Missouri Tracked Patients’ Periods In GOP Anti-Abortion Effort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Missouri Tracked Patients' Periods In GOP Anti-Abortion Effort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow reports on the lengths to which Missouri's health director, Randall Williams, has gone to pursue the Republican agenda of eliminating the last abortion-providing clinic the state, and the trauma suffered by Planned Parenthood patients and staff as a result. Aired on 10/31/19.
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Missouri Tracked Patients' Periods In GOP Anti-Abortion Effort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

74 Comments on Missouri Tracked Patients’ Periods In GOP Anti-Abortion Effort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

    • +@Mind Freshener If you love babies so much why don,t you adopt a few found in garbage cans and support universal healthcare for every American child. Otherwise! Shut your face!

    • @509 Panzer Abt. oh dont forget about the Republicans push to end social programs. theirs nothing like forcing a women to give birth and then making her watch as her kid starves to death to feel like a real humanitarian.

    • If you really get into it with one of THOSE types, they feel that any female who has an abortion is evil and automatically loses her human rights. It’s just another way for those misogynistic perverts to control females (I say “females” and not “women” because THEY include little girls as being necessary to control, too, because even though they are still children, little girls also have vaginas. THEY are sickos)

  1. How on earth do ‘thinking’ women vote for these misogynistic Neanderthals? It just beggars belief in a modern democratic world… – collective lawsuit…!

    • Can we not quickly turn to blaming women, please. It is men who are enacting these vile procedures, tracking women’s periods, etc. Let us focus on the villains and supporting women.

  2. Every maga member is a failed abortion with limited mental capacity. Trump’s face is the only image their little minds can process.

    • @Mind Freshener Roe V Wade made abortion a legal right, the missiouri state government is doing everything in it’s power to ban it (while still leaving it technically legal). In the process, they are tracking women like cattle. How is any of that right? If you were to swap out abortion in my above statement with guns, would it be an issue for you then?

      Personally, I don’t see what the problem is. It’s not your right to impose your will on others. Yah, you can take offense to it and not like abortion, but at the end of the day, if a woman you don’t know chooses to keep the baby or get rid of it, what difference does it make to you? And sure, there is always the option to give birth and then put the child up for adoption, but do you have any idea how many children are currently in the system? As of Sept 2018, 437,283 kids.

    • @Mind Freshener first, learn science. second, I have always been pro-choice, even when I was a registered Republican voting for Reagan.

  3. In Holland, Randall Williams wouldn’t get a chance to resign … he would be in prison awaiting trial for violating basic human rights, and he would be locked up for many years.

    • @Tessa Veldhorst So, a burka ban doesn’t count? Like I said, don’t get sanctemonious about it , it is still a protestant country with calvinistic influence, with laws to match.

    • Actually, has he been brought up before the AMA? Doing unnecessary procedures will lead to getting his medical license removed. Keeping private medicals records and passing them off to people other other than the patient and their doctor is illegal. There may be hundreds of things wrong with this issue. It could represents billions in many kinds of law suits.

    • No offense, by my fear is that people comment on these videos and think, “job done”. I posted my comment, problem solved. Move on to posting a pic of my lunch.. Register to vote, and then VOTE, every election, local included. Many start their political careers running for school boards. Republicans took back their power methodically, by supporting low level candidates, including school boards. Wake up! VOTE!

    • @Ichijo Festival Well Republicunts have begin to spread Conspiracy theory’s and flat out propaganda. deep state , calling decorated military people spy’s for coming clean and tell how the president is a corrupt and abusing his power. i mean USA is so divided and the national Dept is so much that this will be the end, USA is in a downward spiral. and we are witnessing the End of an Empire (in real time)

    • @johnnydtractive : Absolutely right. I never even looked at that angle. I was more thinking about just regular women, but you are correct in terms of power, political or otherwise. How sad that that is true.

    • The GOP have reached a new low in both creepy and gross. Imagine having to subject yourself to a medically unnecessary internal probe during a very stressful time in your life. Then, when the powers that be decide this is too disgusting even for them that they change their tactics and start tracking the periods of every woman who presents themselves to their own doctor for medical assistance. To what end, I ask. Every one of those men (and they all are men) making these decisions deserves to be castrated. The government does not belong either in the bedrooms of the nation nor in the citizens doctors offices. It’s just too disgusting and serves no purpose other than giving the evangelical Christians stiffies. I thought there was supposed to be separation of church and state. This and for so many other reasons, is responsible for the declining numbers in church pews. As I understand the New Testament, each person is responsible for their own transgressions when they stand before God. I believe there’s a verse telling christians not to worry about their neighbors faults and sins until they’ve corrected their own behavior. Jesus, these evengelicals and are just plain insane.

    • You think it isn’t? The whole point of the present “evangelical” movement in the US is to roll back the sexual revolution by banning birth control and abortion. That is all about re-establishing certain men’s control over women and their sexuality.

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