1. If you missed it go and watch it. Don’t rely on the media to give you accurate information or news without spin, sensationalism or bias.

    1. @Master Man each side has their versions of true freedom and equality and each side has indisputable shortcomings when it comes to TRUE freedom and TRUE equality. Picking either side would be disappointing.

  2. CNN can just read these comments if they think 41% of Americans were positive about his speech.

    1. @Deanna Fidelity Isn’t it sad that the news tells you how to think and feel. If the world would just shut of the MSM and social media, they will begin to see the true beauty in this life. Anxiety and depression would be down and many would love their neighbour. The brain is so malleable. That’s why so many tcomm majors take psychology courses in college. It is a system to brainwash the masses.

    2. @Inde D Mostly the bots are supporting the Democrats. Go to look up any Hillary interview over the past couple of weeks and then look up Hillary’s last video on MSNBC.
      There is a, well, um stiking difference.

    3. @dcthurber1124 That might be house “eu.” himself. I don’t know what the pronouns are.

  3. Wolf thinks that soldiers halfway around the world are being “respectful” of whats on TV in the US?
    Hubristic much?

    1. @Mountain Man Games Every word of it, but I still don’t admire the courage of the Iranian people. 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Mountain Man Games I did. He seems to have forgotten we’re supposed to be defunding the police, not funding them.

  4. Raising interest rates and the minimum wage increases the cost of business. Inflation is those costs being passed on to the consumer.

    1. There is truth to what you post but it is also a gross oversimplification which excludes a great deal of other impactful factors but it is just a post on youtube

  5. CNN’s poll said 47% of all voters thought this was a great speech but can’t get even 1% of the democrats posting here to make good comments about it.
    Somebody is lying LOL

    1. @Angel Navarro Are you enjoying your gas? Up 100% since YOUR president took office. Inflation up, crime up, morale down debit up. Yeah, he and the democrats are f’ing geniuses.

    2. @Rider 38 a colleague of mine said his grandparents voted for Joe Biden. I’ve never seen someone so mad after he found out about it. He said he was done with them n would never visit their gravesite again.

    3. @D.O.A_ Unpossibles don’t forget that Biden also lifted the sanctions on Nord Stream 2 which allowed Putin to make huge profits off Germany too.

    4. @Angel Navarro instead of deflecting onto Trump, can you enlighten us on what made sense in the state of the union?

  6. Yeah he forgot the part where we’re buying oil from Russia, because he shut down our pipelines, and the part where he referred to the Ukraine people as Iranians was also fantastic, and he talked about them breathing in toxic smoke in the middle of a war.

    1. “If you don’t like burn pits, then you ain’t an overgrown fly in a cheap blue pant suit.”
      – Xho Xiden

    2. The DC Sniffer doesn’t have any independent thought of his own. He’s like Ron Burgundy n will literally read anything put on the teleprompter. Who thinks when joe said at the end of the speech “Go get him” that it was something he heard through his earpiece that was actually meant for his handlers. Such an astounding clown show we witness with poor joe.

  7. “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” — George Orwell

    1. @Pyladin 😂😂😂😂
      Talks about literature – has to edit their single sentence comment for… whatever reason 😊

      You’re just the gift that keeps on giving ❤

  8. CNN always gonna stand with Biden, Biden could be doing what Putin is doing and CNN would find something good about it and then report on why it’s trumps fault

    1. How can they look at themselves and say it was a good speach. Bad bad not to see the reality. It was so terrible .

    2. Well biden decided to fund putins war. Supporting a tyrant is the same as being the tyrant and CNN is backing The DC Sniffer,, so pretty much the same scenario you are speaking on.

  9. As a European watching this, this shows me how ridiculously critical Americans are of the president.
    And also why this focus on the role of the president? There should be more focus on congress, who are clearly causing most of the obstruction. Can we do polling on them?

    1. Thisisanya, As an American and watching this I am disgusted by this unduly elected President and his progressive Left handlers and many of us are focused on the 2022 Midterm elections.

    2. @K C Now I know who you are! Your the guy beatin off with Jeffrey Toobin of CNN!. You are Pathetic!🇺🇸🔨

    3. You probably are from Germany and wonder why Americans still have different media outlets rather then everything the same as CNN also surprisingly in the US people do actually seem to reflect at least a little bit, so that you see opposing comments of the narrative told under either CNN or Fox News. Actually gives me a little hope for society. Fact is “being critical of the president” surely is not ridicolous its called being a democrat in the sense of believing in democracy (don’t confuse it with being a member of the Democrat party). Something people in Europe, especially Germany seemed to have forgotten what that means. Also congress is controlled by the party of the president… polling and voting on them indeed is the same as polling and voting on the president, since the president especially in the USA is the most prominent representative of his party. I could understand your comment if Kongress would be controlled by the opposition. But in accordance of the real world circumstances I assume you have very little insight in American politics, the American presidential system, economics and maybe even politics in general. I highly recommend reading some books on how economics work and maybe even some history books as well. Maybe you would then understand more context.

    4. @K C – The election was rigged. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton, 2016, in every major city in America Except huge Democrat ran cities, in 6 key swing states.

  10. What got me was that he’d pushing to fund the police. I mean everyone on the block was so strong on defunding police. What about George Floyd?

    1. He’s got to bring a sense of sanity back to the democrat party. They are going to address topics that are reflected in the polls….that’s how they make decisions. One of the main party differences

    2. @Who Knows He doesn’t have to say it…instead he has Merrick Garland doing that for him, and still does. So, what Biden said last night is just a hollow lie.

  11. I’m an economist by trade, and the remarks Biden had regarding lowering inflation through “lowering costs” that businesses incur is the most idiotic and uninformed opinion I’ve heard in my 20 years of my career. WIth a higher minimum wage, businesses tend to raise their prices to increase their bottom line. The underlying business’ suppliers’ cost of materials and cost of goods and services prices in their higher wages they must pay. There is a direct correlation to higher wages, material costs, and the consumer prices you will pay; thus, you will not see businesses lowering their costs, especially with higher wages and the underlying suppliers who also price in higher wages. The real culprit is the real interest rates underpacing the rate of inflation to slow the growth.

    1. @W T Funny, but you do not sound educated. Tell us what you have published in your field so we can see if you are as bright as you say you are.

    2. His plan is to lower inflation by raising the business costs, lowering the profit margin, and increasing the taxes to the businesses. Then he’s somehow going to convince businesses to come back into the US and invest so that we can rebuild the manufacturing industries that we lost. That makes no sense. Businesses aren’t going to come back when they’re unable to profit by regulation. His speech sounded good but it doesn’t add up mathematically.

    3. @Den Van Did PUTIN buy H UNTER’s “ART” ???? Is that why BIDEN is IMPORTING RUSSIAN OIL ?????

    4. @Den Van Did PUTIN buy H UNTER’s “ART” ???? Is that why BIDEN is IMPORTING RUSSIAN OIL ?????

    5. @sonia julie “Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia and the widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow.”

  12. Missed the State of the Union address? You missed a demented old man who believes he’s a legend in his own mind.

  13. My take away after two minutes into the “State of Disaster” address by biden – this is a MAD TV episode!

  14. Defund the police, did you look at Maxine Water’s face? 😂😂😂, he found no common ground!

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