1. Cnbc reported months ago that the mega ultra rich is buying up farm lands. They thought of this before. Buying cheap land for future sells to other rich people.

    2. Even the wealthy elite will be dead by then no matter where they are hiding. Man needs a living planet and biodiversity to survive. Even if you have hold outs living in giant holes in the ground stocked with supplies and maybe even underground gardens is that any way to live? Who wants to live in a self made underground prison. The mentally ill greedy rich people will go even more crazy. They won’t have anybody to exploit but themselves.

  1. Be more concerned about disruption in food supplies as prime agricultural land becomes less productive, more animals die by fire or heat, insects are kicking the bucket, etc… just an unraveling of the ecosystem upon which we very much depend. Hope everyone likes the taste of cockroach. Those suckers will still be around.

    1. @Synathidy Man can’t survive without biodiversity. I totally agree with you. Two hundred species of life going extinct everyday. Our time is coming.

    2. @All Time I guess my last life story rant point was you’re right. Most of the people I know that are my age don’t give two shits about climate change because they’re old and don’t think it will effect them all that much before they die. It’s happening right now and they don’t realize they don’t have but maybe ten years left and it is effecting them and will effect them. Me included. I get it.

    3. ​@Jack Jimmy I’m older than you are. The Silent Generation is worse than the Boomers but all the cold war generations have never been worth a damn for the survival of our species. At least not beyond their own lifespans. We were raised to believe the future was doomed, most of the older boomers never expected to live to be thirty. All my life I’ve been listening to smug pricks bragging about how lucky they were to be born at the right time. World War Three never came and they got the best of everything. Even the ones who knew the science was real either expected to die before the crap hit the fan or be raptured by Jesus instead. It’s three generations of forever children still bragging about their toys.

  2. A lot of people seem incapable of comprehending how these changes will threaten all manner of things, from farming to energy, and the conflicts these increasing challenges will create. Some areas are already becoming nearly impossible for human habitation, with frequent floods causing massive damage to infrastructure in already poor communities, or droughts leading to crop failures. Those people have to go somewhere, meaning mass migration and border issues, often leading to conflict. Our desperate shift away from fossil fuels are also partly responsible for the current crisis on the border with Ukraine. Russia’s economy is almost entirely based on oil. It’s going to see its power and leverage decrease dramatically in the next decade, especially if the ITER fusion reactor is proven viable (which scientists are increasingly indicating could be ready to produce energy within months of operational tests).

    1. @Greg Jones ah Greg
      Ya can’t stop progress
      Planetary engineering is in its infancy
      This type of work will be with us for the next couple million yrs or until humanity is no longer humanity
      Which ever comes first
      The significance to the present day is wrapped up in our current dilemma but it won’t stay there
      Planetary engineering could make mars n Venus habitable in centuries
      Europa could also benefit n that’s only this system
      I know you’ll be dead before any of this ever happens but it will happen
      Ever read Jules Vern?
      Do ya think many people read “from the earth to the moon” n thought well that just crazy bullshit
      The real possibilities are endless
      Cheers Greg

    2. @mpalfadel2008 The rich are buying coastal properties sure; to sell or rent. AND they’re buying large estates in the middle of America. Take a quick look at who’s buying up decommissioned missile silos.

    3. @Greg Jones My dear, you might stop and consider an education. Specifically in one of the hard sciences. It will teach you a thing or two about critical thinking.

    1. I’m American and I’m sorry my ancestors had to be dumbly different, LOL.

      As an American scientist it’s ridiculous because I just had to learn to use metric once I entered the international science community which all use metric.

    2. @Yourmum Ghey Wakie-wakie. IS is the new black. Imperial is for dinos with brains the size of a walnut.😀😀😀

    3. They’re just copying straight of the report, which is always metric. Cnn is too lazy to convert to Fahrenheit

    1. They are doing the opposite..
      They spread the message of ocean and water rise bad!!
      Meanwhile they buy houses near water..

  3. I already live in a city that floods on sunny days. Norfork area of VA has been dealing with tidal flooding for more than a few years now. Fyi, flood insurance is very expensive. And I live in a low risk area too. But, after the last few years, we know that everywhere can be a flood zone.

  4. He’s got a basic idea. He didn’t mention the big issue, take for instance Greenland and Antarctica melting. It’s not necessarily the melting ice in the water but all the melting ice we have on land.

    1. It’s also all the water that is usually stored on land in underground aquifers, dams & in soil carbon that’s nowadays being directed into the oceans. Increase soil carbon to hold that water when it rains & address the overall run off & erosion issues & most of this problem is automatically fixed with that action

  5. We Dutch have been preparing for rising sea levels since the beginning of the 20th century with multiple layers of state of the art sea defenses, one is listed as a one of the 7 world wonders, another one is the biggest moving man made object on Earth. We take it very seriously, maybe the U.S should as well?

    1. Should, but can you honestly imagine America being willing to learn anything from the Netherlands? They’re too arrogant for that. I mean obviously there’s incredible stuff they could learn, but they’ve taken all the water, so we can’t even lead the horse to it anymore, let alone have it drink

    2. @Me Here too arrogant to learn from the Netherlands? I think you’re too arrogant to think Americans aren’t fully aware. The sucky thing is we have politicians and corporations that will fight to keep the status quo. This isn’t an American problem, this is a world problem. And I as an American love what the Netherlands has shown could be done.

      Don’t blame the people that live in a country, help them to wake up the ones that are sleeping.

    3. @Ludo Kerfluffle it is never enough unfortunately, see it more as a never ending buying time game. One we’ve been forced to play for 1600 years unfortunately, since most of our country is well below sea level. Everytime we buy time, then we devolep new technologies, then we can buy more time again etc etc.

  6. We don’t even take the pandemic seriously , what makes you think we’re going to suddenly come too our senses?

  7. Us “treehuggers” have been screaming this for decades. I don’t get how people keep rebuilding on the coasts. Insurance companies are going to stop paying out soon and property value is going to be worth garbage.

    1. yeah, but if you watch; rental companies are buying up coastal land. I figure a lot of them are doing short term buys for quick sales. AND some of them are thinking ahead and are planning to build new ghettos on the coasts.

  8. The most imprtant effects Will be the lands along rivers that dump into the ocean like the Hudson river or the Mississippi river.

  9. I studied environmental science in college. I use to be very passionate about saving the planet. My passion has waned. The public at large just doesn’t care enough about green energy to get behind it. I feel like, at this point, it’s moot. The people in my state still want their coal mining jobs back. Where is the market? It’s disappearing. They simply aren’t educated enough to encourage their kids to get educated. The whole situation is very disheartening.

  10. 60 years ago „sea levels will rise!“, 30years ago „sea level will rise!“,
    Today „sea level will rise over the next 30 years!“
    In 30 years „sea level will rise“…

  11. 1 foot in 30 years is being incredibly optimistic. The non linear rise of temperatures will be hard to grasp in the next few years.

  12. Thank you for the reporting. When will we get serious about climate change? Can’t believe we’re the pass-the-buck generation to the next generations. Pitiful. It will take commitments from ALL of us working together. We CAN do it!
    –Audrey in Chicago

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