Mississippi Sees Uptick In Number Of Kids Hospitalized With Covid


  1. I would keep my children OUT.With all the disorganization of the Mississippi school system I would just tell the school that the kids went to Omaha to live…..They won’t be checking for a long time.

    1. @RarelyAccurate Bad parenting is raising your children obese. That’s a crime, really. Making sure they’re deprived of a good life, have health issues and die prematurely. Horrible parents.
      P.S. Obesity impairs immune system among other things. He can pretty much thank his parents for getting covid.

    1. It’s so sad that because of dumb parents, kids who can’t get vaccinated are suffering more than ever.

    2. @nosuchthing8 yeah and be overweight everything will be fine right? How about stay in shape and don’t mask or take drugs?

    3. @Danial Hillmann you know that’s ridiculous right? These people wont be able to fix their issues overnight. Others, like people with diabetes, cant fis their issues at all.

      If a bunch of deadly dinosaurs were running around and they went after heavier people, would you 1) tell people to close doors or 2) lose weight?

      Obviously 1) is short term 2) is long term

  2. I got a feeling no matter if a hundred percent of Americans are vaccinated that this isn’t going anywhere this going to be like getting the daily weather report

    1. @Klaus World You hit it dead on the nose. They have a diabolical agenda and they are dead set on fulfilling it….at any cost!! Remember that…..At Any Cost! Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!

    2. Break through case data is being concealed by the government and cdc because it’ll prove the vaccine doesn’t do anything other than reduce severity of symptoms. Where’s the data?

  3. 11 years old, has asthma and his parents let him get to 200 pounds. It’s a genuine joke to act like masks and vaccines are for your “health“ when that’s his current situation.
    Eat better, exercise and take your vitamin D. 99% survival rate

  4. Remember 80% of covid patients are obese. Getting 30 mins of exercise a day offers better protection that a mask.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, this is true. The media should have been warning people more vigorously about the connection between inflammation, obesity and diabetes and more severe illness from covif. I really feel bad for this kid that he did not have better guidance on his health and nutrition

    1. According to the U.S. stats, 80% of all U.S. children are overweight.
      So using that as an excuse for idiots not to wear a mask is idiotoc in itself.

  5. I want to hear from the corners office on official count and they aint talking? Wonder why? In 2019 the 1st yr the social security system supposedly was in dept go figure.

  6. Honestly, these parents have to take some personal responsibility for their own children. If they were afraid for him to go to school he should’ve gone remote learning. Also I agree with the other commoners yeah they have a responsibility to sure their child eat a healthy diet maintains a healthy weight. This is an a political issue even know MS NBC is trying to make it so.

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