Millions In TX Are Without Safe Drinking Water As Power Catastrophe Drags On | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Millions In TX Are Without Safe Drinking Water As Power Catastrophe Drags On | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reports on how failures of the electricity grid in Texas have caused knock-on problems including the inability to pump water, putting nearly half of the state's residents under a boil-water order, assuming they're able to obtain water in the first place. Aired on 02/19/2021.
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Millions In TX Are Without Safe Drinking Water As Power Catastrophe Drags On | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Texas should hold an emergency election to remove these failed leadership to get people in power to actually help.

    1. @Fair Warning get evidence. Know that once you get evidence, you will become unstoppable. But you just need that evidence first. Let evidence lead the way. Don’t lead the evidence. People will think you are hiding something.

      I’m not calling you a liar at all. You can be telling the truth. Even truth means nothing without evidence. Once you have it, everyone will follow you. Instead of using your valuable time and energy trying to convince everyone to believe what you are telling them, use the time and energy to find evidence. Your evidence will then do all of the talking for you and increase you followers.

  2. Was Flyin’ Ted Cancruz in Mexico to get a shipment of clean water and a very long extension cord.
    That’s what his spokessnake told Fox Opinionews…

    1. @Baby Teano it is, but the problem is not Fox. The problem is the lack of regulation and consequences for wilfully lying. Perhaps Lil Donnie was into something about financial repercussions for inveterate liars.
      At least make the model of “opinion” shows pay a price for spreading lies.
      Also, Rupert and Co need a serious spanking globally…

    2. I don’t even understand why Mexico allows travelers from 3rd world countries like Ted Cruz. They could be part of an immigrant caravan.

    1. Even the Texans must be STUNNED by the notable IRONY here? Beto O’Rourke has arranged for a quarter of a million Wellness Checks on the Vulnerable, and AOC raised a $ million dollars for emergency funds for Texas, by passing round the internet hat. And Flyin’ Ted Cruz? He’d still be in Cancun if that pesky video of him at the airport hadn’t gone viral! That’s right! The actual guy in charge said, “F’k ‘em,” like Ronny Cox in Total Recall, while the unelected Dems reached out to save Texan lives. Are we learning yet, Texas? . . .

    2. Yep. The fat Cats wallets are nice and full from bonus’s they got from saving money on the power grid projects. Neglecting to insulate, heat trace instruments etc. The way these guys turned and tried to blame the green deal for their ignorance was just disgusting. Live in Canada and follow all codes and practices. We have significant heat in the Summer and in the winter (right now it’s -30 celsius= -22 fahrenheit) it gets to -52 celsius = -61.6 Fahrenheit and not even a worry of a freeze up. The corners they cut were huge.

  3. No water, no heat, no electricity? Don’t worry Texans! You can just fly to Cancun!
    Remember the failure of your ReTrumplican “leadership” the next time you vote.

  4. Abbott and Cruz are going to blame AOC for this. Don’t worry, we know who’s responsible. We are going to turn Texas blue, you watch!

    1. @Joseph Elijah why are you criticising AOC? She has nothing to do with this. The GOP controls all levels of the Texas legislature and has done for two decades I believe. Why aren’t you focusing on that? Many places around the world have to cope with weather like this and do just fine. It’s not unlike COVID ob the national scale. Quite a few countries have done pretty well. The US hasn’t. The common link: GOP leadership

    2. Meanwhile, AOC helped raise a million Dollars for Texas. And counting. Oh owning “the libs” must feel good when you take their “lib welfare” aid, like the failed state they are.

    3. @Ganiscol Meanwhile Texas has more democratic voters than all 12 blue states combined. The blue voters in Texas greatly appreciate any disaster relief. My parents still don’t have power thanks to Abbott and other TX Republicans. We are very thankful for all the hard work AOC and Beto have done. 49% of Texas voted for Beto and I am one of them.

    1. @Kathrine Kerns
      The Republicans have controlled Texas government for over 2 decades. I have sympathy for the Democrats, but I have zero sympathy for the Republicans who voted for this.


    3. @Kiyoone It isn’t as red as many would think but it’s a microcosm of America. Democrats are grouped in metropolitan areas and gerrymandering is rampant.

  5. This is what happens when you have money in politics and keep putting in Republicans that want to line their pockets over helping it’s constituents. Instead of taking responsibility they blame AOC for something they did 10 YEARS ago.. Pathetic

    1. And what makes it worse, “the devil” AOC helped raise more than one million Dollars for Texas. Because “the libs” see Americans struggle, not enemies. Yet, there they are spreading lies about her.

      I doubt many (if any) of the rightwing politics folk would even consider raising money for a struggling “blue state”.

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ Not since they became The Church of Baby Cheesus, whose motto is “I take no responsibility.”

  6. Lets hear it for texas: In the middle of a black out without power or water in order to stick it to the fed and “pwn the libs.” Darwin awards for them!

    1. Republicans love to posture superiority, even when it doesn’t apply, like infrastructure failing due to freezing, Canada must be laughing at them, and ted cruz.

    1. And to think, if the Top % would have done their jobs, Texans could be Enjoying the Snow, for once! Kids on make shift sleds, snowmen and snow angels, hot cocoa and hot sammies and soup, and Snow Day movies… instead it’s a Friggin DISASTER!!

  7. Maybe this’ll stick in Texans’ minds. And if not, there’s a winter every year until the next election. Up to them if they want to continue to live like cavepeople.

    1. @Laura Walker only if they continue to believe what they want to believe. Pain can be cleansing. Maybe this kind of pain is enough to open enough eyes? If not, they get the government they deserve… I would feel sorry for the rest, though.

    2. I hear you. But you don’t really KNOW Texas. Every time they get a chance for course correction, they SAY NUH UHH. THIS MASSIVE POWER FAILURE ITS AOC AND GREEN ENERGY FAULT.

  8. I’m waiting for the videos of “anti-masker” Karens and Kens saying it’s their constitutional right not to boil their water.

    1. They only think of themselves so of course they will boil their own water. Don’t expect them to help out someone else boil their water though.

  9. Elections matter. I feel sympathy for the Democrats who didn’t vote for this. I have less sympathy for the Republicans who voted for the Republican Party.

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