'Mitch Is Desperate To Keep Caucus In Line': Joy Reid On 1/6 Commission 1

‘Mitch Is Desperate To Keep Caucus In Line’: Joy Reid On 1/6 Commission


Joy says, “Mitch McConnell knows the results of a bipartisan commission would make Trump and republicans look bad, and given that 35 republicans in the House passed this bill over the objections of Kevin and the other members of GOP leadership last week, Mitch is desperate to keep his caucus in line.”
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  1. The police that work for the Senate and House knows what party to protect cuz the other party is showing them that they could care less about them and careless if they die or live they proved it

    1. @Reg U

      Doing his job to cover up those Trump supporters who attacked our capital. He is not doing his job the only thing he’s doing is blocking every single Democrats agenda that ain’t law and order.

    2. @warpedjaffas1

      The law and order party did not keep law and order on January 6th and refused to condemn those people who attacked our capital. You called the GOP law and order when they refused to condemn their own supporters.

    1. Not to mention the Nazi like pressure to take the experimental vaccine.

    2. remember jon Stewart and Stephen colbert always showing what a piece of crap mitch is? good times

    3. @Anna’s Thoughts and Musical Parodies oh Joe’s followers would never accept the truth you just told. Cnn and Joe say everything is ok.

    4. @daniel collins SHEEP…? YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BEING ” MIND F@@KED BY LIES!


    5. @Andrew L PickfordIII I don’t believe fox News decides that infation is up over 5% from bidens economic deals. I don’t believe foxnews made gas 3 bucks a gallon. Under trump pre covid in the boom it was only 2. I don’t believe fox News faked a speech where biden had a huge covid plan, only to later announce nothing else he could do but what trump had already in place. I’m just not blind. I don’t need fox to see biden is a wreck in office

    1. Demetria Karnavas the leader of BLM took the money and ran. She bought a mansion in an all white neighborhood. You been had.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas “Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors is stepping down as executive director of the organization amid controversy over her $3 million property portfolio.” Marxists always screw the useful idiots that support them. I would ask for your money back.

    1. @Shawn Hartmann look up James Sullivan.
      He is a member of antifia and was there and arrested.
      Of course they let him out and msm paid him thousands for his footage of Ashli Babbitt’s murder.

    2. @Mike Currie Antifa or the blm had absolutely nothing to do with the attack on the capital but trump Republican followers did!!

    3. @Deepak D’Souza You’re waisting your time trying to explain that to trump supporters.

    4. @Boo Stover why are Democrates refusing to release capitol bldg cctv footage.. yet claim they want an investigation.. no they want a commity to quash the truth that is coming out..

    5. @Deepak D’Souza
      I wrote “third-world undemocratic country”. I assume that India is a democracy.

      I agree with you that the shameful attempted coup that Don The Con and his MAGAinsurrectionists carried out on January 6 booted the USA out of the list of countries that can proud themselves as being democracies. Worse, the TrumpRepubliKKKons in this USA Senate are totally opposed to creating an independent commission that would investigate what led to the shameful events of January 6. They want us to forget that they even happened. They want to erase the day of January 6, 2021 from calendars here in the USA. They believe that this would help them win next year’s mid-term elections … That’s not going to happen if the Democrats are smart and pass bills into laws, but mostly, get tough against the TrumpRepubliKKKons.

  2. That would be something if a mother will end up making enough senators defect. Mom is most definitely an ANTI FASCIST!

  3. If ya ain’t got nothin to hide. That’s what they kept saying. So pony up. Mitch the people are tired of getting stiffed by you as you smuggly smile and say “Cause I can”

    1. It seems like somewhat of a waste of time and resources since there was hardly any actual damage that happened and we have bigger things to think about like all of the domestic terrorism all the streets, but at the same time, it would be interesting and why not.

    2. Eeer! Yes! Well put, Richard! I don’t have a crystal ball; but I think that “smuggly smile” is going to fade in 2 1/2 years.

  4. The answer to the question “why” they don’t want the commission is obvious. The answer to the question “what are the voters going to do about it”, is a bit more murky. It shouldn’t be…

    1. trumPublicans will continue voting for them because they think between voter suppression and cheating they can win 2022/2024. They are the majority in their own minds.

    2. What we are going to do is donate, volunteer, mobilize, etc to vote these TRAITORS out.
      If not then we have only ourselves to blame.

  5. “Things that happened in the past” hey, McTurtle. So you should only care about things that happen into the future, until they’ve happened, at which point they’re in the past, so no point sullying the infallible RepubliGod Trump’s good reputation right? You really do belong in a Turtle Burger, McTurtle.

    1. All politicians are traitors. Taken CCP money. Bio weapons, stolen elections, assault our children education. And much more.

    2. @Vaughn Eddy Yes, we know the communist regime in China is terrible, but we’re talking about an American Senator.
      If you can’t follow the conversation, it’s best not to enter it.
      Joi given

    3. @Lawngue Blackduke I’m really more concerned with the communist like yourselves here in MY country.

  6. When anyone is charged with a crime and end up in court they are litigating something that has happened in the past. Maybe Moscow Mitch only wants to only litigate things that haven’t happened yet.

    1. The GOP: Multiple investigations, using the congressional power of investigation to run down the favorable polling of the Democratic front runner.
      Trump’s GOP: we can’t have an investigation into the insurrection of January 6th because the Democrats will make it political. We know the rioters were a MAGA mob because the idiots follow Trump’s cult rabidly.

  7. It’s only a matter of time now till Moscow mitch quits in frustration, he should never have stolen back his seat.

  8. They don’t care, never did, and people are still supporting these people in the Republican Party.

    1. Bad people give them their support, people who can`t care less for the country.
      As a neutral European who is following yours politic since election I could say you have an enemy in yours lines and it is GOP.
      They are party of obstruction without policies

  9. For the life in me. I just can’t understand why anyone would vote for someone who doesn’t want to protect their own country. Like the republican party.

    1. Only if these fascists are stopped from taking control again, as they WILL rewrite history.

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