Military Officials Were In A 'Near Panic' After Trump Lost 1

Military Officials Were In A ‘Near Panic’ After Trump Lost


Carol Leonnig, co-author of the new book 'I Alone Can Fix It' on Trump's final year in office, explains the panic among military officials that occurred after Trump's 2020 election loss. Officials, Leonnig says, were fearful that Trump might want to use the military to try to stay in power.
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  1. Truth of Trump: if I am alone, I am coward, always fearful of being “inferior” to anybody else. So I need the military power and taxpayers money to make myself look like a bunker hero.”

    1. And, with all that money he inherited (and extorted out of his brother, and intimidated the rest of his family into giving up their shares in) he’s never been alone. He’s surrounded himself with the Beast People. Always the very Beast People. So, I’m looking forward to that first day, when he finds himself actually alone, for the first time.

  2. I’m very grateful that America’s top ranking military personnel are highly educated and loyal to the Constitution of the United States.

    1. @maria schultz so black people have been slaughtered & never once disrespected our government this way, this man insights a riot & is still free! I always wondered what would happen if a president tried to start an unlawful war, would the military be brainwashed enough to obey stupidity!!!! 😓 Thank you God for common sense cause this whole country has a race of hateful people who still don’t wanna be labeled as what they are ” Racist Trash”

    2. Then why the delay to stop riot ? So dedicated they failed to see this coming? Why hold back others states from sending national guards to the capital riot . A lot needs answered.

    3. Vaccinated Pelosi aide tests positive for COVID after contact with Texas Dems
      White House official also tested positive after attending the same rooftop reception with Pelosi staffer

  3. I don’t blame them. They’re dealing with the most butthurt person in America. He literally wants the army to join his crazy supporters

    1. @Jake McCoy : Yes, but they were less than 1% of 1% of 1%, so not an alarming number. Only what you’d expect to find in a representative cross section of society. I would be more alarmed if we didn’t know of any? That would mean we just don’t know who they are.

    2. @n all sksk : Think it through though. There had to be some from the cops and the armed services in the trump klan, right? And they would represent a much greater percentage at a planned insurrection than the percentage across the American population. So, as around 10% of the Jan 6th insurrectionists, that adds up about right to me; meaning they probably represent around 1% of 1% of the actual armed forces. But, let’s increase that, by 100% to be on the safe side? That still only represents around 1% of the whole armed forces. Now, if there had been no cops or military at the insurrection, THAT would have alarmed me. I’d be wondering why they never showed up, and what they were biding their time for? . . .
      They take an oath to the Constitution, not to one guy. And the better they understand that oath, the smarter they are and more likely to earn a promotion. So, the higher up the chain of command you get, the less likely you are to find a Qultist. The Flynn’s might seem an exception to that rule, but everyone already knew they were not sound, before trump got into office, and it didn’t take much for the FBI to catch Mike Flynn breaking the law. So, eaz sent is right. It, “would never happen though.” They clearly don’t have the numbers.

    3. @Joni Beehive : Yes. It’s time to outlaw QAnon as a criminal, seditionist conspiracy. And time to lock trump and his enablers up, and to make blatantly breaking one’s oath of office have consequences! Totally agree ✌️

    4. Some actually did,and it’s the most Unpatriotic,crap I’ve ever seen in my whole 65 years of life. To follow a draft dodger,instead of the Constitution is disgusting.

    1. @Esme Clementine Ward i haven’t aged at all since 2016 still look great if I must say so myself. Got the spark i have had all my life , sometimes I have bad days but who doesn’t. Haven’t lost any hair and I not anxious about anything. Forgive me for sounding all spiritual but it is what it is. I don’t care who is in the White House, I know the man over every house. Donald Trump or no President will ever have that kind of effect on me. Democrats or Republicans it doesn’t matter. PSALM 24:1 The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therof the world and those who dwells therein.

    2. @Phaedra Degreef Yes, I have been simply appalled at Trump and his followers. I just don’t understand why they can’t see him for the dictator that he is. I think they actually like that he is so cruel in thought and action. Never realized how utterly vial some folks are.

    3. @Phaedra Degreef really and you feel comfortable with the fact; that yours boys Obama and Biden, have made a deal with Iran; to bank roll their nuclear weapons program, and selling 20 percent of our wepons grade uranium to Russia; who in turn sold it to the Iranians . Seriously, you need to be deprogramed, and stop watching CNN, and MSNBC news.

    4. @Sandarah Catmom we really would have ; been in serious trouble if Hillary Clinton won the election. If you haven’t been paying t to what, the secret service agents; the that were assigned to her and Bill Clinton; during his time has president. You would know that ; Hillary Clinton is a vile evil person. So you think that trump is a bad person. Time to wake up there neo , and take the little red pill. And face the fact that you are in a communist state, with biden and Obama running things. Good luck in in your little matrix world. Let’s us know how that goes 🤣🤣

  4. We are only beginning to scratch the surface of the real story of Donald Dumpsterfire and his criminal behavior.

    1. @Alucard_Bestfriend We have to be as vigilant, if not moreso, as the Republican party. Ever notice how they really stick together? And, we need to be campaigning 365 days of every year like the GOP does. We also need to demand more, like transparency from every political candidate. If Trump had been forced to provide even his tax returns, or lack thereof, his criminal activity would have been laid bare.

      A psych eval would be useful as well…

    2. @eaz sent just like the mafia don,
      john gotti, who was called the Teflon
      Don, because he was always avoiding
      any charges or prison time. trumpy is
      combining putin and mafia methods
      in his mentally unstable way to be
      dictator for life. this is getting
      dangerous, yet the senate is just
      sitting on their thumbs!!

  5. Trump tested the military’s allegiance with the Lafayette Plaza attack on Americans and some foreign journalists. It was not a photo-op. The result was a mixed bag.

    1. We certainly can’t bank on 100% of the military. It’s time to outlaw trumpism, which is after all, a criminal conspiracy to end the Republic in a Coup, and dig out the racist cancer, before it grows back.

    1. @Stefan Schleps Trump and his sycophants still pose a tremendous threat to this country. It is no where near over. The Justice Department is not holding the insurrectionists properly accountable with their light sentences. The message this sends is very damaging to our country and it encourages more violence.

    2. I wish that was true. But the growth of right wing extremism is only quarantined until the next elections. With the Supreme Court in his pocket and the possibilities of the GOP winning the Senate, America is in great danger. Biden needs to keep the military on side because it may come to that. All in all it’s going to be a long time before there is United States in all but name only.

    3. We would have been under martial law if he was still president is what peope are saying. Thankful he’s out of office.

  6. It’s chilling that we could have had a bloody coup just because Trump can’t handle losing.

    1. He’s been a loser his entire adult life but had more cash than wisdom, thanks to his Fred’s corruption and manipulation. He screwed everyone over and litigated everything. What’s new? Millions of enablers…

    2. It’s chilling that America could have the, “most secure election in America’s history,” yet have its Republic be less stable than ever! Not since the civil war has it looked so threatened. And it will never end, until we bite the bullet and cut out the cancer of criminal conspiracy within.

    3. @Roger Allan : That wasn’t the Coup. That was just their Beer Hall Putsch. They’ll be back, and they’ll have learned their lessons . . . The only hope for America’s Republic is that we all learn ours. They either keep trying, until the Republic falls to trumpist fascism, or we treat them like the criminal conspiracy they are and lock them up. There can be no third outcome.

    4. @Ash Roskell well said.. I still stand behind it being a failed coup, hard to say it’s anything but that, but 100 behind the rest of your analysis

    5. He’s scared, angry and desperate because he’s facing prison over those SDNY tax fraud charges.

  7. If they resigned it wouldn’t have made a difference he just would’ve put puppets in their place to do whatever he wanted

    1. Exactly! America… don’t they realise that era of Trump WAS a drill?! Failing on purpose to reveal all they need for the real attempt?!

    2. for real, how many countless beauracrats did exactly that just to be replaced by yes men.

  8. Hillary Clinton was right about everything. This guy was so unqualified to be President it’s insane that the GOP is willing to sink their already minority party for him.

    1. @bingus bingus seriously you still believe that. Seems funny that trump got the majority of electoral college votes. Face it Hillary Clinton lost fair and square. What a brain washed narcissistic troll you are 🤣🤣🤣

    2. ​ Edwin Arnold, LMFAO. Look who’s talking “cultist.” You idolize one con artist show man and QAnus lies. You must be russian plants the Qpublicans now have coordinated with. SHAME. RIH GQP.

    3. @Edwin Arnold No youre the Trump troll who still thinks that that lieing CLOWN didn’t LOSE.

    4. @Edwin Arnold nope. its been officially documented by historians. only 3presidents worse than dtrump

  9. Resignation was a poor plan, eventually they would weaken the leadership and Trump loyalist would be put in place.

    1. My wife and I had said something similar. When we first started watching that TV Series, we laughed and said that it was fantasy and could never happen in the US. Then the further we got into the Trump Presidency, the scarier it became and the more likely the Handmaid’s Tale, could have become a reality.

      Some of my co-workers refer to the Handmaid’s Tale as a Documentary for the current Republican movement in America.

  10. It’s like having to deal with the worst brat you ever saw continually having huge tantrums because he can’t get his own way.

  11. Why are people acting like it’s over, it’s not even close! Not until the former guy is locked up and those involved are held accountable will it then be safe!

    1. Locked up or not the movement he created wont die down especially for the next 20 years i wont see that happening. Country is split between america or trump and half the country would pick him over america which is sad

    2. @Hollywood tonio – I don’t think half of the country supports Trump. He won 46.9% of the vote in Nov and has lost a lot of supporters since then. However, I do agree with you that even if he disappears from Earth, the cult he created will continue to cause chaos. Actually, he didn’t create it, since these lunatics already existed. They just needed someone to urge them on and give them an excuse to be so angry and fearful.

    1. Locked up or not his personality and voice is with the gop and supporters. They gonna make an ideology of him and hide it under america first bs

    2. They were willing to overthrow the government just because Trump lost the election. Imagine what the mob Trump created would do if he were arrested and thrown in prison. He’d have them burn this country to the ground … And they would.

    1. Him running was fine. He met the criteria. For him to win, however, makes me wonder about my fellow countrymen and women.

    2. @L D He lost the popular vote by a margin of over 3 million – so if you’re going to wonder about anything, wonder why we’re stuck with this 💩 electoral college system

    3. @Joseph Stanhope That’s easy. The electoral college is the only way republicans can win. They have spent decades playing that system.

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