Minimum Wage Increase | Disrespected – NCTVET | TVJ Midday News – Feb 22 2022

Minimum Wage Increase | Disrespected - NCTVET | TVJ Midday News - Feb 22 2022 1


  1. Jamaica minimum wage is a joke, wonder why they’re doing it on fools day April 1st, that is just 2 tank a gas for a small car. Smh

  2. Ofcoarse black history month still relevant. Well it is to me I’f others dont recognize it good for them, but black live on, 滕賤儭

  3. In this day and age and everything increasing, Gov. Can only add $2000.00 to min.wage, this is an insult. The poor will be poorer. SMH PEOP贏E TRY DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELVES ON THE SIDE,something legal. Invest, throw partna, buy n sell, save something for a rainy day, don’t matter how small, think positive, It will not get better, if you depend on Gov.

    1. Seriously!! I guess you are comfortable with your paycheck, putting gas in your car, cook gas replacement easy, kids to school every day 365, supermarket no problem for you! Fine stay where you, are and leave the persons who have mouth to feed working 9 to 5 for $9,000 subtract fares for the week from this as well and just have to take it bcz of the corrupted system. How many persons have places to farm? Hmmm?

  4. Kmt!!!!..for all these years we a cry about minimum wage only $2000 increase.. it look like the government of Jamaica is taking people for hand to mouth I believe $12,000 per week is a fair enough choice due to the cost of living in the country

  5. they being raising minimum wages from jamaica get independence and it still nuh pass $10,000.不不不

  6. A minimum wage budget: Monthly
    $9000 X 4 weeks ( 1 month) = 36,000
    Rent $30,000
    Travel $12,000 just to travel to/ fr work
    Utility $20,000
    This person wiil starve to death and in debt.

    1. Jacqueline Gabbidon,
      It’s a disgrace for that kind of salary, agreed. A little correction though fortnight is 2 weeks, not one month. (so it’s $18000.00)

  7. If port securities are not satisfied with their compensation, Jamaica’s borders are DOOMED, and then comes the cycle of illegal items entering the country. The Government knows what they are doing because they, too, are a part of the problem.

  8. Next time when you see the labor minister ask him the following question what that money really can buy I do not know what poor people are going to do some poor people have five children some have to some have three some have four and kids eat a lot around the clock if you ask him the question he will tell you this government is the best government

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  10. We are not close to the poverty line the majority are in poverty. The past JMAE President said over75% of Jamaicans are living below the poverty line “Pandohie”

  11. I would love to know how the authorities, worked out this money because I dnt really think they do.. Can one of the Authorities give a break down how does a person uses $9000 per week?

  12. The sad thing also when some hear about wage increase..they start raising flour cornmeal and Lasco how will we survive

  13. Crooked politicians see it fit to retire with their full pay as pension can only afford to pay poor voters $9000 to work 40 hrs. Go Jamaica, you’re proving yourself.

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