Missing radioactive capsule is found in the Australian outback | USA TODAY


  1. At least it didn’t get run over or stuck in someones tire. Finding it in the Outback is a lie though since they showed us they trucks route already which was a straight highway run.

  2. Really should learn a thing or two from Sweden & Finland…if this is anything to go by. It’s a serious red flag of things to come

  3. is “fell off a truck” an Australian expression we don’t understand? what do you mean it fell off a truck? like your method of transporting it was setting it on a truck, driving off and acting surprised when it wasn’t there when you reached the destination?

  4. Waste of money looking for it. Western Australia is large enough and sparsely populated enough that a capsule that small would never have posed a legitimate threat to anyone, human, or wildlife.

  5. Okay… but HOW did it fall off the truck? Malicious intent? A dry run test of a much larger and much more dangerous operation to steal radioactive materials?

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