Missouri Governor Pardons Right Wing Characters, Leaves Wrongfully Convicted Man In Prison 1

Missouri Governor Pardons Right Wing Characters, Leaves Wrongfully Convicted Man In Prison


Kevin Strickland has spent over 40 years in prison even though the sole witness against him recanted and the prosecutor who put him there says his conviction was a mistake, but while Missouri Governor Mike Parson makes excuses for leaving Strickland behind bars, he was quick to pardon right-wing gun mascots Mark and Patricia McCloskey.
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  1. Hmmm, hard to figure out why Mr. Strickland has not been pardoned by Governor Mike Parson. I cant seem to put my finger on it.

    1. @Jeffrey Heinze Fry The world is flipped upside down, are you ok, with that? Having people that you respected, doing some evil things. And I hear chatter,, from other groups, claiming this is ends of time but do feel something evil. Even before I figure it out, I started feeling like, the mask evil, taking a knee and bowing down. And I was never a churchgoer. I do feel their tricksters, a master, in disguise, is here… Are they, all, in on it or they, all trying to make us, think ,it’s end of the times. They’re talking about starving the people out, if not, vaccination? And it’s happening in the party, that always claim to care about, all people and equality.

    2. @Jeffrey Heinze FryYou’re right? Publicly could have reach out to that little innocent black child Secoriea Turner family and offer grievances. Apologized, they were in the wrong. And who in the right minds, would think that the criminal, would become famous and innocent life not important enough defend? Who in their right minds, would think our politician would stand behind The killing of innocent people in America? I thought we had a government set up to take care of us. And there is proper channels to go through, someone is injured by an unsafe procedure.. It is not killing!… it’s going through the legislatures passing laws to protect the people.

    3. @Dill Hole outside of your house is not “castle doctrine” but where did you get your legal degree?

    4. @Random Internet User That’s actually exactly Castle Doctrine… In or out of the house… As long as I’m in fear for my life ..Also, irregardless if your on my property or not… If I’m in fear for my life… I can use the right of self defense anywhere.. only if I’m in fear for my life ..

    1. @Florida Man ain’t you special a special kind of ignorant to say the least about you. Coming to you from the state of Missouri. It’s Conservative right-wing nut jobs that’s what we have plenty of in this state that we don’t want! Florida has a problem of it’s Own when it comes to ignorance from the Governorship!!!!!

    1. @Lex Ruptor
      First off, if you followed the point I indicated the difference between those on the short bus being “born” this way, and “these people made this way”

      A person, through constant beating, can made to be an abuser…so the statement follows that comparing one group to “those on the short bus” is insulting because “these people” over here have no excuse to be so dumb.

      Your racist mind always likes to twist.

    2. Maybe he was listening to the white album, when he accidentally switched his iTunes to “Paint it Black”; while drinking his black cup of coffee in his white painted room…

      ….Color…Color…Color…Race…Race… Race…blah… blah… blah…

  2. This really seems to be a great case for a FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS CASE AGAINST THE STATE OF MISSOURI. Time to mop up the Klan in the governor’s mansion.

    1. @Tech ti so if BLM had made a violent approach towards them with the intent on tying them up you probably be ok with them shooting them as well…..but I wonder how you felt if the Police had started shooting at everyone who made it known that was their intention on January 6th at the capitol. Or maybe if black or jewish people waived their guns around and pointed them at the protestors in Charlottesville who made it apparently they took issues to blacks and jewish people? I suspect that would have be completely different to your eyes….might be time to self evaluate yourself

    2. @Al K loss is the fact or process of losing something or someone. When an innocent man us imprisoned for a crime he did not commit for decades, it is a LOSS. Look up the teo words online. Then enroll in a community college to retake an English course!

    3. @Tony McDonnly Hey Einstein, you didn’t use the word loss. You Used lossed. There is no such word as lossed .

  3. It looks like the “Andy Griffith” looking governor only wants Mayberry, Missouri for a certain kind of ppl, ones that carry “White Privilege” express cards in their pockets..

    1. @JamesAllmond Did you know .more people watch Andy Griffith than MSDNC???? Trump alone can make liberal media’s ratings great again.

    2. Funny how the left cry whataboutism only when the finger is pointed at them. The couple who stood by their home absolutely should’ve been pardoned. This bald anchor (who last year was wearing a mask while doing a story in the middle of the desert with no one around him and then stood in front of burning buildings while calling the protests mostly peaceful) never brought up this Strickland case and how he hasn’t been pardoned for almost 40 years until it was politically convenient for him to do so. Why bring it up now? You had 40 years to bring it up if you actually cared about him. Thanks.

    3. IT seems to be Time when you must replace, remove Vote out these Self-serving Bigots from Public office.(MAKE HIM UNEMPLOYED,VOTE HIM AND THE OTHERS LIKE HIM OUT OF ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICES).

    1. @Lefty Loser Things are changing Jr. The 1/6 commission and federal lawsuits against Trump are holding up. Ta –

    2. @Tony McDonnly 5 years of lawsuits and still nothing. Lmao. Sooner or later you’ll have to admit you were conned by state run media propaganda.

    3. @Lefty Loser I won’t be conned by honest media. You’re still being conned by Trump, his fake news, and Fox news.

    4. @Lefty Loser Lefty Loser or aka Righty Republican “loser” look at the facts, evidence, and the lack of consideration for a white pardoned coupke vs a black man who is innocent of his crimes still sitting in jail. If Prosecutors are calling for the man’s release, MO’s racist Governor should call for this man’s immediate pardon.

  4. The focus is the governor,his actions, motivated by hate, against a innocent black man, they working on a way around the hate, that’s a (R)ogue governor

    1. Biden could do that for charges brought by the United States (a.k.a. a “federal case”). I don’t think a U.S. president has authority to issue pardons for charges brought by any of the “several states” (a.k.a. “state case).

  5. As a resident in Missouri, I can say that pardoning these nitwits is just another nail in the coffin for this Governor. He’ll be gone eventually.

  6. The power to pardon has Political Function and that function in this case is premised on securing White supremacy votes for Governor Parson…

    1. My fellow Americans, this is exactly the kind of thing that CRT attempts to start conversations over. It asks that you look at this decision from the stand point of race and question whether the right decisions are typically made. Thats CRT, not an attempt to shame every white person, rewrite the past, or indoctrinate your child.

    1. The problem really is that America is not just one place – it’s a collection of 50 states, each with their own laws and their own “culture”. Not everyone in America is the same, and not every place in America is the same. In some ways it’s more like the European Union than it is like a single nation.
      There have been many insults against human rights in the US over its history, but we also have a history of acknowledging and attempting to correct our mistakes.
      It isn’t all good, and it isn’t all bad. There are honest Americans, and there are charlatans – pretty much like everywhere on earth.

    2. Nah… USA Has lost it. Many of us refused to accept it for a long time and would always say “ I’m proud to be an American “
      it’s so sad to accept reality

    3. @omi god I agree with some of the points you made but one for sure, america is the only country on earth where police can shoot you and say he thought you had weapons on you.

  7. They have a right to defend their property, but not to swing their guns around recklessly while pointing them directly at people who aren’t threatening them.

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