Mitch McConnell Actually Cried Today. Lawrence Was Not Moved | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Mitch McConnell Actually Cried Today. Lawrence Was Not Moved | The Last Word | MSNBC


Lawrence O’Donnell says Mitch McConnell was literally crying on the Senate floor today when Republicans in Georgia were standing up to Donald Trump’s election lies. Aired on 12/3/2020.
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Mitch McConnell Actually Cried Today. Lawrence Was Not Moved | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Wrong! Lamar Alexander did do something these last 18 years. He made himself rich! Just like Moscow Mitch has done these last 35 years.

    1. @Janet Tekenos so whats your point….Oh I see there are a lot of fuckheads that supported this monster….good point!

    2. I’m hearing people saying Crocodile tears.. but Crocodiles are more in the water so we don’t know if they are tears or just from them being in the water. Hidden Agendas.. Lol

    1. Oh babe, I totally agree with you, and I an unfortunately one of his constituents. He is so hated here in his hometown of Louisville that he can’t go out in public without getting yelled at. It’s true! He used to go out to eat or what have you occasionally, but everywhere he went people would gather and yell political questions at him. Been a while since he showed up, so I can’t remember any examples, but it wasn’t just mindless name calling.

    2. @Donna Wooten No. The devil is the SOURCE of all evil. Hard as it is to believe, the devil is worse than McConnell (I think).

    1. @Richard Ivonen I’m not young myself Richard and don’t consider myself ageist. Like you, their traits disgust me. But I am fed up with these out of touch oldies who promulgate, aid and abet the agenda of an old psychopath. Those stalwarts who support him are fermenting in their positions. Bring in the young blood. (I know this is Joe Biden’s opinion and I agree) America requires fresh air.

    2. @Frances Wilson Domestic terrorists. Don’t forget the people who are losing their homes thanks to this cadaverous, melting devil Senate leader.

    1. @Norma Alexander Maybe you mean election fraud? Voter fraud is an act by an individual, virtually non existent for decades.

    2. He does that every time, same low approval, but always wins. Need to mobilize against the GOP corruption in KY like they have this year in GA with Abrams.

    3. @Norma Alexander someone made the comment to me that they believe the booths may be rigged but Trump pushed people to go and vote… not realizing that the number of people to vote for Biden would be too much for him to even cheat with. That was their thoughts anyway 😀

  2. Gabriel Sterling just had a “Have you no decency, sir?” moment. I hope it reverberates as much as the one from the 1950s.

  3. Did he start to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West? Mitch is not only the worst Senator now, but of all time. C’mon Georgia defang him!

    1. @Karla Brintley It’ll only turn the Senate Democratic on issues where ALL the Democrats vote together. 50-50 – if even one Democrat steps over, it’s a Republican Senate. So getting those 50 seats is no guarantee everything will go our way – though when all 50 do vote together, Kamala will be there to break the tie. Still though, we can’t rest on our laurels, no matter how hard-won they may be.

    2. Yes the turtle will miss all the corruption he’s done over the years in office,terrible Tears of no longer a leader

  4. I had TEARS…when Kentucky voted for him!!! The people DON’T understand all the Bills he blocks…helps them!!!

  5. I here Mcconnells approval is 19 percent in Kentucky, yet he got reelected. Someone should investigate that….

    1. Exactly!!!! Look at Kentucky, and the state it in, and tell me Mitch has done, anything at all…… evil man, he’s pure evil.

    2. And the government needs to take over his Russian deals that he made for KY, because the way he went about making them was appalling, if not dangerous to national security.

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