Minnesota Police Shoot Black Man During Traffic Stop, Sparking Protests | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Minnesota Police Shoot Black Man During Traffic Stop, Sparking Protests | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. If the body cams could have exonerated the officers, they would have already released the videos….but they haven’t.

    1. @Highland Reel Vs Bricks And Mortar Elate you’re. Please learn to spell. & your butthurt comment is biased, & based on a low IQ. & even hate.

    2. @Jacob Ross Oh the Mom reference….a classic. I am quite sure your Mom would be proud…if in fact you know who she is.

    1. @Bill Burgess by all means do try and prove me wrong. You conservatives have attacked this country time and time again. From the civil war to the 6th, to your attacks on voting rights. After what we saw on the 6th. You conservatives proved you are nothing but enemies.

    2. @Silkwood Art not even close. This is an issue that most civilized countries do not have. Most western countries do not have their cops shooting civilians every other day

    3. These criminals need to stop resisting!
      What is the number one denominator in these deadly situations?
      Answer: Criminals resisting the police.

    4. @Dementia- Joe oh look yet another filthy conservative. Maybe go watch yesterday’s video of police brutality then come back here and say that BS with a straight face.


  2. You see that. You see how quickly the National Guard was deployed for this and you see how they took forever to show up at the capitol

    I wonder why…..

    1. The “why” is because DC isn’t a state. If DC had the authority to call in the national guard they would have been all over the capital. Look into these things.

    1. @Jeremy B I have never had a problem with the police and I am 53 yrs old. I never gave them a reason to have a problem with me. I am glad the police are around, because it is better than dead meat sacks laying in my front yard.

  3. It’s quite amazing how fast the National guard got called and how fast they called these people looters when we know exactly why they’re being called that and why the National guard was called so quick. It really is f****** disgusting.

    1. @casarah henderson what exactly are you talking about? What kind of revolution? By what means and too what end and against whom?

      You know it is easy to sit behind a computer and write emotionally but a very different thing to put those words and thoughts into action. Especially for a good cause.

      A revolution you say? Well in that case I am with you if it is peaceful. Protests are a part of such a change, followed up by lobbying and new legislation and other reforms.

    1. @Game Asylum Well dearie..OPEN YER EYES! How can you see where you are going when your vision is so poor?

    2. I find resisting arrest by a career criminal to be more of a loss of credibility than a cop merely using the wrong firearm by mistake.
      Getting a real education on this subject is very important. Let me know when you get there.

  4. We need a bottom up investigation of all Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement to weed out White Supremacist Extremist Terrorists that have infiltrated Law Enforcement.

  5. Police should have no control of body cams.. direct feed to station and instructions giving by supervisor.. technology is there, police unions just don’t want that kind of accountability

    1. Direct feed to the station isn’t needed. Connect the firearm wirelessly to the bodycam so as soon as the weapon is drawn the bodycam is activated.

    2. @R L T show me one case where cops were charged for turning off their body cams. Actual charges, not wrist slaps.

    3. ‘to protect and to serve’…
      cannot be any sicker joke than what have happened in the racist state of minnesota.
      there are more peaceful places in the country to raise your family.

    1. @Jarrett Vasco77 Lol…all MSNBC can do is talk about Trump. I will try to do as you suggest. Thanks for the advice.

    2. @T. R. Campbell {Why was this. It was because the mayor of DC and the police chief did not call the National Guard until it was too late. The congressional investigation showed that there was intelligence beforehand that individuals were going to cause a riot in DC. City officials did not inform capital police. The National Guard was contacted but they were not activated nor were they given instructions as to what to do. It clearly looks like a certain element wanted this riot to occur. We still do not know the death of the brave police officer. There has been no transparency and no cause of death that was released. We still don’t know who shot and killed the unarmed girl who was standing outside the house chambers. The shot came from inside the chambers. She was unarmed and all witness reports including a member of BLM who attempted to assist her stated that she was just standing.} Adding to your Congressional Investigations , they have been told to stop because the more they find out the more it leads back to BLM and Antifa starting the Riot on the 6th. It just goes against the Narrative that Democrats are good and republicans are evil so they stopped. One day soon the Full Truth will come out like it is with the George Floyd case and how Trump won 2 impeachments and how china is about to go to war With Taiwan because Taiwan wants its independence but the media is staying silent about it. The Writing is on the walls as I like to say it and the Truth will set us free.

    3. @T. R. Campbell just too bad that some of us are smart enough to know it was a setup by BLM and anti-fay if the trueth ever come out Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were probably behind it !

    1. @robert gosney 🤔that makes zero sense.😐

      Here is truth:

      you are not patriotic if you’re with those who attempted to overthrow the United States government and seize power on Jan 6th.

      That was an act that looks A LOT treason. No one outside the Trump cult 45 looks at you ppl as patriotic… don’t matter how many flags you wave.

      All around the planet you look like traitors of the US government. It looks like you want to install an emperor who is above the law.

      Sorry, but we are ok with just having a President, not an emperor.

    2. @Ender Panda “several cops were killed” this never happened, stop spreading misinformation

    3. @THE ANGRY QUAD There were many Police injured and one killed. I’m sorry about Ashley, but she should not have been there.

  6. I watched the protests last night. I am from Minnesota so I followed the smaller, local media. Unicorn Riot is a good one for streaming right from where everything is happening, and he is right on YouTube. The protestors were almost completely peaceful. Early on a Cpl of police cars were damaged, but after the victims mom came out and begged them not to damage things, the crowd of people stayed pretty non violent.

    In front of the police station they were loud and chanting, as you would expect with a protest, but the main group in front of the PD were not attacking. But the Brooklyn Park PD was definitely attacking the protestors!! I went to sleep at about 1 after the Unicorn Riot stream shut down.

    I am sure there were ppl who took advantage of this and were out stealing and other criminal acts, I hate that it happens when a community is trying to make a point. It makes it hard for the residents to listen.

    1. Well stated. You should be a broadcaster and simply report the news rather than weaponize it……

    1. @Crimson Spirit It is true because you say it is? You have given yourself the authority to tell us what is true and what isn’t? A classic leftist trait.

    2. @Silkwood Art — I’m not sure you get it. The police aren’t very good at their jobs currently. Even this shooting was an accidental shooting. They wanted to pepper spray him an officer’s gun went off.
      Maybe you don’t feel the need to be sympathetic because the victim was black. Maybe you just think following orders no matter what will keep you safe.
      The truth is officers are killing white people also. I don’t know what is keeping those stories out of the news. Maybe they know if it only appears minorities are complaining then nothing will happen.
      Cops shoot a higher percentage of unarmed minorities, but in total, they shoot more white people.
      The police are doing a terrible job policing period.
      If someone resists, the police are trained in handling resisters without lethal force. There were at least 4 officers on the scene and a perpetrator without a weapon. Why is the victim dead?
      Resisting isn’t the answer. Bad police training is the answer.
      Even if there was a warrant for murder, the police are supposed to bring him in alive. It isn’t their job to punish.

  7. My condolences to the young man’s family and friends. The bad police in America need to be weeded out, better training and resources. This is inhumane. The keystone cops would be better and safer. They are more like the headstone cops 😢. And not to mention the ripple affect every time this happens. All the best from a wee Scottish lassie.

    1. @DP your concept is flawed.

      You need golden rule, silver rule, and bronze rule combined to defeat poisonous mentalities.

    2. @Rory M Yeah you are right HE’S not a genie after all. Trusting & having faith & taking action in HIS Perfect Will is one thing, but not doing anything and saying, “GOD will fix this.” is another lol.

    3. @DP unfortunately i agree. I have to say…most humans or “people who look human” only understand one thing…force. Although I do wish peace among peoples…most only understand the power of Hammurabis code eye for an eye. So…you’re correct. Treat others with respect and dignity, and no problems will arise.

    4. @jon pork well clearly there is a such thing as race it is however a human construct with no biological scientific measurements

  8. Are police being advised in their morning meetings before hitting the road that they should avoid killing people needlessly???? They need to be reminded and if they don’t do…. arrest them and put them in prison.

    1. How about you get the whole story before you pipe off?
      It was a terrible mistake, but it was a mistake nonetheless. It was NOT racism or any improper police brutality.

      No morning pep talk would have changed a thing.

      Maybe the dead guy should have had a pep talk in the morning not to resist arrest?

  9. Where was all this use of force on January 6??? This system is so blatantly corrupt and racist that it sickens me🤬😤

  10. I saw the video…simply a tragedy. The cop thought she was going for her taser, but actually pulled her service pistol and shot this young man. Another life taken by the people who claim to protect and serve us. And over a warrant for failing to appear due to a suspended license.

    1. Yea me to she didn t mean to shoot him and he should of just let them take him into jail so sad a young man is dead smh s.i.p

  11. This is going to be the new excuse for these types of killings. the cops will yell Taser Taser Taser then shoot you with a gun and say oops I thought it was my taser.

    Just like they always yell, “he’s reaching for my gun!” when they are in a fight.

    It keeps happening because there are no coincidences, well unless there is a riot then suddenly there is a trial.

    And people still wonder why people riot.

  12. You know, in the UK the policement don’t control their bodycam. They are turned on permanently and they are obligated to wear them. This should also be the case in the US. This way you’re always sure there’s bodycam footage.

    1. The Police have bodycams on but they like incriminating themselves instead of showing the evidence that their cops were doing their jobs.
      As evidence has came to light that the Officer never had his leg on George Floyd’s neck it was on his shoulder.
      And George Floyd died from a drug overdose.

  13. I’m a mother of a black son serving this country.Just has lost my husband and his farther.He was serving in lraq when I reach to tell him what had happened.He was transfer back to the United States to Kansas City .Month of November 2011 he went to the store forgot he didn’t have his credit card on him leaving back out the store to go back to base four car loads of office surrounding him accuse him of criminal threft, failure to stop at a stop sign he have not left the parking lot and a 5,000 dollars bond . Please as a mother as a widow I knew in heart that justice was not given to my son knowing they was wrong .God have mercy on our black men’s today because this justice system is not for us it’s wrong .

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