1. Этот клоун говорит из-за страха, все вы, сопротивляйтесь. Мужчины не выходят. Джон подвергает опасности невинных людей. Джош, он в безопасности.

    1. @Perla Bermudez
      You are right…We all should pray TO JESÚS TRUMP THE MESSIAH..!!!…. WE WANT OUR GOD BACK TO THE WHITE HOUSE..!!
      By the way, I am from Cuba…..Where are you from.?

    1. Om my. Right in the midst of all the darkness and turmoil i see someo who is still grounded in hope. thank you Jesus,never let this person quit what they are doing. Keep letting your light shine so they can see hope in the dark days we are in.😀

    1. After covid, do you really need to ask that question? Propaganda, corrupt media, politicians are the enemy of the people. 2020 to now has showed us we are just as vulnerable as ever to mass manipulation. Humanity remains the same.

    2. This has been happening to the Syrians. Did we forget? Israel just recently bombed Syrian under all of the Ukraine attention.

  2. How could there have been no casualties? If no one was in the 20 apartments hit, the building was already abandoned and this is propaganda.

  3. Was no doubt headed for the airport and hit this building instead. I really hope Russia’s leadership pays a steep and long lasting price for their actions. My thoughts are with Ukraine.

    1. @M V The majority of Ukraine wants to remain separate and should be able to do that. Anyone else can move to Russia.

    2. @nunya My point is that things are complex on the Ukraine-Russia conflict. The US and NATO want to expand their power to the front door of Russia, which is letting Ukraine joining the NATO. They should do that in the first place. Also, the Ukraine president is dumb enough to believe that when the situation getting worse, the US and NATO would help Ukraine against Russia. I think we need to think about what role the US and NATO play in this entire conflict. They are fueling the escalation. Whether they are waiting for an opportunity to start a new round of sanction against Russia, or they can sell more weapons, which they always do during regional conflict or total war like this. The US government is never innocent.

    3. *They shouldn’t do that in the first place. Pardon me my typo

      Also to make my point clear. I don’t support any kind of war or conflicts. A peaceful negotiation is always the best way to solve all the problems. And I really feel sad for all the people that loss their home and loved ones in the war.

    4. @BigBRo I couldn’t agree more. The US is not innocent in these matters, and they probably will supply weapons to Ukraine. I’m hoping so. Just because the US is corrupt and gets away with everything doesn’t mean we should just throw our hands in the air when a country flagrantly invades another. I think we should help as much as we can.

      Hey, it’s not like we’re installing nukes in Ukraine a la Cuba. If we were doing that I could understand Russias complaints, but merely having a neighbor who disagrees with you is no reason to invade.

      I too hope for peace, hopefully before too many more people die.

  4. Look at that, if that building was I’m America it would have demolished onto itself straight down in a controlled manner. But in other countries they remain standing as they were designed to do…

  5. Mind Begs the Question:
    If Deploying Weapons,Troops
    In USA backyard – Not Allowed
    In Russias backyard – Allowed

    1. IKR… Doesn’t make much sense that a missile can hit a building and it continues standing, but an aluminum airplane ‘supposedly’ brought down the World Trade Centers in NY…Geez, I’m glad people don’t open their eyes to the truth because many money-hungry, bloody murderous presidents would be tarred and feathered or assassinated by their own people.

  6. I’m french , and i’m opposed to Ukraine’s invasion . But….. Who is the true guilty of this ? I mean , if your highest rival of all times Comes until your home for stalking and provocations , how would you react ? It is precisely what happens with NATO and Russia. And Ukraine deals with it. Even if i love US for some reasons , I think it’s Time to retire , let Easterns people and europeeans do as their please .

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