Minneapolis Police Chief: Chauvin Restraint On Floyd 'Violates Our Policy' | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Minneapolis Police Chief: Chauvin Restraint On Floyd ‘Violates Our Policy’ | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said former police officer Derek Chauvin’s restraint on George Floyd “violates” policy. The police chief said Chauvin should have stopped restraint when Floyd stopped resisting and certainly when he was in distress. Aired on 04/5/2021.
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Minneapolis Police Chief: Chauvin Restraint On Floyd 'Violates Our Policy' | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. The drug OD theory just went out the window, so you all can stop blaming Floyds death on drugs

    1. Since when? I thought that is all the police do in our big cities. Ride around all day looking for minorities to whack.

    2. It wasnt murder, it was self defense by chauvin. He will get misdemeanor charges at most and continue to be an excellent officer

    3. @Nubian Goddess Ok Mr Chauvin’s nephew have a wonderful day.

  1. Very proud of our Minneapolis Police Chief Arradondo. I hope this makes a huge impression on the jury.

    1. @Democrats Love Free Handouts how could you justify such a foolish statement? If it was you in Floyd’s place, heaven forbid, you would probably be begging for help due to the treatment. Statements like this is why situations like this even occur. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

    2. @Democrats Love Free Handouts you do have a point but that doesn’t make it okay. The cops got super cocky when the crowd gathered at the scene. They began to power trip

    3. @Democrats Love Free Handouts What a asinine comment. You must have said it for a laugh. So, its the members of the church fault they were shot by Diliann Roof, because they should have been home. The excuses we make !!

    1. He lied. The other cops defense was literally the fact they train them to do that technique. Get off msm. Hitler did this same thing in 1933. Dude od’d.

  2. Shocking testimony. Even more so because police are actually being honest and testifying against another officer. No cameras, no justice.

    1. @Lound Clear if you assume that Chauvin and friends didnt intend to harm Mr Floyd to begin w and that he didnt know that he was outside of policy… w 18 prior complaints I bet he did…

    2. @Lound Clear people high on fetnyal can come back crazier. You are dealing with a dangerous man who served 5 years in a Texas prison for pushing his way into a lady home child. Inside. Pointing a pistol to her belly as she begged for her life. Child was in the home. His homie proceeded to pistol whoop her in her head and sides as Floyd than searched for dope and jewelry. He has prior felony theft charges of another person as well. Mama 20 dollars would have put him back in prison for a long long time. He more than likely hyperventilated on fear of mama they are taking me away for a very long time and high on fentynal. People pass out from hypertension or hyperventilating. He had heart issues as well . 9 minutes pressure assumption? Not a bruise in autopsy?

    3. @Ciro Orlando there wouldnt even be a trial if citizens hadnt caught it on video…. google “police killing beating settlement” and look at the billions we pay for bad policing and “no fault” settlements… pick any city or town in the country and there is, has been, or will be, a police scandal related to police corruption and violence… take a look at LA County Sheriffs deputy gangs, for example. Its everywhere.

    4. @Ted Roe of course there would have been no trial without the video (which also happens to be an important part of the evidence). however, that doesn’t mean EVERY single cop would have covered chauvin if they had known

  3. If Chauvin defence thinks it’s okay to put a knee on the neck for 9 minutes, test it, do the same to Chauvin, if he lives then he’s innocent if chokes out and asphyxiates then he’s guilty.

    1. go search it on youtube, so many have already tried this and had absolutely no problems with it hahaha

    2. If training says you can use the knee you can use the knee period. The chief also failed to say George Floyd had covid and failed to say as the kid testified chauven hand was casually in his pocket? Not true. He had black gloves on his hand was NEVER in his pocket look a little closer. We can not play the race card. The chief also forgot to testify George Floyd spent 5 years in Texas prison for pushing his way into a lady home with child in home. Pointing a pistol to her belly. As she begged for her life. As his 4 homies pulled up and as one took over he pistol whooped her in her head and sides as Floyd searched the home for dope and jewelry. If the BLM thugs want to burn anything down burn down for STOP the violence against woman. These officers had to protect themselves and the public from a dangerous man on fetnyal. The chief forgot lots of testimony. Mama that 20. On my record could give me many more years in prison.

    3. @Greg Denys he caused his own death by hypertension on his own prior. Violent record. Read below.

  4. Awesome job Sir. They better not let this man get away with this. Now hopefully the rest of the United States will pay attention.

    1. This hasnt changed anything.
      You think this is the first time this chief was made aware of bad officers?
      Wow we have so far to go…

    2. @Millie mill, Ms. Millie, posting comments like, “Pig murder GUILTY,” doesn’t help anything and it’s exactly the same tactics that the former failure of a president employed, just from the other extreme side of the aisle / discussion (imo).

    3. @English Craig The autopsy report said asphyxiation, but you’re just a dummy and a racist that needs their talking points to push a narrative. Pathetic.

  5. There you go, even his boss said Chauvin was wrong. He wasn’t doing his job, he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to or was taught. Look at Chauvin’s face, smirk, hands in his pocket. He enjoyed it.

    1. @Democrats Love Free Handouts
      Joined February 15 2021
      Posts nothing but inflammatory comments.

    2. The kid who testified chauven casually had his hand in his pocket and yourself need bi focals. He had black gloves on and NEVER had his hand in his pocket. Look a little closer.

    3. @Sandy Sandyif your eyesight really is that poor, try using zoom to help yourself see what is so obvious to everyone else that has viewed that video, well, it’s obvious to those not suffering from racial bias or even worse, smh.

    1. @James Peter
      It reminds me of the argument that that woman who was run over and killed at the Unite the Right rally in 2017 _actually_ had a (convenient) heart attack and was not murdered by the neo-nazi

    2. @James Peter all the defense has to put in the jury is reasonable doubt. The defense has actually been really effective at cross examination.

    3. @Socomnick What’s the “reasonable doubt”? I don’t think they have been effective at all. But you must have watched a different trial.

  6. Chauvin did this because for him it was business as usual for him. I would bet anything that this was not the first time he did this.

    1. @Doesnt Matter Floyd definitely od’d. He was having a massive anxiety attack. Combination of that and the fentanyl explains both toxicology reports. He was stuck in a cycle. You could tell he was ashamed of himself. I feel bad for him. I don’t think he could help himself out of it. Laying on his stomach may have added to it. Not the knee. I don’t really see a scenario where Floyd lived. He would have done anything not to go back to jail. He was sitting in his dealers car btw. He just took a face full of drugs not to go to jail. He had a choice to make. He made it.

    2. @Allan Fearnley I’m reading the excuse that the other three cops were afraid to question chauvin since he was a senior cop. The real problem is the supervision and the chief not checking him in the road.

    1. @dakota haro Chauvin will do no time. Chauvin will walk. You can try to refute this, but here’s a pro tip: You literally can’t.

  7. Still kneeling on Floyd when the paramedics showed up and there was no pulse. Better hire cops that aren’t afraid for their safety from dead men. Guilty.

  8. A police chief testifying against one of his city’s former officers. Never thought we’d see the day.

    1. @James Peter “There would have been no trial if the chief was white.” According to what you said, all white cops would have covered Chauvin, which not only is not true, but is also a PREJUDICE, which is HIGHLY racist.

    2. @Ciro Orlando I said a white police chief would have never testified against Chauvin. That’s a fact. Nothing racist or prejudicial about it. Show me ONE white police chief who has ever testified against a white cop in a murder trial. I’ll wait.

    3. @James Peter That’s your opinion, NOT a fact. Excluding ALL white officers because of their race is highly racist, as if skin colour mattered in this case. You want names? Salvo d’Acquisto and Mario Rega are some of the most famous. It’s not about skin, it’s who they are. Guess what? The chief could have been black and covered Chauvin. But nooo cause he’s black he can’t be racist!!! Your logic makes no sense, white, black, blue yellow or whatever, anyone could have testified against Chauvin.

    1. @lOve Forever maybe your father lied to you but not the chief.. talk about your father lying to your mother but not our chief.

    2. The chief is a liar when his lt who is in charge of restraint training they show it’s a taught and a picture from a manual of an officer in the neck! The defence then turn the guy into their witness as he admits he has knelt on a suspect until the ambulance has arrived ! I kid you not this guy is just a politician telling people what he thinks will save his skin. He will be sacked and then sue the police again, he sued mpd for being racist and was made chief.

  9. Looks like the police are relaxing their “no-snitch” policy on this one. The Blue Wall of silence has a door after all.

    1. Just so you idiots know, the other cops defense showed paper work proving they were trained to do this. The chief changed policy after Floyd. Not before. Floyd was literally foaming at the mouth from the drugs he just got off his dealer while he sat in his car and swallowed three times the lethal dose of Fentanyl. Hitler took control of our media and started race riots to win in 1933. That’s exactly what billionaires who control our media did. Learn some history.

    2. The wall of silence breaks at last. I command the Chief. Thank you Sir!

      As it should break. Yes, with jobs you have your band of brotherhood of ethics. I get it.

      However, with this job, an officer of the law, you take an oath. That takes precedence over brotherhood. It has to. When your oath to uphold & serve takes a backseat, all is lost. You are lost. I’m praying our nation hears this Chiefs testimony & hears factual & logical words. Does not see color or a wall of brotherhood broken. Just hear it for what it is & what we’ve all known since the moment this horrific event took place. Take it for TRUTH & let this man face his consequences. I pray the jury does the right thing. It’s a cowards way out to have taken this trial & put this mans loved ones through all of this. To put your own team through this. The city & nation you let down.
      He’s a coward. If this jury does not convict him…God help us all cause this powder keg WILL blow nation wide.

    1. @The dude But when he became unresponsive, the cops should’ve rendered medical aid, yet Chauvin continued to kneel on his neck, which isn’t policy. It’s negligent homicide.

    2. @Guywholikes goodmusic That isn’t what he is being charged with – and they cannot add charges now.

      Plus, the Fire Department already confirmed that they did a “Load and Go” which they only do when situations are really dangerous like riots or active shooter situations. The police argued that the scene was dangerous is backed up by what the Fire Department did. In addition, two Lieutenants and two Sergeants said restraints can be extended if the scene is unsafe and while awaiting medical resources.

      The witnesses have actually helped the defense A LOT more than they have helped the prosecution.

      Not defending the cop, just do not be surprised when he walks because the prosecution didn’t charge him with crimes such as violating his oath, assault, etc.

  10. Floyd was lying face down on the ground, with his hands cuffed behind his back, surrounded by four cops. How could he possibly have been a threat..? Chauvin just wanted to hurt him, period.

    1. @mary thinn amazing argument, if cop would not show up, Floyd was alive. if Floyd wouldn’t brake a law, resist police and eat horse dosage of drugs, he would be alive. They didn’t meet before, those news are found as a fake news. You need realy go into that case, not just give and absurd verdict

    2. Exactly! Once he is cuffed there isn’t much to do. According to the paramedic, his hands and feet were linked together, so there was no where for him to go. Those brutes. Let there be no atonement for them and let their own hands be their executioner, spare someone from putting the officers’ blood on their hand.

    3. @Doja man you cant use drugs as an excuse for murdering a man. This was murder the emt had to prize chauvins knee of his neck after he died.

    4. @Andrew Murray yea I understand what u saying, but the drugs really do have a big impact on this case, because he was saying he couldn’t breath while being put in a cop car before there was any pressure on his neck or anything.

    1. Imagine if Hitler didn’t do this same thing and misrepresent facts to start race riots in 1933.

    2. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t have been a protest. This crap happens more than we know. The video shows us how comfortable he was doing it, he trained other’s too so could have gone under wraps for a long time.

    3. imagine if the news actually aired stuff that really matters. I think two college girls in Chicago were murdered at the same time this happened but nothing on the news about it because it doesn’t fit their narrative. they have to put a criminal on tv that died of an overdose and push a false narrative. And people like you who lack commonsense eat up.

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