same creative writing class. i post this often!
      The Wonders of Evaluation! Another advanced invertebrate, proves it’s possible to live without a soul, and without a pair of balls to weigh him down, so he walks upright without a spine!!

    1. Yes, the same Mike Lee who works with democrats to pass legislation to bring in millions of Indians to replace American workers.

    1. The comment above shows just how fake the left has become. You seriously might have a mental problem if you go to the trouble of creating FAKE google accounts just for trolling orange man bad. Or your getting paid? Only the insane remain holding on to what is now more obvious than ever.

  4. Changing the Subject
    (Aka Forget North Korea, Let’s Start a War with Iran!)

    My best friend Kim said Christmas
    Was a good time for giving
    Who wants any forgiving?
    When a war can stop the living!

    Let’s escalate the tension
    As that always does the trick
    It is also quite theatric
    And exciting being scared sick!

    There is no time for talking
    Nor time for diplomacy
    Because my lips slowly. See
    How thinking does dip low with me

    One threat, that is not enough
    So let us fight with Iran
    Fire and fury wither an …
    Old accord once made with Terhan

    Now foes are quite hard to trust
    It is hard to hold them near
    Playing “Texts That Scold ‘Em”. Fear
    And aggression costs very dear

    But it’s a price worth paying
    That’s a lesson I will teach
    And the parable I’ll preach
    To distract from that word “impeach”!

  5. If we own a governmental constitution that’s long been shown to be pretty damned effective overall…then we should abide by it. The Trump admin has been abusing the role our constitution plays on a severity and scale never before seen.

  6. Wow everything he said about the republicans and the intelligence report, sounded like what the Democrats have been doing.

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