MIT Professor Sherry Turkle Says Re-Entry Into Society Is Harder Than We Think | Deadline | MSNBC

MIT Professor Sherry Turkle Says Re-Entry Into Society Is Harder Than We Think | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. Reentry into society! … I’m still shaking hands with customers and nobody stands 6feet apart in my neighborhood stores….things must be different in the cities, because here in the suburbs nothing has really changed that I’ve seen.

  2. Nicole, I cry every time I hear A Life Well Lived, and feel I the loss deeply, I don’t forget those lost and I re-share their stories. Where else can we get this? I cry I pray I feel better. Blessing to you and to all who have lost their mentors, parents, brothers, sisters, loved ones. You are a wise youngin Ms. Wallace!

  3. When Seattle burned down in a great fire in the 1880s, they built it back exactly the same crappy way as before, including the mismatched street grids of two feuding pioneer developers that continue to screw traffic to this day. Human beings rarely build back better 😕

  4. we need hugs, we need more comedy shows, we need more pizza and we need to recover by listening to each. Then, more wine, more comedy show with one or two Broadway shows. Then more hugs and walks around a lake, and then writing our thoughts down on paper into poetry.

  5. I thought an MIT prof would be more interesting & engaging. I don’t need a sitter or someone to tell me how I should move forward. What a bore.

  6. You are correct. Since the crisis, I’ve had fiber optic installed at my rural locale and rarely ever leave. There are times when I don’t seen another soul for over a month, even the folks who deliver my groceries set them in the breezeway between house and garage. Yet, I work full hours every day in my home office. I will eventually reschedule things I’ve postponed, such as routine dental visits .. however, I have become somewhat of an isolationist & I don’t see that changing, btw, I’m certain I will never date again.

    1. Take a walk ,breath in nature, teach yourself to do something new. you’ve taught yourself to shut down & you can change that. and Never say never… <3 look at the professor,she needs to get out with her friends too,cuz what's up with the hair? a girlfriend would tell ez w/the hair spray!!! LoL (just teasing)

  7. Our son has higher grades from doing at home on line school. Actually he has achieved a straight A semester for the first time in his education journey.
    He has missed socializing with friends and will be missing some big events to mark his graduation from high school-that makes me sad for him. We are still figuring out how to make this accomplishment of graduating from high school a special milestone for him.
    There has to be a happy medium, some combination of in person and at home available.

  8. People got a small taste of what it is like to be in prison, maybe? Maybe it could add empathy for so many men and women who have been cast into prison for years for such things as smoking a joint. Ya think?

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