1. @Aaron E.
      Still, nobody forced you to pay any attention to that whatsoever. You’re blaming the news when you had full control over what you look at this whole time.

    2. @TheFanMan The problem is not what I look at – I’m a professional historian, I know how to do proper research, and I can sort out facts from spin and tell the difference between truth and propaganda. The problem is the many people who can’t tell the difference getting sucked into a cult that causes trouble for the rest of us. It’s why reputable media do fact-checking and exercise editorial control : they don’t want their reputation to be tarnished by publishing garbage. That’s not censorship; it’s quality control.

    3. @Akai Shigunaru Not to forget the japanese atrocities in China and elsewhere either. And the racism in Japan nowadays. Nonetheless I agree with you.

  1. Trump should have been banned from telling his LIES many years ago . His whole life is based on lies like “John Barron”.

    1. John Barron’s insightful , perfect, very stable genius reporting could have potentially won a Nobel prize according to Donald Trump. Wait…..Fact check…. Oh , John Barron was Donald trump …. never mind…. just a nutjob

    2. @Fester Adams He is perfectly free to speak , nobody is stopping him . These privately owned businesses have decided that he is no longer welcome to use their platform .

    1. @Jay , Hey Hairy Nosepcker,
      Think of how stupid the average person is,
      and realize y’all’s stupider than that.

    2. @Reitler Jan apparently you missed the point of the conversation. I was correcting a lie. Have a great day and next read the thread in its entirety.

    1. @hi we were deployed more under obama, Trump brought us home within the first 6 months because we aren’t doing anything over in most the countries. Jordan and Iran are about the only places with active combat. Korea and the rest are simply because they are having us rebuild their communities while we profit off of it while still keep them in the hole under their own communistic rules.

  2. Trump: It’s unfair Kimmy! Sleepy Joe got less votes!
    Kim Jong-un: “Fewer”
    Trump: Shhhh, don’t call me that in public yet!

    1. @ThE cUrtAin remOVed!!! Blah blah blah. America will always prevail over her enemies within and abroad. Simple.

    2. @Remey Momma,the FBI is being cleaned out. [C_A] is to compromised, it will be dismantled. I’m not the one who is in fear. The [guilty] are though. Have a nice day.

  3. That should also be used as evidence of trumps culpability in the attack . His misinformation and lies spurred the idiots on.

    1. Kool-aid poisoning I don’t think so just wait & see when Trump is convicted in his second impeachment trial in the Senate & what I know currently about the right wing media it’s 100% true mainly Fox News buh bye

  4. It’s almost like he was the source.

    Edit: It’s amazing how many peoples’ sarcasm detectors are on the fritz.

    1. @WilliamOccamensis lol I agree with you it was a riot. Anytime a mass of people use violence to prove a point it is a riot. Just like all of the riots this past summer that the news kept calling peaceful protest as buildings are burning in the background…

    2. “It’s amazing how many peoples’ sarcasm detectors are on the fritz.” … it’s likely that Poe’s Law applies.

    1. @Fester Adams Incorrect. Online web sites are private entities… not public. They are free to regulate their content in any way they see fit.

    2. @Fester Adams Go study the law. Privately owned web sites can do as they please. It is not a “right” to visit web sites, any more than it is a “right” to go to a restaurant for free. I happen to be a web site owner and have been for a long time. I can regulate content on my site in any way that I see fit. I can ban people if I want to, I can delete posts and I could even edit someone else’s post, if I wanted to (I don’t). Fact is, I own it. It’s my house… the First Amendment has nothing to do with it.

    1. Soviet Scarborough is the king of disinformation, His show “Morning Joke” is nothing but misinformation and Party propaganda

    1. @TuneTwister Music Don’t make the same mistake again please, bring them to the light and handle with them correctly otherwise it will always linger in the dark.

    1. @AdeptPaladin sir ..used to work as a Microsoft dev since win 3.1. win 10 has more bug reports an open issues than every other deployed op sys. In fact if you placed each sheet of actual issue elements together in boxes you could build a decent 2 bedroom home

    2. @Andra Book HA HA HA! Tell the Americans the same thing enough times and they’ll believe the moon is made out of cheese. We take this opportunity to thank our puppet friends in the American Corporate Media for their many contributions. For the Corporate Elites in the U.S and our Party members its: W’ere in the money! We’re in the money! Hooray! Goodbye Racist Trump! Whoo-HA HA HA

    3. @Mickey Powell, , “gold destroys the [fed]”. Andrew Jackson took out the 2nd private bank,now it’s time to go to the gold standard and END the [theft] of the people.

  5. It wasn’t just trump, Twitter cracked down on the dedicated QANON conspiracy accounts too. Remember they said they banned thousands of accounts and then conservative media personalities and politicians started complaining that they lost thousands of followers like a day later?

  6. Of course, all the cryin’ nazis are hiding under the beds…tryin not to hear the knocking on the door…

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