1. Ex Animus

      since both sides tend to insult or denigrate each other’s choices of media it can be somewhat difficult, at least for someone like me, who is not as tech wise as I’d like!

      who do you use as a consistent trustworthy source? Reuters?

      in this matter, I distrust the President’s narrative. most of the time, in fact I distrust his narrative. but I can’t just trust fox news or CNN/ MSNBC!

    2. If Dirty Donny Dinky Digits is removed it’s the god damn election quandary all over again with Magic Mike possibly being replaced by Nasty Nancy. Will this never end?!? We’re all fucked any way you look at it.

    1. pence looked more uncomfortable and unnatural than a demon in church. this whole bald-faced lying through your teeth to cover your azz thing is not his forte.

    1. matt e
      Yeah they should, but I’m guessing that whenever a dem speaks you would not like the results either…

  1. 01:06 — Pence on The Impeachment Inquiry: “I think The People of America are saying, ‘Enough is enough.'”

    …Yeah, but they’re saying that about Trump’s actions & behaviors…NOT The Impeachment!

    1. Alan G. This is so crazy, because Trump is illegally earning money by breaking the emoluments clause… and he’s going after Hunter Biden???

    2. Alan G.
      No, Joe actually withheld money from Ukraine u til a prosecutor that was investigating a company that his son was involved with was fired…that is impeachable!!

  2. 1:15 “these endless investigations should end”

    4:34 “there are legitimate questions that ought to be asked and we’re going to continue to ask them since the american people have the right to know.”


    1. There’s a difference between the baseless accusations of the FAILED Russia-gate coup, and the blatantly obvious corruption of former VP Biden and his son. give your f’n head a shake kiddo.

  3. We want you to stop breaking the damn law, violating your oaths of office and enriching yourselves at the expense of the American tax payer! Is it really that hard?

  4. Hahahaha he was literally choking on that Bull he spewed out
    Mike is spewing propaganda..Let him clear his throat

    1. Mermaid Flying for sure!! A country was swayed to fire an investigation by withholding money!! But, that was Biden who did that….

    2. Luke M1A1981X M I can’t say as I have no knowledge of what Biden did or didn’t do. However, hypothetically speaking, say the Bidens did so… that’s an entirely different story. They should be held accountable should they be proven guilty. Trumps leveraging the leader of a foreign government for personal gain, is an abuse of power. That is an impeachable action. No matter if he had accused Warren, Booker, etc… That part is irrelevant. The core actionable offense is his abuse of the power of the presidency for “personal gain”.

    3. Mermaid Flying
      If Trump condemned Biden and had him arrested without a trial or investigation, or told Ukraine to have him arrested without trial or investigation, that would be an abuse…All Trump did was ask for an investigation, and if Biden is innocent, then Trump would simply lose support…nothing wrong with an investigation!! Not illegal, not interference unless Biden is guilty, but then if Biden is guilty, then it would have been a good call for Trump to make as justice should always be sought out by our leaders…

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