Missouri rules against state’s last abortion clinic

Missouri moved closer to becoming the first state without an abortion provider when its health department rejected a license renewal for the St. Louis Planned Parenthood location. #CNN #News


    1. @Kim Bardgett “hasn’t proven much better” despite GDP being stronger in blue states. Let’s also not forget how red states became when Obama was elected

    2. Question, why when a Lady wants to have a baby and heaven forbid suffers a miscarriage does she not say She lost the Fetus? Or another analogy, what if the Lady decides to have the baby and is assaulted causing miscarriage, should the attacker be held accountable for the miscarriage or just the assault on the potential Mother?

    3. Jay Are Goes Hard That wouldn’t be shocking if GOP
      actually bill for something like that.

  1. With the two conservative judge to the Supreme Court just added they see a way to stop abortions. When you make laws depending which party you are are not laws. They don’t make ruling on what is constitutional but which side of the political arena you are on. That means even if a law is right one year if there is a change in the Supreme Court it could now be illegal.

    1. liar fighter you are right you don’t have constitutional right to abortion but you don’t have the constitutional right to prevent it.

    2. @Kurt New York That is why I said why should she/he, the right is winning. She/he should stay in Missouri as long as they are no longer murdering babies for body parts like New York !

    3. @liar fighter You are a bigger idiot than i originally thought. Still crying over the Trump win. Hope you are ready for his other term. Better let your mom know so she can stock up on pizza rolls. “MOM WHERE’S THE MEATLOAF”. To live in fear everyday. Must be a sad existence for you.

    4. Daniel Normand Birth control pills and a condom will eliminate almost every unwanted pregnancy. That would be a good statement the LEFT could make huh?

  2. The irony of this is now the Republicans have placed both the ‘baby’ and the mother at risk. Evil seems to be really getting a foothold in the Trump era.

    1. PSA – anyone calling a fetus a ‘baby’ will be ignored. You’re clearly too immature for this discussion.

    2. I’m not really arrogant. That’s just your impression of me based on my confidence. It is you who is close-minded. Your stance is based on emotion, not science. Fetuses are clumps of cells. They are not humans. They are not babies. They are not conscious. They do not have a ‘soul’. The living, breathing ‘incubator’ IS a human. She is conscious. She has a ‘soul’. She is the one that matters here. It’s here choice what to do with that clump of cells. Keep your emotions in check…they cloud your judgement. They make you do silly things like call a fetus a baby.

  3. I honestly think conservative in congress and senate are praying that the supreme court rule against this.
    Majority of the US support abortion (up to 34 months if i remember correctly) and republicans really don’t want to make abortion a 2020 issue, they have already enough problems with healthcare.
    Like the wall, abortion is an issue that republicans use to get votes but don’t actually want to follow through it.

    And before all the cucks in the comment section jump on me ask yourself a simple question: republican had total control of congress for 2 years (and even more if we count previous administrations) but they never try to make a law that ban abortion…like i said, it’s just a political tool to get some votes.

    1. @SkyGemini he and his wife need investigating. Lifting sanctions on Russian mob associated business owners and allowing them to build an aluminium factory in your home state.

    2. @Hazel McCloy So what does a foetus become? Can it become anything other than human? Can you point to cases where it became something other than human? Your lying to yourself… you know it can only become one thing, a human baby. Abortion is the ending of a human life.

  4. USA should cut these Bible bashing states loose – then build a Trump wall around them. How many immigrants will they have then?

    1. @Antoinette Chevalier Yes I know, Catholics are the only ones crazy enough to follow the Beast of Revelation ! However there are a very large and growing number who support Trump and the conservative right. Especially when the leftist want to kill already born babies !

    2. None!!! We’d be happy to accept!! But let’s make it easy, just build a wall around California.

    3. @Antoinette Chevalier says the person from the religion whose official stance is 1. be fruitful and multiply and 2. condoms are a sin.

    4. @Painkiller Jones perfect… guess what… everything you own technologically? you go back in the dark ages. hope you enjoy dial-up and bollywood, dumbass

    1. Daniel It’s easy for a woman to practice abstinence if she is on a date with Poindexter the IT guy. Bad boy Tyrone is another story.

  5. #KeepReligionoutofGovernment Keeping religion out of government would solve so many of our problems.

    1. @Scholoryteller I agree. But everyone would rather blame things on religion because it’s the easiest thing to do. Reminds me of the Nazis….

  6. Congrats on the nice progress towards the dark ages! Who cares about the actual living and breathing persons, right?

    1. complexadaptive well you know when you have people flooding in from places ebola is spreading it is kind of concerning

    2. Prenatal babies are alive, or they couldn’t be killed. They have their own heartbeats and blood circulation. YOU were a prenatal baby once. Aren’t you glad that your mother wasn’t so selfish as to get an abortion?

    3. András Ács whatever we will still have electricity, phones, internet, television, many other modern technologies. We will still have credit and debit cards, running water, running gas, cars, planes, and other motor vehicles. All without abortion

    4. András Ács it is the democraps who will take us back into the dark ages if anyone does. Thats a whole other topic though.

    1. Richard C

      Add Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, and Louisiana to the list. All of them have the worst record for maternal and child healthcare.

      Louisiana has a maternal mortality rate of 56.1 per 100k.

      California has a rate of 4.5.

      As a pregnant mom you are 13x more likely to die in Louisiana. They can STFU about being pro-life.

    2. Scholoryteller

      Bad Cattitude

      Let me list the burdens placed on a woman who gets pregnant:

      – the cost of pre-natal care
      – the cost of delivery
      – medical care if anything goes wrong
      – the loss of income
      – the negative career impact
      – the discomfort
      – the pain
      – possible disability
      – scarring
      – death

      So in Missouri the only way to avoid this is celibacy.

      Or moving out of a state that obviously hates women.

    3. @BeatlesFanSonia shouldn’t men also have the right to abort their unwanted children on demand if their also expected to pay for them?

    4. @WTF Again? you nailed it. Move out of state if you want to murder your children. California could use some more unhinged murderers. They pay extra taxes for those rights.

  7. these Christian fundamentalists are as bad as isis wanting to shove sharia law down everyone’s throats ! the USA is meant to have a secular govt no religion involved. wtf are these goons playing at?

    1. I wished!! If we were like isis it would make dealing with morons like you really easy!! Just cut your fucking head off!! So where are these “Christian fundamentalists” cutting heads off and giving acid baths and also setting people on fire for not believing in their ways!! NO WHERE HUH!! You don’t say! 🙂

    2. @Righteous Indignation How about the ones that bombed abortion clinics and assassinated doctors who performed abortions?

    3. OH NOES!! The Christians want us to stop WHORING around and take responsibility for our actions instead of using murder as a means of birth control!! They are isis!! LMFAO!! You need to go live in a mooslem majority country and stfu!!

    4. You can thank your Satanic Socialist Globalist friends for this latest victory. I love you guys! Couldn’t have done it without Satan’s little helpers. Have a brew at the local pub on me.

  8. Whoa whoa whoa. So you’re telling me that a judge has just ruled against the Constitution of the United States?

    1. @laharl sama piss off commirat, I said I agree women have the authority to execute their own unborn child.
      It’s just evil as hell, and another example of toxic femininity.
      I just want R v W overturned so that the people in each state can determine whether they want to allow Democrats to kill the unborn children.

    2. Inferno Tenshou Please cite the source of a fetus being part of a woman’s body, and the function it serves for a woman’s body.

    3. @laharl sama piss off commirat vermin, little nazis like you cannot argue, so you try to stop others from speaking, vermin like you are the cancer on our planet

  9. Abortion and Immigration! Wedge issues used by the Corporate establishment to divide and conquer! Meanwhile, the Rich are running out the back door with all the Gold!!! 👋🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

    1. EmilyIn Wonderland Margaret Sanger was a true racist who wanted to exterminate blacks, yet this snackpack thrower above me wants to put My president under a bad light after lowering black unemployment to historic numbers. Ungrateful and foolish!

    2. The Abortion industry is the corporate establishment you dummy. You think companies like planned parenthood really care about women? They care about the money because they make millions off of abortions. They’re able to shield that by saying they want abortions legal because they believe in a woman’s right to choose when in reality they want abortion legal because it’s their main source of money. A former director of the company even admitted to it. It’s ironic all these liberals want to take down the evil corporate establishment when they’re being played by one and don’t even know it.

    3. @Stop Sign planned parenthood is a non profit organization that does a hell of a lot more than provide pregnancy termination.

    4. @robert jackson Planned Parenthood is supported with millions of dollars and even federal funding (depending on who’s in office so that means I potentially have to pay for abortions). You pay money when you go in to get an abortion which goes to planned parenthood. Regardless of whether or not they provide more than abortion services, they do hundreds of thousands of abortions a year and it is their main source of income.

    1. Nalanease TMI wrong honey the fetus can have another blood type then the mother. It is a scientific fact that a living organism can not have two blood types. This includes humans

    2. Nalanease TMI Google is too liberal and their search engine is biased. If I graduated from Google I would be a alt leftist

  10. I believe life starts when a fetus is capable of surviving outside the womb.

    When do you believe life starts?

    1. @lαηεттε f Yeah. I might not be a vegan(as my views are more radical), but I am going to acknowledge that they have their position of sentience is the closest thing a fetus will get to having any philosophical characteristics.

    2. Frank Lance if pro-lifers are anti science, explain to me what’s “natural” about there being more than two genders outside of the anomalies of hermaphroditism.

      Simple facts. A fetus is a living thing. If a fetus doesn’t have a heartbeat, it’s no longer considered alive and it’s removed as the mere possibility of life is no longer possible. At no point, even when they are separated sperm and egg, both of those two separate entities are considered living. Once they unite, they begin life on a whole new level, none of which at any point is considered dead, at any point, unless some baby murderer shoves a straw up in with it and begins to tear it apart and suck it out, then once the whole body is gone, the murderer will reach in with a tool to crush the skull, and then suck that out to. A baby is a baby is a baby. If you’re so pro baby murder than perhaps your mother should’ve murdered you.

    3. Who is man to say when the spirit enters the body? Once the chromosomes pair up, it’s just a matter of growth into adulthood.

    4. lαηεттε f at least your not for late term like some people. You are just deceived and I recommend that you deeply research abortion. Some people think you can kill it just because of convenience. Yes even third trimester when it is viable outside the womb.

  11. Pro-Lifers before birth: STOP KILLING BABIES! SAVE THE BABIES!

    1. ObamaisnextLincoln because we believe people who are able to work should work does not mean we don’t believe in that stuff.

    2. ObamaisnextLincoln that’s not what this is about this is about women’s rights and no I don’t think they should have a abortion just because she can’t raise them because of foodstamps or whatever so what we have to do is to make adoption in this country easier then maybe they want have to have one but there’s more than that too if they are raped or something else then they have the right to abort the fetus without a heart beat and that’s the way I see it and if they do away with it what else will they do to our constitution they only believe in one amendment and that’s the first amendment our democracy is being killed Republicans are the ones who are doing it

    3. @Jerry Fitness your last 3 words sum it up. It is how people react to life experiences. I am pro-choice and have also suffered the grief and misery of two miscarriages. I would rather an unwanted child was not brought into the world – I was also abandoned by my mother at 6 years old and had 2 younger siblings. She was 17 when she had me – perhaps abortion would have been a better option. Life would have been different for so many people.

  12. Thanks a lot Satanic Socialist Elites! Everything was fine until you started exporting your SJW BS onto my porch and now the Nationalists are gaining more and more power. Keep it up dumb$%es!

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