Miles Taylor Warns Of The ‘Continuing Radicalization Of The Electorate’ 1

Miles Taylor Warns Of The ‘Continuing Radicalization Of The Electorate’


Co-founder of the Renew America Movement and former DHS official Miles Taylor expresses concern over the former president feeding into the danger of domestic violent extremism.

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    1. @Common Sense No I knew January 6th was going to happen days before it did, By watching Trumpsters people and Ron Paul’s Waco Whackos, the (Oath Keepers). Trump isn’t as smart as he thinks he is and Now Homeland Security has everything as does the January 6th committee.
      Good luck visiting Dictator Donnie Duffus in Jail.

    2. @Carroll Sanders If you knew it was going to happen then you should have alerted authorities. Why didn’t you?

    1. @hopydaddy They have a bare majortity in the Senate, a little more wriggle room in the House. If you want strong action give them a strong platforrm in 2022

    2. People are getting frustrated with nothing, the fact that some of these traitors are still in congress & the senate making laws that will strip away voting rights is F**ked Up!!!

    3. @Bruce Bartup , The Dems always have been weak and timid even when they had a strong majority in the past. They’ve always acted that way all the while the Republican scoundrels try to use every dirty trick in the book to have it their way. The R’s are not bound by any ethical boundary or norms. They will exploit to the fullest any vulnerability of Dems to gain upper hand. Instead of coming down hard with a sledgehammer on the lawbreakers, the Dems murmur some displeasure remarks at them, and afterwards, hold the R’s hands and sing Kumbaya. It’s then no wonder Trump is still a free man enjoying his glitzy vacation at Mar-A-Lago even after committing countless crimes, not to mention he tried to overthrow the government of the United States !!! The Dems are spineless weaklings soft as warm butter.

    4. @hopydaddy
      1. regarding criminality is not for either party to do anything. Amrixcca doies not do political show trials,
      2. kicf you thinkj you could boss a 6 seat and dead tie Congress better you are welcome to try

    1. @Guy North it’s the elected officials that are protecting them. They don’t want to investigate and are trying to discredit capitol police.

    2. @Guy North You are forgetting all the GOP enablers and the 74 million that despite all despot donny dud or did not do… They Still voted for him.
      If feel this has gone on far too long now. Despot donny needs to be arrested and charged and tried for treason.

    3. @NalyDJ420; Why yes, that has been only too obvious, that is why they so vehemently opposed any type of investigation. I said nothing to the contrary.

  1. It’s like living under the medieval Inquisition all over again, except with modern technology, but with the same ignorance and insane paranoia and religious fanaticism.

  2. Yes, the world knows who killed her too, and it was tRamp because of his orange lying trolling self.

  3. It seems that the solution is to indict, arrest and convict DJT, immediately, with a Presidential Crimes Commission. They have plenty of evidence!

    1. Joe is too much of a wimp for this, obviously and unfortunately. But its like letting a known toxic viper free to roam your house.

    2. @Linda Scott Biden owns Merrick Garland. He had him drop the investigation of Cuomo’s nursing home murders.

    3. Time is critical the longer they wait democracy is under extreme danger and all fox news and pillow crack addict need to be held accountable for outright lies to masses of people unfortunately large ammounts of people who dont have a strong moral compass and know how to think critically

  4. That’s a part of his strategy: do so many crazy, corrupt, illegal things that no one thing stands out enough to cause a scandal.

    1. A kind of “carpet-bomb” approach intended to eventually normalize his outrageous pronouncements. And on his most loyal followers, it’s already working.

    2. OR… do as many crazy corrupt things that every day it’s a new scandal, and the public forgets about yesterday’s scandal. So many scandals the public is numbed out to the latest scandal du jour.

  5. Government seems paralyzed. The GOP gave Trump and minions too much immunity. The rule of law had been subverted the moment Trump was made untouchable during both impeachments. This is the normal for the GOP.; impunity. They made it normal. Now they even want to carry weapons in Congress. Amazing

    1. Get over it nothing happened Lol.. The Summer of love Lol BLM=BURN.. LOOT and MURDER and ANTIFA are the REAL domestic terrorists.. billions of dollars in damage.

    2. He incited the insurrection and is responsible for the situation that led to the death of Ashli Babbit. She was punked by tRump like the hundreds of other people in that crowd that day (and other days). Hundreds of them ended up in jail … she ended up dead.

  6. The behavior we’re seeing from many politicians in the Trump-aligned GOP
    is behavior indicative of individuals who likely won’t have a problem
    with eventually embracing atrocity and extreme violence
    in order to have their goals realized.

    1. i suspect they’ve already embraced Putin to meet their ends. Anyone who thinks Trump orchestrated this on his own hasn’t been paying attention. Trump isn’t that smart & certainly isn’t that strategic.

    2. @Carol Miller tfg accepted help from whoever offered or who he could force. These MAGA’s long to behave as he has for the last 5 years. It’s a cult of personality not policy.

  7. Trump wouldn’t meet with the widows and children of active duty service people, but relishes photo ops with seditionists

    1. Relishes photo ops with seditionists, tin pot dictators, racists, various and sundry fraudsters/grifters, and child molesters…just to complete the list.

    2. @The last farewell Precisely! Reminds me of what my mom would always tell us.. “Tell me who you hang out with & I’ll tell you who you are!”

  8. Rump knew there were many domestic terrorist cells within the U.S. During the election debate, he had to ask “which group” to address.

    1. @Chris Merkel Now look back throughout human history. How many times did evil men prevail..? And remember, the way we judge this is whether or not they actually maintained whatever power they initially stole. So…. what’s your response..?

    2. @Tessmage Tessera It’s not did they prevail its how long they prevailed while the innocent suffered under their tyranny. Our planets history is filled with demagoguery, malignant narcissist, sociopaths. When a “Leader” is indifferent
      to the suffering of the the people he has been elected to represent then he/she must be held accountable or evil prevailed.

    3. @Chris Merkel You prefer to focus on gloom and doom. I prefer to focus on the steady upward progress that our species has been making for thousands of years.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera So do I the world has many great people in it trying to solve the problems that confront us. But we need to keep the pressure on D.J. Chump and the GOP who are determined to destroy our Democracy.

  9. sedition
    noun: sedition; plural noun: seditions
    conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch

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