Missing Australian toddler found after 3 days in the woods 1

Missing Australian toddler found after 3 days in the woods


A 3-year-old boy who went missing from his parent's property in a remote part of Australia on Sept. 3 was found alive days later.

"It's a miracle" said the boy's father shortly after being reunited with the toddler.

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  1. 1 Sep, 2021 …Victoria premier extends statewide lockdown, again, as Aussie police granted power to remotely assess your phone and change Data …NOTE ..world record lock down over 200 days

  2. Hes a very smart boy to survive 3 days in the woods i am happy hes been found my heart goes out to him and his family.

  3. I wonder why with a kid that is none verbal that mom and dad did not look at strapping a tracking device on the kid. Oh well, glad he was found safe, not too much damage to the kid.

    1. i dont know much about that but i have a kid and i think if i had to put a tracking device on him he would feel ashamed. yea i get he doesnt know but then he might take it off if he doesnt know how importent it is. my kid (2) feels ashamed when he missis the potty.

  4. Thank you all : Reported in the Arabic news, Jordan- what a generous offer made by Qatari, UAE sheikhs and Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs. They have offered to help build Mosques and Quranic education schools for new refugees to UK, EU and Canada. 
    Very generous offer for Justin and friends in Canada, UK, and EU. Described as a Diplomatic set back for Jacinda of New Zealand.

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