Mike Pence's Hypocrisy On Trump's Taliban Deal Is The Absolute Worst 1

Mike Pence’s Hypocrisy On Trump’s Taliban Deal Is The Absolute Worst


Mike Pence writing that President Biden showed ‘weakness’ on his Afghanistan withdrawal plan is critiqued by Joy Reid in this edition of ‘The Absolute Worst.’
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  1. strange how people are giving the afgan leaders and military a pass on any blame for this mess. plenty of blame to go around IMO

    1. @magmat0585 Trump made a deal with the Taliban and not the Afghan government which undermined the government’s authority and the confidence of the Afghan military while legitimizing the Taliban. He had 5000 Taliban prisoners released, including the leader who protected Bin Laden and who is now poised to take control of the country. And despite the Taliban not honoring their part of the deal, Trump continued to remove American troops which proved to the Taliban that they could do whatever they wanted to with no pushback. They then had months to plan this takeover. If you really think it would have taken years for the Taliban to take over if Trump was President you are delusional. The only difference is that I’m sure Trump wouldn’t have made any effort to bring those Afghans that supported the troops to America. After all, he is the one who tried to impose a Muslim ban.

    2. @Nameless Progressive Clone Yeah, I’m sure all the women in Afghanistan want to give up all the rights they had for the last 20 years.

    3. @LLG Gunderson
      They didn’t want them in the first place. They were raised to respect Sharia Law and they do.

      It’s pretty arrogant to assume they want their society to be more like ours.

    4. @whiterose150 who said there’s no way the Taliban could take over? From who’s mouth did this come from?

  2. Pence rolling over for the maga cult’s attack on Jan 6 and support of the election lie is doing more damage to America than the Taliban could ever hope to.
    But yeah, let’s all hear what Mayo Mike has to say on all this!

  3. No one gives a darn what Fly-Man Pence thinks says or does,,,,a true nobody in the upcoming 2024 toxic beauty pageant known as the Republican run for the White House.

    1. traitor trump handed the keys to taliban after releasing the leader of taliban from prison. Criminal trump is responsible for this

    2. @Aliza Kessler
      is mike pence a top lawyer and a da like vp kamala or does he have a radio show in his basement?

    3. @Aliza Kessler

      Donald Tяump
      and his
      Pro Choice
      sister Judge Marryanne Barry are cashing in on the covid vaccine through their investments in pfizer and regeneron!

    4. @Spice Malange the proof is what is going on right now. Total chaos under Democratic policies. These people are discusting. Right now little girls are begging for help and Joe Effing Biden doesn’t give a crap!

    1. @Oriah Livingston Trump is as bad at being a President as he is a human being. If Trump runs in 2024 he will again motivate the largest voter participation in history to make sure he never regains power.

    2. @LLG Gunderson Lol keep telling that to yourself. Biden is not going to serve until 2029 and we are not settling for Harris who polls LESS than Trump. So you can take that one track mind assessment and shove it up your Democratic bum.

  4. Mike pence wrote it simply because his wife threatened him with the cat of nine tails that’s in her armoire

    1. @harold nicolaes Why? Because she was simply telling the truth and you can’t handle the truth…?

      Yu must be in the band…you sound like a “Trumpet”…

  5. For Mike Pence: Some people like left over for no one likes a leftover man. I hesitate to refer to you as a man maybe just leftover.

  6. Did anybody who watched this interview on Fox get the impression that Trump said we, the US, were paying Afghan soldiers’ salaries?

    1. Did anyone watch the video of Afghanistan women and children being killed in the streets and hanging off of warplanes thanks to sleepy Joe Biden

    2. @Your mom ! I asked an honest question wanting to know if anyone had watched the interview and gotten the same impression as I had. You didn’t answer the question. You just offered up irrelevant snark. Maybe try being helpful next time.

    1. @Roman Jan 6th has come and gone. Afghanistan will go on for years and the death toll already rockets past Jan 6th. P.S. no democracy fell on Jan. 6. Democracy fell in Afghanistan.

    2. @Roman You are obviously an ANTIAMERICAN insurrectionist traitor! Please move to russia where you will be more comfortable! Take care!

    3. @L D what?? I don’t have a mypillow and I don’t know Q. I’m simply stating what happened that day. Why can’t you refute a single point if you’re so confident in yourself? Oh yeah, because you didn’t watch any of the footage. Wanna try again? You can pick something I said and try to refute it. I dare you.

    1. No backbone to speak of. It’s amazing he is able to stand upright. Although his does slink a lot when in tRump’s presence.

    2. @Johnny Young
      Using Don the Con and “strategy” in the same sentence is ridiculous.
      Donald claimed he’d bring better, more affordable healthcare. What “strategy” did he come up with to make that happen?
      His response to Puerto Rico being hit by a hurricane?

      Don the Con had you all at hello.
      He convinced buyers that he would give them the “best/biggest warranty that never expires!”, and his sycophants fell for it

    1. True…but at the same time he was doing deals with terrorists…he was banning Muslims from the U.S.


    1. I would and I’m a Trump supporter, I support defund the police in cities if that’s what’s needed for a foundation of logic

    2. I’d support it for the 10 cities that show the most support which are -inversely the most dangerous ones

    3. I would issue government system to but peoples property who wanted to sell or get people out of the Depoliced zones if they want to

  8. These radicals Dems know there time is up they look desperate trying to pin this on trump and we can see right through it

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