Miles Jackson shooting: Police body cameras reveal timeline | USA TODAY 1

Miles Jackson shooting: Police body cameras reveal timeline | USA TODAY


The Columbus Dispatch breaks down minute-by-minute what happened inside Mount Carmel St. Ann's ER in the fatal police shooting of Miles Jackson.


Amid a new wave of nationwide protests after the shooting death of Daunte Wright by a Minnesota police officer, another Black man was fatally shot this week by police officers at a hospital outside Ohio's capital city.

Miles Jackson, 27, of Columbus, was killed in an exchange of gunfire with officers at Mount Carmel St. Ann's medical center in Westerville on Monday. Columbus police on Wednesday afternoon released body camera footage of the incident and identified two officers involved in the shooting.

Andrew Howe and Ryan Kirchbaum, both 15-year veterans of the Columbus Division of Police, discharged their weapons and were among other police officers involved in the shooting.

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  1. I young won’t ever last one of those officer fall and held accountable for serious punishment don’t matter what side

  2. I haven’t read the story on this, but this video seems to begin in the middle… What led up to this. Why was he being patted down in the first place? It appears he’s was questioning why he was being basically forced to undergo a medical evaluation?? I can tell he’s trying to ask, but feeling like he has no choice or right to refuse. The person reporting this stated the cops were responding initially to an ‘unresponsive’ male call – I’m in the medical professional & this man is alert & oriented x4 here. His speech does sound slow or slurred, though I’m unsure of his baseline. There’s much information missing the way it’s reported here, but there must have been a report or concern about him hurting himself or others. (I saw the video title about overdose, but where did that information come from? Information about warrants was obtained AFTER they had already obviously detained him against his will. I didn’t hear any Miranda rights or hear him placed under arrest?)

    1. You bring up good points and ask the right questions. We aren’t getting the full story and until we do or if we do our opinions are from a perspective, not the big picture.

    2. @Ronan Not sure how you came to the conclusion that the guy had a gun with intent to kill. Sounded to me like they were distracted patting him down originally, probably because the guy didn’t seem violent. The more of the story is do what the police say and later straighten things out.

    3. @Craig So awful to say that when you don’t know anything about this person and have no right to judge

  3. If the initial officer’s would of fully padded the subject down & afterwards handcuffed him as they usually do, they might of been able to avert the shooting, afterwards let judicial system do its job. Again, Policemen Era Not Policy !

  4. How did he get in to the hospital with the gun? Looks like a poor search was conducted another officer at fault.

    1. Why is he concealed carrying a weapon without a concealed carry license when I officer tells you to put down the gun that means that he’s gonna shoot you if you don’t drugged up or not drugged up the guy made a bad decision did you know white police officers that killed more white people last year than black s

  5. Police put lives more in danger at a hospital because they don’t do what their trained anymore. Should’ve done their job outside when they cuffed him. Whatever

  6. Whoever is supposed to make sure he has no weapon *BEFORE* going to the hospital, should be fired.
    That officers weapon malfunction saved his life. That was his chance, as if sent from a god…
    But, in the end, he fails to obey the commands of the court officers.
    You do not have the right to refuse to comply with the commands of court officers. *Bye Fallicia*

  7. So did the suspect have a gun ? I don’t think he deserve. If he did shoot at the officer then he was playing with fire

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