Millions are still out of power after storm in southern U.S. 1

Millions are still out of power after storm in southern U.S.


The winter storm that hit Texas and other parts of southern U.S. has left millions without power.

Temperatures are expected to rise by the end of the week, but dozens of warming centres have opened in Texas in the meantime.

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  1. To be clear: outages are in parts of the state which are predominantly powered by natural gas. This from a state meteorologist.

    1. No, they are predominantly powered by alternative sources like wind turbines. Turbines that iced up during the storm and have to be deiced before they can work again.

    2. @Frank The natural gases and all also failed because they just couldn’t get to the clients because the power lines and pipes and all just burst. Or so I read.
      We could say it’s a bit of everything.

    1. Is it? here in Quebec City rn it’s -10 celcius. I think they said to expect “a milder” so to speak, winter.

    1. @NW Blader Extreme cold effects the sensors in Nuclear Power plants. They are just as vulnerable if not more dangerous if not properly weatherized.

  2. From Tx-Energy supply. “Other Renewable: 32.2 TWh, 7% [12.6 GW total capacity]” so 7% is both solar and wind combined. Also states that Natural Gas is the fastest growing energy sector. Sorry haters of renewables.

    1. Why do you think Canada uses fossil fuel to heat and cool in most instances? Green energy can’t heat homes in a polar vortex at -45/-50 Celsius. Depending where you live in the country of course.

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