Minneapolis Governor: Police Reform ’Stymied’ by State Senate 1

Minneapolis Governor: Police Reform ’Stymied’ by State Senate


Minneapolis Gov. Tim Walz speaks about his commitment to getting police reform passed in the state where George Floyd was killed as the anniversary of his death approaches.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Minneapolis Governor: Police Reform ’Stymied’ by State Senate


  1. Why isn’t everyone concerned with excessive force issues which are occuring almost on a weekly basis? I don’t understand the people who want to ignore police departments that aren’t accountable to their communities. The people who are also victims are the tax payers. Besides the larger moral questions, the huge awards being awarded to the bereaved families are funds that could build new parks, libraries, schools, roads and many other community projects. Bereaved families will never see their loved ones in this life again. Make no mistake these families would rather have their loved ones instead of the awards.

    1. @Luis Rosales That’s what happens to your brain when you’ve had too much red koolaid.

    2. @Chuck Correll over 40 dead, over 400 injured and at minimum 500 Million Dollars in damages… To ignore left-wing terrorism is drinking the Kool aid.

    3. @Luis Rosales Hmmm, must be why far right groups are on the FBI watch list but BLM and Antifa are not.

  2. Thank you, Rev. Al for your dedication in answering the call when there is a tragic shooting. The community appreciates you. Blessings!

    1. @Autumn Branch misguided appreciation of you ask me, but extol whomever you see fit; I could care less.

    2. @V V Even when trolls like “Susan” are owning themselves, they just don’t see how ridiculous and irrelevant they are.

      They are only here to attempt to trigger people into posting something against the rules so they can report them and get them banned.

      Every response to them gives them a Sado-Masochistic childish sense of pleasure and power.

  3. We have got to see big police reform pass federally. George Floyd act I believe it’s called.

  4. Reallocation of funding, removing immunity and a national registry of offenders are imperative.

    1. @Jay Gibson and we’ve seen the REPUBLICAN PARTY take it and make it theirs They hold that moniker extra close to them!!!

  5. Governor Walz butting up against Republican State Senate. And go beyond the reporter. Keep peaceful marches again and again and.. Come on Democrats make the majority rule.

  6. We the people can do this and stand for the truth and push for what’s right and say the truth and pass the laws to help all the people in the united states of America

  7. What is wrong with people who can’t treat people like people, regardless of the color of their skin? Too many human beings are flawed that way. I believe it’s a mental illness.


    2. Not mental illness, thats not something you choose to have, being a racist is definitely a choice.

    3. @R S and you understand better? You’ve just attacked a complete stranger for saying we need to do better job getting along. You’ve missed the message

  8. Fix the title. lmao
    Minneapolis Gov.
    I think you mean Minnesota Gov.
    And this is someone born and raised here.

    1. @Luis Rosales You’re still here? You get $1 per post for this nonsense, right? Mr. “Rosales”?

  9. Time for better psych evaluations!
    Time for longer training for police officers!
    Time for law suits against the police to be paid out of Police Retirement Funds NOT tax payers!

    1. There ought to be a federal law. Once a police officer is fired, he may no longer work in law enforcement.

    2. It is time for parents – families – communities to stop making excuses and start owning their prejudices and learn to not discriminate. This is not necessarily a mental health issue. It is the way People bring up their children and have self-righteous beliefs of being better than others.

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