Minister Highlights Benefits of Boetica Rural Integrated Development Programme

Roseau, Dominica – July 1, 2009……. Minister for Community Development, Culture, Gender Affairs and Information, Hon. Loreen Bannis-Roberts highlighted the multi-faceted nature of a special programme aimed at poverty reduction being implemented by the Dominica Social Investment Fund in the community of Boetica.

Speaking at the second Annual General Meeting of the Dominica Social Investment Fund in Boetica recently, Hon. Bannis-Roberts lauded the benefits of the Boetica Rural Integrated Development Programme to the entire community of Boetica.

Launched in December, 2008, the programme utilises a programme approach to poverty reduction. According to the Minister, it is meant to build the community by helping to improve the living conditions of the residents while at the same time seeking to attract those who have left to return and reinvest in the community.

Through a participatory approach with the active input and participation of the Boetica Village Council, the following activities are being undertaken:

  • Assistance to the Boetica Women’s Group
  • Preservation of Culture among the youth
  • Vegetable production and rabbit rearing
  • Refurbishing of hard court
  • Implementation of sports programme for youth (cricket, netball and volleyball)
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Life Skills and Drug Education for youth and adults
  • Training in Building Maintenance
  • Building of Cassava/Toloma Factory

The Minister explained the impact of the programme on this rural community: “The amalgamation of these components is expected to impact not only on the individual household level but on the social and economic landscape of the community-sports/recreation, culture, education and employment. It is also expected to contribute to the building of social capital as the capacity building component takes root among the leadership (as in the Council and other groups within the community). I wish to commend the Boetica Village Council on this progressive initiative.”

The Dominica Social Investment Fund is a programme of the Government of Dominica funded by the European Union. It was established in 2003 as a non-profit organisation. Operations began in 2006.

A total of EURO 4.4 million was allocated by the European Union to be spent over three years.

DSIF is Government’s response to addressing poverty in Dominica. The Fund is designed to provide financial support to projects and programmes geared at improving the living conditions of the poor and vulnerable and to support agencies and organisations who work with these communities and groups.

Committed funds up to the end of March 2009 amounted to a little over $9.8 million from its total budget of just over $10.6 million allocated for projects.

Meanwhile projects of the Dominica Social Investment Fund totalling more than EC$700,000 is expected to get on stream soon in Dominica. The projects will include agricultural and infrastructural projects as well as Youth at Risk and Supplies projects.

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