Minneapolis Police Chief Said Chauvin Violated Policy | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Minneapolis Police Chief Said Chauvin Violated Policy | The ReidOut | MSNBC


In a striking moment during the beginning of the second week of the Chauvin trial, the Minneapolis Police Chief spoke directly to the jury and made it clear that Chauvin did not represent his police force. Aired on 04/05/2021.
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Minneapolis Police Chief Said Chauvin Violated Policy | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @Era Fascista I just love when people like you come on and immediately show their ignorance . Well done !

    2. @Richard Thomas

      It doesn’t matter if you think Chauvin killed Floyd. What matters is that reasonable doubt has already been established.

      This is a court of law, not the court of public opinion operating on lynch-mob mentality.

      Whether or not Chauvin is responsible for Floyd’s death doesn’t matter. What matters is whether or not the prosecution can rule out all reasonable doubt. They already failed to do so.

      The person who will most likely be convicted in Floyd’s death will be his dealer, who was identified in court and is now pleading the 5th instead of testifying.

      *And he was the main key witness.*

  1. Who in their right mind would be so morally challenged as to try and defend this awful person.

    1. @David Goodman yeah I was with him until the tango part. But no it wasn’t democrats making it political the reps were literally calling the protests “woke mobs”

    2. @Christine King doing it in the most terrible way, I believe so. I ain’t gonna harp on the guy for who he’s defending. Imma harp on him for his actions in court

    3. @Demonics Inc
      Well what exactly do you expect? Anyone stupid enough to defend him, especially how obviously criminal his actions were are obviously mentally challenged, or just plain dumb.

    1. @Fiona Striker Now I’m Racist because I point out Racism That’s about White. Not all but some CAUCASIANS Fear the Day when the Tables will turn and They will be the ones being Oppressed. I’m not Racist because I don’t believe because I’m not in The Race.

  2. joy u look stunning N like always very professional like always thank u for all u do N FOR always bringing the truth

    1. @David Goodman it’s twoof..don’t knock his tinfoil hat until you’ve worn one buddy!!

  3. This is uncompromising and the most uncommon thing to have happened. Rarely does this happen when the police department tells us the truth. This is the most commendable thing to have happened in time. This Chief has a conscience and integrity. He is highly regarded and respected. Some would compromise the truth to make the police department look good when obviously they are not. His transparency and truth was so overwhelmingly obvious and pure. He opened the doors to what the expectations of the police are to do and act in service and duty.

    1. He wasn’t on his neck. If you watched the cross examination of the chief, he admitted, based on new footage presented that chauvin was leaning on George Floyd’s shoulder blade, not his neck.

    2. @Fiona Striker you can stop defending a tyrannical government force murdering an American citizen in broad daylight with a grin on his face soon

    3. @Rob hill If that is the case, there is no need to lie to get a conviction.

      Also if you think we currently live under tyranny. Give it 3 years, you will be begging for the current tyranny.

    4. His neck , his shoulder? What does about this that is debatable? It didn’t end well for Floyd. He died from asphyxia. Hopefully this will help.

  4. Remember when cop procedurals were Barney Miller and Mayberry? I wanna live in THAT America!!

    1. Claressa Lucas
      then play the shows and crawl into your television. The 60’s and 70’s were never like TV Shows LOL It is like saying the families in the 60’s were all like Leave it to Beaver or Father Knows Best LOL

    1. @OKG2000, reality must be a scary thing for you. The reality is Chauvin was arrested May 29 of last year. Your warped worldview doesn’t change that.

  5. Think about the mentality of a so Called human that can knee on a man’s neck whilst handcuffed for over 9min in Broad daylight while that person is crying out for their life like they are at home relaxed drinking coffee his demeanor is no different in the court room or when he had his knee on Floyd’s neck that visual scene really speaks to the sentiment the saying the Man has has his foot on the black man’s neck.

    1. @bryanatwku no I don’t know what video you watched but the video show’s and all the witnesses I heard said neck shoulder blade first time I heard that even the discripion by the state is a knee on the neck.

    2. @Jermaine Edwards,

      Defense Attorney: “Would you agree that from the perspective of Officer Kueng’s body camera it appeared Officer Chauvin’s knee was more on Mr. Floyd’s shoulder blade?”

      Arradondo: “Yes.”

  6. FLOYD AREA RESIDENT HERE: dam near brings me to tears to hear the chief talk like that, i think the neighborhood will have much respect for him after all of this

    1. @Manda he fired them immediately, no paid leave like officers usually get. plus he is from south mpls too and obviously has black families members….. he meant every word he said, ur sleep if u don’t think so

  7. “If he was just laying on his stomach with his hands behind his back, he was still subject to die of asphyxiation in that circumstance.”

  8. I appreciate the police chief not sugarcoating. He was direct to be sure his words are not twisted. Prayers to Mr. Floyds family and all those fighting on behalf of his family.

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