Minnesota Attorney General gives updates on charges in the death of George Floyd | USA TODAY

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison gives updates on charges in the death of George Floyd.

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All four police officers in the killing of George Floyd now will face charges, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar said Wednesday.

"Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is increasing charges against Derek Chauvin to 2nd degree in George Floyd’s murder and also charging other 3 officers. This is another important step for justice," the Democratic senator tweeted.

Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump earlier Wednesday implored officials to hold the officers accountable in powerful remarks at the site of Floyd's killing outside of a convenience store. The incident has sparked mass protests over questions of police brutality and racial inequality and has shaken the nation.

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  1. 1st degree murder for Derek Chauvin. He had planned to kill George Floyd for some time. Therefore it was premeditated. He also has a history of doing the same method with other people who have been murdered by him.

    1. Right it should be an eye for an eye. Derek deserves to die. But hes not even arrested. Wheres the video? Hes being protected.

  2. George Floyed deserves justice. All the four police officers shuld be charged of murder.

    1. @Michael BromerWhat is your justification to say they are innocent while they killed a human being in broad daylight.

  3. The murder of George Floyd. Not the death of. Fix your title.btw he WAS assulted. So just 2nd degree isnt enough.

    1. Until they can prove premeditated murder, 2nd Degree Felony murder is an improvement from 3rd Degree. Hopefully they’ll dig into the time Floyd & chauvin worked at the nightclub.

    2. @Araceli Mata I looked it up. It’s only 25.5 years‼️ TOTAL BS‼️ He deserves LIFE IN PRISON‼️😡

  4. The Minn DA should be prosecuted also. How can he just ignore this? Damn shame it takes the AG to have to prosecute this.


  6. Hopefully the prisoners in the prison system will give those cops street justice. Cops needs to know that they are not above the law because of a badge. In some countries like Mexico a badge means nothing.

  7. Can someone tell me why that translator can’t move off the screen and away from the speaker? I’m sure it’s even more annoying for the man at the podium trying to concentrate on the most important moment of his life. 99.9% of us watching are not deaf, and if we are we can use closed captions. For the 0.000001% of us who are deaf and in the live audience, how much of a sacrifice would it be to move the translator 15′ to the right so the rest of the 99.999999% of us could focus on the speaker in this important and serious moment? Personally I want to see the emotions of the man speaking, not the overly exaggerated, emotional spazzing of the interpreter.

    1. This media is biased and your complaint is irrelevant to the actual problem. Complain about the system. Not about someone trying to communicate to the deaf.

  8. AG Keith Ellison has documented Black Nationalist views and Nation of Islam associations, plus he beat on his girlfriend. Conflict of interest.

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