Missouri Finally Sends Extra Resources To Fight Covid Surge That Has Overtaken Hospitals 1

Missouri Finally Sends Extra Resources To Fight Covid Surge That Has Overtaken Hospitals


Rachel Maddow reports that after a tense lag in response, Missouri is sending extra resources to help fight the new surge of Covid that has already overtaken hospitals at the south end of the state. 
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    1. I’m pretty sure the monoclonal infusion is more costly than the vaccine. Your body, your choice, right? Unless you’re under 12, you pay💰

  1. A Republican state with let ’em die attitude. I will never go on vacation in these sickening states. MO, AL, FL, TX, & others have proven they don’t give a hoot about their citizens. They won’t get my vacation dollars, ever.

    1. @Shawn Michael a French semiotician said it to me. I am from Texas and now live in D.C. Strange life I live.

    2. @peremptory expression nah the needles is a national park for a good reason. Branson boasts living dead entertainers and pork rinds.

  2. MO voters need to rethink who they vote for next time around. Remember the slow acting, almost inaction leadership y’all had during the pandemic. Don’t vote for empty promises and those who did not protect you from a virus. If you have a loved one who died from covid please don’t vote for the incumbent who refused to acknowledge covids wrath. You’ll just have the same ole leadership.

    1. OK,that’s not likely to happen. I was raised in Missouri,I live in Oregon now. Trump said it was fake news and if they don’t know anyone that has has covid, it’s fake news. It is the Show Me state 🙄

  3. What can be expected from electing low grade people in public offices? Unfortunately birds of the same feathers flock together.

  4. That a elected official on such a high level is spewing conspiracy nonsense, should be a sign for all Big Tech to give the governor a 12 hour ban and a public health warning on all his social media posts

    Even if he just says hi to his wife, cause disinformation spreaders now use codewords.

    1. So anyone who says something that could potentially be a code, should be immediately suspended from social media, in case it really is a code. Right on! I like your style, Lavrenti Beria!

    2. @Joey X To make it more fun, some Nostradamus rhymes should confuse the algorithm.

      A duo carried forth by rings of color, five are aiming for the stars
      In the land where people squint, for their pound of metals of yore
      Like the Sun, the Moon and……..

  5. But…even if fully vaccinated, some can still get infected with C-19. Even if the vaccinated-then infected show no symptoms, they’re still highly contagious easily spreading the virus regardless of the shot and the vaccine isn’t a cure that prevents infection from C-19 although a lot of people seem to believe it is. Is a vaccine necessary? Yes it is. But some of the reporting on what the vaccine is and what it actually does ranges from informative to outright suspect. No wonder so many people don’t trust it.

    I just wish the enthusiasm to combat C-19 was as rabid as finding a cure for HIV, cancer or the opioid epidemic or solving problems like hunger, homelessness, inequality and racism.

  6. I was born in Missouri, was partly raised there and always had relatives there but saw where that state was going and fled 20 years ago like a lot of kids once they get a college education which was actually even then causing an underreported crisis there. It was already pretty ruined by Republicans and evangelicals by then, the beautiful nature and much of its history destroyed.

    Sad because at one time Missouri had its charms but went in the completely wrong direction in the Reagan era when many of its Democrats turned Republican and it has has only gotten worse. You want a model of what Republicanism, Fox BS and evangelical Christians can do to a civilized society there is your model right there. Their governor embodies the very worst of all those societally corrosive forces.

    Oh, and my stepfather back in Missouri, a rigid, die hard MAGA type and non-masking anti-vaccineTrump worshipping Republican died this Spring. Yep, you guessed it, from that hoax virus that was no big deal like the flu and just going to go right away, Covid 19. Chalk another corpse up for Donald Trump and Fox “News”.

    1. I live in MO so I can’t agree with you more. I want out of this state so bad and have for many years. Unfortunately due to work and family I can’t at this point. I live in a small town and bought my house here 23 years ago, moved from St. Louis after having children thinking it was the right choice for them. It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. The closed mindedness here is rampant. They complain about all the things they want or need but yet vote against it. I can honestly say though, in the 23 years I’ve been here I don’t know anyone except my neighbor and I don’t shop or do anything here. I know where the schools are, the post office and the two main stores for emergencies and that’s it. I’ll get asked, hey you know so and so or do you know where blah blah blah is and I say no because I don’t and don’t honestly care to. I drive an hour just to shop in St. Louis or do anything.

      When you have a governor and his wife diagnosed with Covid and still have their annual fall celebration for the community at their residence while infected and no mask mandate, you can say he doesn’t care about others just lining his own pockets and licking boots.

    2. @ShabbyBoutique I can relate to this so much. I feel alone in MO amongst people that don’t ‘get’ me.

    3. @ShabbyBoutique I have family in Raytown, It is a backward place. My father died there because of covid.

    4. Yet the Missouri and other Midwest states have a stronger Economy. We don’t live in fear in this state.

  7. Ehhhh? They had to source their ambulance teams from Arkansas? Arkansas doesn’t have enough medical resources on a good day.. on the best of days ppl die in Arkansas due to lack of medical resources and medical transportation…

  8. Live or die it is definitely your choice. But you’re not aloud to take others with you. That’s called murder.

    1. Also not allowed: overwhelming and destroying the health-care system we all built and many depend on for out health and our lives.

  9. Sen Langford, Oklahoma, has his eye on the ball, he is angry about the sale of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

  10. One thing that seems to be stable in the Republican world is that if you don’t talk about something, it does not exist. They are like babies playing pee-a-boo.

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