Millions Still In The Dark In Texas Amid Freezing Temperatures | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Millions Still In The Dark In Texas Amid Freezing Temperatures | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Millions in Texas are still without power on Thursday after winter storms and frigid temperatures swept through the state. The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest developments. Aired on 02/18/2021.
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Millions Still In The Dark In Texas Amid Freezing Temperatures | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. My power was out for 55 hours because Texas worships the Invisible Hand of the free markets. It got down to 4 degrees in a poorly insulated home and I take care of my 80 year old mother.

    1. @Firstname Lastname
      I’m happy to hear that and thank you for writing back….please stay safe and have a good day!

    2. You need to invest in a Honda generator and lots of fuel when living in Texas. They might arrest you for being self sufficient.

    3. I am so very sorry. I care for a 96 year old lady, who is fortunate to have family and financial security. We have to keep the temp up to at least 75 for her to be comfortable. It grieves me so much that people without help are in this situation. My heart goes out to you and your mother, wish I were close enough to help out. Sending love from Oregon. xoxo

    4. Remember you bought that poorly insulated house to put your mom in. No one said you had to live in Texas you may want to move father south about 1000 miles to keep yourself warm.

    1. @Ade M Her state is thriving economically, 3% unemployment, and very low on virus impact despite zero shutdowns

    2. @Louis Tully yeah low taxes do that. They also result in low investment in people, infrastructure, and education. Which is what’s going on now.

    1. @Kit …and the California fires were mainly on Federal Lands! Psycho 45 could not possibly have cared any less!

    2. @Annie Warbux exactly. It was his mismanagement and then turned it on California. Honestly I don’t understand how he can say he’s not a politician 4 years into his presidency. He exceeded expectation for the lying criteria and likely rank 1st of any modern politicians

    3. @mike briganti
      Really. Like he did with California with the forest fires, blaming the democratic govt. Any time a Blue state went through a disaster, he would complain that the mayor or governor was mean to him and give that as a reason for not wanting to help…

    4. @Mike Keller True Remember though it is Texas a Red State.. May be Shovels…. Always said after Trumps comments you needed a shovel

    1. @Tim Popik – because they had to be taken off-line because they could not connect to the grid, because the grid failed, not the turbines. If you had a basic understanding of how wind turbines work, you would know that. Drove from Texarkana to El Paso and back a year ago, saw thousands of working wind turbines. The turbine are not the problem, it’s the infrastructure that failed…because of greedy Republicans.

    1. @George Florence I’m not making excuses. I was just informing somebody that was uninformed. The same thing to you accused me of. I already said I don’t think any company should have a Monopoly anything. I find it funny that you are okay with liberal tech companies having a Monopoly on their profession. Try not to get your vagina Twisted out of joint it is not good for you…

    2. Yeah first they need to run all those democrats out that turning your state blue. But your best bet is to get out of Texas while you can, its going to be the new California before long.

    1. Not Governors fault..LIBERALS FORCED Governor to use WINDMILLS AND GND CRAPOLA..

    2. @PaulScott Rock
      Liberals are powerful in Texas…they forced government to install stupid bird killing windmills to replace efficient oil and gas power stations and discounted Nuclear which is clean energy…that is why Texas is suffering…AOC wants ALL States to abandon gas power stations and hates Nuclear which Europe uses power problems in Europe because they have a Nuclear power station option..and Europes weather is just as deadly as here in Texas…4 more years of Liberal madness left…not sure America will survive….

  2. If things are going to be privatized, they need to be regulated…with effective enforcement capabilities.

    1. The whole point of Reaganomic Privatizing is no regulation. Rick Perry is running around saying so! Anything to save a buck over the lives of citizens. Republicans can’t govern due to selfishness and greed.

    2. @Nicholas A. Unless they are lied to and told regulation is liberal socialism as per eating babies in pizza parlors.

    3. Melissa… Abbott prides himself on deregulation, unless it benefits him personally, and now we know why sometimes you have to have regulations even if it costs more. In my opinion, that is.

    1. @Brady N ERCOT, the company that provides most of Texas is energy, has been making money for the past 10 years by cutting corners and ignoring warnings since the last deep freeze where there were similar problems. They don’t care, their bottom line is up

  3. Ah yes, Texas, where the philosophy is we don’t need to invest in infrastructure and schools because texans would rather have low taxes .privatization, where reliable public services are socialism and profits are king.

    1. Cruz doesn’t dare come back. With the low temperatures his lizard biology would put him into hibernation immediately.

    2. @mike briganti …..hes mobilized FEMA who brought generators and set up emergency heating shelters as well as declaring it a state of emergency automaticly activating emergency funds to the state… Jesus christ fact check your own statements….

    3. Why because you think it’s his fault lol you don’t blame the Houston rockets basketball team for not coming home after their 3 game road trip to stay where it’s warm and there’s power?!?!?!? GTFOH

    1. Keep putting Republicans in the State legislature. Before long you’ll be eating dirt and gasoline.

    2. @Tim Popik They can be sued through laws that require utility companies to act rationally and responsibly, with foresight and an intent for long term continuation of service.
      It’s connected to laws involving public trusts like for doctors.
      I don’t need to quit my day job to take to task traitors like you.

  4. This isn’t totally unusual weather, last time this happened was only ten years ago. They didn’t fix anything afterwards.

    1. of course not,do you know who was the mayor and gov back then? bet it was a republican,they seem to habe short arms and long pockets

    1. @Will YoujustSTFU Intriguingly he chose that terrible decision due to the gross reality that Trump was withholding aid from NY because it was Blue. Our government was dissolving before our eyes and Cuomo fell right for it hook line and sinker and I hope the AG gets him for any crimes he may have done against the citizens of NY.


    3. @Tim Popik So funny. I generally ignore all caps comments because they’re so annoying. Your reply is hilarious

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