Mississippi Asks Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To Roe v. Wade 1

Mississippi Asks Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To Roe v. Wade


NBC's Pete Williams reports as the state of Mississippi has asked the Supreme Court to hear their challenge to Roe v. Wade over their state law on abortion access.

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Mississippi Asks Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To Roe v. Wade


    1. You want to bet it goes nowhere? In the end, Biden will add enough new members to assure a woman has the right to choose.

    2. @Leonard Ripley When? Mitch McConnell will not agree to that. He has carefully crafted a Supreme Court that represents the alt right rather than representing the majority of the people in this country.

    3. @Nancy Ross The Alt Right? Trust me, the Supreme Court is nothing like the Alt Right. This country wouldn’t look remotely like it does, if they were.

  1. If Miss. wants to ban abortions after 15 weeks, it’ll be a missed opportunity if they don’t write the law up as “no abortions after 9,072,000 Mississippi’s”

    1. @Ish TheFish 15 weeks is 9,072,000 seconds.

      People sometimes say Mississippi between counting seconds so they know around the proper interval.

    2. @Jake Matthews ah okay I didnt have the week to second conversion on my dome. Thanks for explaining sir!

  2. Darn, I wish someone had told me that womanhood would be as easy as asking some old, male, bible thumper what he thinks I should do with my life.

    1. @MegaRussell12 My point is with abortion Dems say my body my choice but with vaccines they don’t makes no sense

    2. @Harry Longabaugh Nope, because before viability that thing is merely a parasite that can’t actually survive without its mother. If you took it out and sent it to you, you’d have an unalive fetus.

    3. @MegaRussell12 Nah, you ask that mothers are forced to host parasites, like sociopaths.

  3. “American woman stay away from me” don’t you just love how women preach to men about keeping their eyes and hands to themselves while 3/4’s naked. They are walking talking conundrums, even they are confused to what they want.

    1. Keep your hands to yourself, no matter what she is wearing, and no matter what you think of her preaching.

    2. @UC7jCS65T7oNInkCAgIYNv-w” He typed while scowling in his mothers basement. While anxiously tapping his feet under his desk on a crusty sock. And just as the video was ending he switched tabs back to his favorite 4chan incel thread to brag about how he “told it like it is” over on YouTube.

    3. @venusflytripp Just open a Lupus Clinic on every corner. You done butchered 70 million of your own, unremorsefully, and you expect honor and respect? Not here you aren’t.

  4. Mississippi is in bad enough shape as it is, now it wants to take the rest of the country with it.

  5. “You jave no right to tell me what to do with my body!”


    “Take this experimental vaccine!”

    1. The day that pregnant people can spread pregnancies to non-pregnant people, i.e. in the same way that viruses are spread, is the day that the abortion and vaccine debates are remotely analogous to one another.

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