Millions Risk Losing Their Homes As The Eviction Moratorium Ends 1

Millions Risk Losing Their Homes As The Eviction Moratorium Ends


In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court lifted the CDC’s eviction moratorium despite the rise of the Delta variant. Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) and tenant’s rights activist Tara Raghuveer join Jonathan Capehart to discuss the impact the Court’s ruling will have on millions of working class people and the “systemic fix” needed to address this issue.  
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    1. @Boss Anova no ppl forced away from jobs. Actually there is a lack of ppl willing to work. They are called liberal traitors like yourself.

    2. @Boss Anova gee it’s funny seeing traitors act tough online why don’t you come try and stop me coward. You want be the first liberal I’ve put in the ground.

    1. @shining star …….. it’s common knowledge, in most states. Due diligence if you’re going to own a home is important.

    2. @SlyBiffrons nope not even remotely correct. Most states exempt seniors from paying property taxes all they have to do is contact the county clerk’s office and file paperwork. Maybe actually research things before proving your ignorance.

    3. It’s the tenants home but the landlords house actually. “Home” is somewhere you live. “House” is something that is owned.

    1. @Tacit Tern not exactly. Eviction can turn into a lengthy legal battle that costs tge landlord double tge amount owed in the first place.

    2. @Boss Anova wow the coward never learns. Don’t worry we already tracked you down. Funny how much access I have as a DoD contractor. I can find literally anyone. Even better is the fact they never will find your body.

    3. @Boss Anova wow you never can post the truth can you traitor? It takes in most states 30 days tops to evict someone. Total cost in the average state, 250 bucks. It only gets expensive if the actual courts become involved. Thanks for proving your ignorance again.

    4. @DarrinCrose jan 6 2021, traitors stormed the capitol. Filing eviction and fighting for it in the courts are two different things moron.

    5. @Boss Anova sheep blindly follow things without any evidence. Black rock is literally buying houses as we speak not to mention the world economic forum said you will own nothing and be happy. If that’s not proof of the elites evil intentions idk what is

  1. MSM and all others should be ashamed of themselves.
    How dare you take away our rights as owners!!!
    Leave us alone and let due process and the law take precedence.

    1. Their just shilling for the Insurance and Investment companies, the ones taking private property. Just hold on to your guns and get more if you can…the Communists are coming for the Americans.

    2. @Frank Cabanski Those people don’t even pay taxes instead they receive tax refunds, EIC, child tax credits & STILL expect more. Self entitled burdens are simply delusional at best.

  2. Between stimulus, unemployment and child tax credits everyone should have paid something towards their housing

    1. @ScottCleve33 can you blame them though? Who wants to slave away at a dead end job barely getting by when you can make the same or more at home? I just think people were tired of being slaves and not getting compensated properly for their services..and $15 per hour is I guess decent but cost of living is ridiculous in most cities,most of these people never knew what it was like to be paid a decent wage before so of course it is hard to turn it down..either way it’s about to end shortly it was never meant to be forever but I do think wage reform is needed after all of this to keep workers,these companies have been greedy for years and even on unemployment you pay taxes so it’s not as much as you may think.

    2. @Keis Kohen Can I blame them. Yeah. What’s to keep us all from doing that. It’s not like they’re actually making as much sitting at home on their butts as they do working. In most cases they can easily find a job that pays more than when they’re getting for sitting at home.

      So tell me. Which is more of a dead end job? Working somewhere where you can get some sort of experience and skill and maybe you can more up to get a better job some day or sitting at home and accepting what the government gives you? Living off of entitlements will never lift you up higher than accepting what the government gives you. That is the true dead end job.

    3. @DarrinCrose lol a coward? I’ve been employed since 2000 and been deployed on two campaigns in Iraq what have you done ill wait? I haven’t missed a day at work and I’m a defense contractor so keep talking from your futon tough guy

    4. To some renters, That meant go out and buy toys. Heard many people claim it’s wasn’t right that their landlords said they had to use it to pay rent and other bills

  3. There have been times in my life that I was homeless. Trust me it’s not fun. Did I ever blame somebody else for it? No I didn’t because it was my own fault. Now if I wanted to lay blame towards say, professionals I could have always criticized the idiots that love to tell people that on payday, before you do anything, pay yourself. No, you do not do that. You take care of your responsibilities such as, keeping a roof over your head, having food to eat and, making sure that your utilities are paid. Necessities of life. There was a story here on YouTube a few months back that one of those wonderful people talked about how they deserved a vacation so much so that when they took it they came back to find that they didn’t have a home to live in because they had taken the rent money and took that much needed and deserved vacation which then turned into an extended vacation of sorts. What I don’t get is how people with children can be so irresponsible because at least when I was homeless, my children were grown. You don’t do that to your own children. You don’t go out and buy bottles of liquor when your children don’t even have food to eat in the house but yet people do. It’s actually a sickening situation of overgrown adults being irresponsible.

    1. @Zayn Wahlstrom so you’re homeless and you’re also calling yourself stupid? Don’t be so harsh on yourself because people are allowed to be ignorant instead of simply being stupid

    2. Simple advice about “responsibility” has elements of truth in it, but what about the fact that wages are often meager and rents are often exorbitant compared to what people paid in years past.

    3. @Craig Toth my first job was in 1968 working for tips only in my Mom’s restaurant. The waitresses there were making $1 an hour. The cook himself was making $2.15 an hour. The first year I went into the military I was making all of $448 per month but that actually was a good thing because my rent was free, my utilities were free, my food was free, if I bought things on the base I was looking at around the 25% discount as opposed to off base. The most important point I’m trying to make is that you take care of necessities first. You insure you have a roof over your head. You make sure that you have running water. You make sure that you have electrical in place for things like electric radiators in the winter and window unit air conditioners in the summer. Those are known as responsibilities. After that, if you have money left over then you decide how to spend it. Do you want to go out clubbing on Friday and Saturday nights well that’s your choice. But maybe you decide that you want to get a sectional couch for your living room which means you keep your butt and on the weekends and don’t spend money and actually save up to buy that couch because if you buy it on credit you’re going to pay more because of the interest. Me between 2020 and 2021 a lot of us received a $3,500 bonus. I knew idiots that after the initial $1,200 EIP went out and blew it on stupid things rather than paying their rent and making sure that they had a roof over their head and on and on I think you get my point by now. There are those in this nation that want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour but they’re thinking about today’s prices because the one set minimum wage goes up that high for unskilled workers, then what’s going to happen to the skilled workers? That assistant manager is going to be getting a boost and pay up to $17 an hour. The manager may get a boost up to $20 an hour. And then you have the district managers along with the regional managers along with the CFO and CEO and before you know it who is going to pay for that upgrade to $15 an hour for somebody who doesn’t know how to do very much? It’s simply going to raise the prices even more. Ace hardware in my town October 2019 a 2x4x8 cost $5.95. by June of 2020 it was up to$9.95. today that same piece of wood is now fetching $15.95. that is just one consumer good out of thousands so extrapolate as you want to.

  4. The SC was correct the CDC exceeded its authority, it simply didnt have the right to mandate a nationwide eviction moratorium, only Congress can do that

    1. the court came out twice and told the CDC it was in the wrong, this administration is just trying hail mary passes, but, the balls deflated.

    2. @jimmy mack from ronkonkoma long island. LOL, CSXRockford post was quite clear and easy to understand. It is also quite correct.

    1. I wonder why they stopped paying rent. Probably has nothing to do with a “once in a lifetime recession” and global pandemic

    2. @Zayn Wahlstrom plandemic
      This is a biological attack on humanity all because they wanted Trump out.

    3. @Zayn Wahlstrom lol delusional traitors. Maybe stop watching liberal media and stop believing the potato.

  5. It costs money to live. Pay or be homeless. It’s always been like that. So “thousands losing homes ” is normal.

    1. So when jobs don’t pay enough to live in this country who’s fault is that? Nothing normal about this, did you bump your head? check your apathy at the door please.

  6. Tough break. Of course the homeowners who’ve been deprived of rent payments shouldn’t have been deprived of their lawful due. This is what happens when lawless agencies make their own rules and incompetent gov’t officials play favorites and ignore the law.

    1. @THE TRACKCAR found the Biden voter that doesn’t understand how law work. It’s called a contract simpleton.

  7. “People are being kicked out because they don’t want to go to work and pay their rent anymore, and landlords would like tenants that actually pay their bills.” – Fixed.

  8. Maybe the evictions will lead to a glut of houses in the market and will bring down skyrocketing rent prices nationwide. My rent is nearly $1600 a month and i have not missed one payment through the whole pandemic. The free ride is over it’s time people got back to work.

    1. @Brent Underjaw Get a second job. Get a better job. Take on a roommate. Cancel your tv apps. Stop eating out. Buy secondhand clothes. Move to a cheaper town. Jobs do pay living wages. People have just forgotten how to live modestly.

    2. Plus businesses have been complaining for months now how understaffed they’ve been due to the moratorium, so ending it will actually convince people to get back into the workforce.

    3. @Brent Underjaw bud that argument would be debatable if those people were actually working, but most of them didn’t go to work at all due to the moratorium allowing them to live rent-free and all the free money from the government giving them no reason to work. What they should’ve did was use the moratorium to save up money from working in one or more of the thousands of jobs that have been available for months, that way when the moratorium ultimately ends, they’ll be able to pay rent.

  9. Good. Plenty of jobs available. Every business in my town has reduced hours because no one wants to work!

  10. It’s not “their” homes. They don’t own it. The actual owners are at risk of losing it because they aren’t being paid rent.

  11. Even when the moratorium was in effect, if the appt owners lost their property and the bank takes it back, the bank is going to evict you.
    News flash, politicians act more favorably towards bank than they do individuals.

  12. The moratorium was illegal to begin with, period. Too many people took advantage and now they’re “at risk” and reliant all thanks to the cdc.

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